About Us

This site is maintained by Gordon with the help of many friends, physical and nonphysical. He makes no claim to be a medium or even psychic. However, often information is supplied during writing when the continuous flow of communication does not cease until the end is reached. The same happens on a computer after typing the title to a piece, and perhaps the first line, when often it is not then possible to type fast enough to record the information pouring in. Again, it eventually stops, and this seems illogical sometimes until the piece is read, when it becomes obvious that it was the end of the communication anyway. Many times, on re-reading, he marvels at the result making perfect sense, wondering who, exactly, wrote it!

Many years ago he was asked, by nonphysical communicators, to work with and for spirit, and agreed. Since that time he has been told that the ideas that come into the head are put there, as implanted thoughts. Constantly he is reminded that these ideas are his 'instructions', and that it is important to follow his instructions and tell others of the existence of the non-physical intelligences that are all around us, and the information that they impart. These instructions are manifested as intuitions, and sometimes the terms are interchangeable.

The communications are not all received personally, but may be communicated through deep trance work (Gordon is not the trance medium, it is Sara - see below). This communication is given verbally, and becomes perfectly normal for him to have extended conversations with a nonphysical soul. Most of his instructions, and development, for the healing art have come in this form.

The author is the founder and President of the healing organisation, The Fellowship of Healers. Gordon is an Accredited Healer,& was the former Executive Team Leader & Co-ordinator of the Northern Healers Forum (the N.H.F) representing the grass-roots healers in the North West. Gordon developed the healer training organisation ADPH, then shaping this into the current highly acclaimed and respected healing organisation, the FoH.

Lecturer and author on Healing, Spirituality and other subjects, with a Certificate in Education and also a Degree in Education with Distinction, Gordon has lectured in Natural Healing, Self Development, Realisation and Awareness, and Spiritual Development at Adult Education Colleges from 1999, and elsewhere. His career in College lecturing in other subjects began in 1981. Currently an Awareness Course is progressing at Padgate, Warrington, together with the ongoing independent Healer Training & Development Course at Woodley, Stockport.

A multicoloured background as a scientist, and in commerce and industry, heritage, media, and entertainment has given him valuable experience of life.

Mainly concerned today in Education he is very active in the field of healing, and has held classes in Natural Hands-On Spiritual Healing at major Cheshire Colleges, as well as lecturing, workshops and activities at Seminars across the U.K. Classes have been also held for Healing and Self-Realisation on the Learning Pathways scheme in the Community. Currently the independent FoH Healer Training and Development at Woodley Civic Hall, Cheshire, develops healers to their full potential.The course at Padgate, Warrington examines many of today's controversial subjects, and throws light on many of the questions that people have about their own place in the World, and the Universe. Runs three Community Healing Centres at Woodley, Stockport and Padgate, Warrington, where all are free to attend.

Sara is the companion of Gordon, and a trance medium. Sara is a very retiring and very private trance medium who does not sit on platforms or give public demonstrations, although, with Gordon as group leader, she has contributed to many private group sessions. Sara has had the ability from childhood, although it has only been developed fully for the last forty years. The kind of information communicated by Sara is from the highest sources, and not the usual 'messages'. She channels energies, and entities, from other dimensions and realities as well as the 'teachers' of wisdom. The group of souls include many, many children who, although we think of children as similar to Earth children, are much wiser and developed from a spiritual viewpoint, with powerful and pure energies. Many of the highly-evolved communicators speak to us, also calling us 'child', as we must be a child in that sense. All communication comes with the greatest, most profound love, caring and consideration.
Much of the information in this web site has developed from private group meetings and some is channelled by either of us informed by many guides, helpers and inspirers and the interpretation of voice communication, translating it into everyday language understood by anyone. Sara and Gordon have a wide experience of what is often called 'soul rescue'. In order to respect confidentiality and privacy, 'Sara' is a pseudonym.