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Arnside, Cumbria
This evocative beach photo is typical of the peace and calm that surrounds this estuary town. The photos on the Home Page are also at Arnside.
This is the place that fishermen use bare feet and a bucket to catch fish!
The area is tidal, as it is an estuary, so as the tide goes out there are many shallows in the sandy estuary. Local people paddle in bare feet slowly, with a bucket in their hands, and as their feet alight on a buried flatfish, such as a dab or plaice, it wriggles. They reach down with the free hand and grab it, putting it in the bucket. Simple, really, isn't it?
it doesn't do to hang about too long in this absorbing ocupation, as when the tide comes in it creates a bore, flooding the area very quickly. There is a warning siren sounded when the tide is coming, so that anyone on the sand flats can get ashore as soon as possible.