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The Library, Ephesus, Turkey.
Ephesus was the home of the original Ephesians of bible fame. It is a site of great historic importance, but has been built many times and re-built. The area is prone to earthquakes, and so much of the ruined state must be due to that.
When I was on the way to Ephesus, I was reading a book to pass the time (Harry Potter, actually) but found it hard to concentrate as it suddenly came to me that someone was talking in my head, and had been doing so for some considerable time. I put down the book and listened. "We have waited for you to come for such a long time ..."  it started.
Seemingly, I was told, I had been at Ephesus in other lives, with my partner Sara, and some friends, some of whom I have known in this lifetime. Sara later had a vision of herself as a small girl, standing on a column-lined avenue, wondering about the effect of the earthquake as stones were tumbling down, and most people had fled. She was able to describe her style of dress of the time.

The whole area has a magical quality about it, is full of energy, and I resented so many people being about - I wanted to explore on my own and see what I could remember. I remembered very little until I stood inside the Library, looking outwards. As I turned my head to the right, I recoiled in horror, saying to myself 'Who on earth put that building there?', suddenly realising that it was a later addition, and not present in my time there. The Library was second only to that at Alexandria in the ancient world. The original Alexandrian library of that time is now under the Mediterranean sea, I am told.
I sat in the theatre, feeling that I had sat there many times before, finding an accustomed seat on the stones, and was amazed that I could hear some little children laughing and talking to each other on the stage, as if they were close to me. There was one other incident of a similar kind, when I had finished the tour, waiting for the coach back. I stood on a column-lined ancient road and wandered down a little way thinking 'I have not enough time to walk to the harbour...'
'What harbour ??'
I asked the guide - a very spiritual lady - who said, "Oh, that originally was the road to the harbour; originally Ephesus was on the coast, but is now some 1.5 to 2 miles inland".

She agreed with me that Ephesus had a history going back some possible 10,000 years, not the figures we are told of the Greek and Roman times, and the time of St John, the Apostle.
She also told me of her faith and a book that she recommended called 'The Book of Life', and jotted down a web address. I tried it when I returned home, only to find that she had missed something out. I invented an email address asking about the book and sent it off. Two days later I had a reply to my great astonishment, that simply said ' The web address you need is .... '   It was correct. I have no idea to this day who replied, and how I made the connection.
Basically the Book of Life is channelling by an old peasant lady, who has been communicating for years, and coming up with astounding information (such as we came from the stars) that has revolutionised much of the thinking of many Turkish people. It is a closely guarded secret, and people meet in little private groups to learn of the new wisdom.

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