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Men an Tol Stones, Cornwall
These stones were once probably part of a much larger arrangement, but the holed stone and the two vertical ones remain, with other fallen stones. They are thought to have connections with healing, sexuality and fertility rites. Nearby are other stone circles and one in particular, the Nine Ladies, I felt needed help of a spiritual kind.
Sara did not come to Men an Tol, as she was rather exhausted after long walks, and as it was up a steep, stony lane, I went alone.
The stones lie on a moorland, with the heather cleared for tourists. Most people photograph the stones with the upright showing through the hole like a pthalus, thus saying that it must have sexual connotations. The rituals of healing were usually for children, disabled with ricketts or similar, who according to a complex ritual were passed through the stone some five, seven, eight or nine times. Even adults in the 19th century were said to be cured of rheumatism and similar by squeezing through the stone. Others claim that chilren were passed through for purification before sacrifice. Whatever the significance, I decided to go with the healing aspect.
I aligned myself with the holed stone towards the Nine Maidens Circle (Boskednan), and went through a healing ritual mentally, repeating it several times.
I returned to Sara and we went back to the Hotel. Later we were thanked again, in a trance session, by a grateful soul for our help. In all, during our short trip in Cornwall, we were thanked four times for the work we had performed there.

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