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Men an Tol circular holed stone, Cornwall

This close-up of the Men an Tol doughnut-shaped stone is pictured with the sun glancing off the top edge, displaying a variety of healing colours - blues, greens, pinks and violet.
An account of the visit is with the previous photo, and the many ritual healing beliefs surrounding it. A child would easily wriggle through, but an adult would find it a bit of a struggle. Originally the moorland vegetation surrounded the stones, but local authorities have cleared the area to minimise damage by sightseers. This has revealed some fallen stones that indicate that originally this site was a more complex structure, although many stones would have been taken by local farmers for walls and gateposts, etc.
Stone is said to hold information (possibly in an electromagnetic energy form). There are few who today could interpret that energy information, but it must have been second nature to the ancients. As with almost all ancient stone monuments there is astronomical alignment with solstices, etc., and here at Men an Tol, a Moon alignment also. Originally astronomy and astrology were one and the same discipline.