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Newlyn Harbour, near Penzance, Cornwall
Newlyn, although known for many other things such as the Arts and Crafts movement, The Newyln School of Painters, Troika Pottery, and the like, is the nearest town to the Merry Maidens standing stone circle.
Sara and I visited the Merry Maidens, and as we walked up to the stones we both felt that we could not enter.
I suggested that we walk anti-clockwise around the perimeter, and we did. About half way round, Sara paused and asked me if I could hear the children crying. I listened but could not. 'There are children crying', she said ' and there is a very nasty figure nearby with a black hangman's leather helmet over his face - he is very evil, I think' she concluded, 'very, very evil', hiding her face from the figure I could not see. After a few minutes she was aware of a lady, and from what Sara described, it seemed as though she was in 17th century dress. We said a few compassionate words inwardly for the children and continued. We were puzzled by what had happened, and spent some time wondering why we could not enter the circle. Sara felt that the man had some dark power over the children, but by now the sounds had  passed away.
Later Sara dropped into trance, and we were thanked profusely for helping the children - "They have been reunited with their parents" said the voice, " and are very happy". It seems that they had been held by some dark power, and had been the subject of human sacrifice.  We hear some stories of human sacrifice around Cornwall, but very few will talk about it. 'Merry' Maidens seems not so merry after all.

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