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St Michaels Mount, Cornwall

A magical walk across the causeway at low tide, treading the well-worn path of generations leads to St Michaels Mount.. Curiously there is an opposite number, looking very similar, on the French coast, also named Mont St Michael, in Brittany.

An atmosphere of peace and calm is all-pervading once on the island, and the energies are invigorating. This may be due to the natural earth energy grid, called ley lines, that dissect the island and form a focus on the southern part. The island is dominated by the towering castle on the crest of the hill, mystical and magnetic, attracting the visitors.  The origin of the castle goes back to Edward the Confessor establishing a Benedictine chapel there, eventually becoming a monastery, and converted to the castle in the 14th century. 

 The island has links to 'Jack the Giant Killer' (local Cornish legend), Tristan & Isolde, the island of Ictus (known to the tin-trading Greeks), and was owned by the St Aubyn family from 1660 until it was given to the National Trust in 1964.

You can follow the winding pathways to the castle, but for the less agile, a peaceful cup of tea or snack in the gardens near the sea allows the visitor to absorb the relaxing energies making time seem to stand still. Perhaps the fact that the visitor must constantly remind themselves that time really must'n't stand still, as they have to return along the causeway before the tide engulfs it, adds to the air of mystery and feeling that they have been allowed a brief peep at a legendary place.