I have experienced many astounding examples of healing over a wide range of people, and have made some attempt to understand the various mechanisms that enable it to be.

The kind of healing that we are talking about here is not the healing that we experience in a medical way, but a kind of healing that encompasses the mind & the spiritual aspects of mankind, as well as the bodily aspects; A healing of the whole person - the whole 'self'.
In some cases the outcome can be similar to that experienced after medical treatment, but the mechanisms are totally different. In no way should we think of it as an alternative to medical treatment, but more so as running alongside it as a complement to that treatment; complementary therapy.

The following is a short introduction to healing.

There are many, many types of Healing all going under a different classifications & titles, according to whether they are ancient, modern or whatever. In reality many of the different classifications are very much the same thing, or use the same energy systems, but have many different names.

The type of healing that I use and will talk about is sometimes called 'HANDS ON', which it isn't really, because it is not necessary for the hands to touch the body at all. Some people still call this 'FAITH HEALING', again which it is not, because neither the healer or the patient are required to have any particular faith, and annoyingly the media constantly fail to acknowledge the difference between 'faith healing' and non-faith healing. More accurately it is known as 'SPIRITUAL HEALING' because it can act upon the spiritual or emotional aspect. This is not spiritualist healing, necessarily.
I simply call it NATURAL Healing, because it is totally natural, and an ability we all possess. We may not be aware of that fact, but it still is a latent ability within us all. It will also include what is known as 'absent healing' or more precisely 'distance healing', where healing may be sent over great distances to a remote patient. Healing is inter-denominational, and can be practised by anyone; Catholic, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, ETC., even an atheist.

Not all healing seems to be a success at first sight, but there are many factors affecting the outcome, and not all are understood by us. It is a subtle process, often not immediate, so we must have patience.
In this world of ours we are encouraged to expect dramatic events, dramatic outcomes and that sort of thing - we are always in a hurry. But life was not intended to be that way as we changed, hour by hour, day to day, and with the seasons, year by year; a subtle process of change. I have seen dramatic healings, but they are by no means the norm. Have patience, be positive.

Healing is to make better; to re-create the whole; healing is giving. Healing is a recreation of the balance that exists within our energy field. Healing is having compassion. Healing is Love for others and a genuine interest in a love and caring for one's fellow man/woman so helping them on their pathway through this physical reality.

A Healer is not allowed to claim to cure, nor to diagnose from symptoms; these things are reserved for the medical profession. Healing works on the Holistic Self - the MIND, BODY and SPIRITUAL/EMOTIONAL aspect to balance up all three, which will result in health. Most health problems are caused by an imbalance in the holistic system, very often through the influence of unresolved stress. However it must be realised that a 'balance' is not necessarily a balance in equal measure, but whatever is appropriate in our given circumstances.

The healer is a person who has trained themselves to act as a channel for the healing energy. By an act of will and intention, the healer can transmit and exchange the energy to & with a person whose energy systems are depleted, for their benefit.
Healers are super-sensory. Healers are dedicated people. Healers have unconditional love for their fellow man, and they have compassion.

Simply by wanting to. There are no mysterious forces at play. There is no special requirement except that a person must have compassion for others. Particularly they must have the desire to heal, and the intention to heal. Naturally that is not all there is to it. A healer must be practised in not only giving the energies, but also in knowing how, where and when. A healer must be able to deal with sick people with care, consideration and safety There is a Code of Conduct that all healers must abide by for the well-being of their patient and also themselves. The code is strict, and its primary object is the safety of the public. Healers must operate within the Law. There is also a Training programme that is accepted, and all healers must respond to, so that healers will have the same basic knowledge, skills and understanding of the healing act.


HEALERS DO NOT DIAGNOSE, THEY HEAL THE ENERGY SYSTEM. They are not concerned with symptoms - that is the province of the Doctor.


ALL Spiritual HEALING IS COMPLEMENTARY, that is to say it is additional to any conventional medical treatment. It is NOT alternative.

The mystery of healing has evaporated in todays well-informed, high-tech world. Even hard-headed scientists, particularly in the field of quantum physics realise that energies DO exist around us, that we ARE part of a greater system, that the energies of healing ARE unconditional love, and LIGHT plays a part previously unknown. They also know that the energies of thought and the power of intention CAN affect someone or something far distant, and that the body as we think of it is a highly-evolved self-healing, multisensory, multi-dimensional creation.

There is no mystery. HEALING IS NATURAL, and effective.

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