'Open your mind to All That Is'

'All of Life is ever changing,
ever evolving, ever moving forward'.


What is this site all about?
The information contained here is to assist others to create an understanding of their own spirituality; who we are, where we belong, and our purpose in the Grand Plan.

Our developing spirituality awareness usually includes a growing ability to blend the energy field with others - healing - merging freely-available energy. As we develop we grow in our Light field and as our light field is enhanced so we may share it with others, thus enhancing their light field. A healthy light field is a healthy Being.

What's in Spinfo ?
Over a number of years classes & group sessions have been held to develop people's awareness of their own spirituality, and sense of belonging. The content of many of the sessions has been crystallised here into articles and information. There are also articles on healing as a result of many years of developing natural healers in the art of helping others to achieve their full potential also.

What information is here ?
The information disseminated in the various articles is usually that received by channelling, not by reading what somebody else said, although if someone else's words have been used, then a reference is given. We believe that the information gained by this process of listening to the Great Teachers is true and unpolluted. We have never found it to be wrong. Additionally the words used are easily understood by anyone; after all the whole thing is simplicity itself (so we are told), it is just the human trait to try and make it complicated.

Who authors this site ?
The main author is Gordon, assisted by Sara. Full details are to be seen in 'About Us'.


"The only Hope for the World today

Is Love and Truth"



Enjoy your visit to 'spinfo', the spiritual information domain.
There is much to be learned and we are just at the beginning.



Last Updated:         Saturday 20th October 2011