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 The 100th Monkey & other Critical Mass

We all have heard about the 100th monkey many times, and it has been mentioned (often incorrectly) in books, talks, magazines, and so forth but we probably have not heard about the origin of that story. It is a story about a phenomenon that has puzzled mankind for many decades - that of critical mass. Actually it is not always about 'mass' (which implies solidity, weight and volume, in other words - physicality) but can be observed in many areas of science, life and awareness.

The Actual '100th' Monkey

The story has a basis in fact and originally appeared in an obscure scientific paper published in 1963 by M. Kawai. In 1979, an American, Lyall Watson, published a book called 'Lifetide' and mentioned the story, which captured the imagination of the mass public. Another book, a paperback called 'The Hundredth Monkey' was published by Ken Keyes, and an account of the story appears from pages 11 to 17 in that book. Research reports of the story are to be found in 'Terra Christie' by Ken Carey. Here is a short summary of the full story:

Much later, it has been noticed that the Japanese monkeys have also learned that amongst the snows of the natural habitat of some colonies of this monkey, there occur natural hot springs. All the monkeys have learned how to bathe in the hot springs!

Nowadays, we think in terms of consciousness and when a critical number is reached, then the consciousness is shared by all.

There are other examples of 'critical mass':

The Atomic Bomb

When the science of atomic power was being studied it was calculated that a certain (unstable) isotope of Uranium could only exist in small quantity. When that quantity was exceeded a huge explosion would result. Copies of the original calculations are to be seen preserved on the walls at the original site in New Mexico where the original work on atomic power was done. This was the atomic bomb, and the critical mass of Uranium 238 was only around the size of a cricket ball. The bomb that was created by the USA was the evidence that the calculations were correct, and the awesome power of that explosion showed the immense power of the atom that is harnessed, normally harmlessly, until a chain reaction occurs. There are also other elements that have unstable electrons, such as Plutonium.


In scientific chemical reactions sometimes another element or compound is added that has no part in the reaction, except to get it going. This is known as a catalyst. It has been found that it must exceed a specific amount for that reaction. Although a tiny amount of the catalyst may be present at first, with no reaction, just one molecule more may be needed to trigger the whole reaction to completion.

Clock Pendulums

With a clock that is driven by a pendulum and weights or spring, the weight or spring are the driving force and the pendulum governs the 'portions' of time released, thus ensuring accuracy.

If we imagine a clock warehouse of 100 clocks each having a pendulum of one second swing (a 'Royal pendulum', about 30" long), and we set the clocks going one by one, each pendulum will swing on its own cycle of oscillation, each being different to the one next to it. However it has been noticed that, to people's astonishment, slowly each pendulum begins to align its movement to the others, and eventually all pendulums will swing in unison. Again, it requires a sufficient number of similar clocks to exceed the critical number. Each clock still displays the accurate time. How does this work? Does it mean that time is elastic?


As we are not monkeys on an island, or atoms of Uranium, or pendulums on a clock we are bound to ask ourselves, 'What does all this mean to Us'? We are catalysts, however.

The same effects can be observed in mass consciousness, and as we develop our awareness of a greater energy field and its consequential effect on each of us, we add to the total mass of that field effect. When a critical mass is almost reached, it will only take one more person to achieve an understanding for the whole mass of humanity to go full swing - in other words ALL will be aware. And we are the catalyst ! As we grow in our understanding and awareness of who we are, and our power of manifestation, we affect others in proximity to us by our example, through the energy field of which we are all part. They, then, will also become another catalyst, and when there is enough catalyst, then everyone will automatically follow. There is alignment, balance and harmony - a coherence in all of humanity's consciousness.

We usually call this a Field Effect. In other words when we are a catalyst we can affect the whole field of consciousness. This can be readily seen in everyday life such as an orchestra playing in perfect harmony, or a football crowd who spontaneously all start singing the same song at the same moment. There is a dark side, of course, such as football crowds who suddenly go on the rampage, or riots that spontaneously start in a neighbourhood. Corrupted information can be spread by authorities to large sections of the community, country or world, that is eventually accepted as the truth by everyone, although it is basically corrupted or completely incorrect. The basis of fanaticism utilises this principle. Aggressive, persistent advertising can have the same effect on the general public. This happens many times in our current world.

The Wisdom we Seek ...

The truth we seek to spread is the knowledge that we are connected by a common force, that we must live lives of cooperation, brotherhood, integrity, helping others, and love. There is far more to this life than what we currently perceive, and all things are possible. We must learn to share, not just our worldly goods, but our knowledge and understanding. We must learn that we have a responsibility to ourselves and others. Help others, feed the hungry, help the needy, heal the poorly, educate those others who are ignorant of such things. In the times to come towards our new beginnings into a new dimension of reality, the field effect is that which will propel us and others who wish to participate into what some people see as a cosmic stargate - the pathway into a new world in a new dimension of existence and understanding. Remember that it is not the world that must change, it is US.

We are the beacons that will light the way for all others to follow, and by our knowledge, understanding and compassion we will lead others by the hand into the new world.

Know it, accept it, spread the word, accept the responsibility - be the beacon of light.

It is US who are the travellers in dimensions. It is Us who have the responsibility of the whole world of humanity in our hands.

Know it, accept it, spread the word, accept the responsibility. Live it - NOW.

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