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2012 and all that...

There is a great deal of speculation about the year 2012, particularly December 12th 2012. There are many articles on the internet and in magazines and periodicals, and even a whole book devoted to examining all the various theories and stories about 2012 and beyond. 
During an examination of a such a book, I was impressed to put it down and take up a pen and paper. What follows is what I was directed to write. 

In our current world we tend to concentrate our attention on ourselves and our technical inventions. Originally we inhabited a quiet world of Nature and learned to integrate with the energies of nature. Dramatic phenomena were natural phenomena, not man-made. We also had heightened awareness, not just of our five senses which have become desensitised in our modern world, but also a sensitivity of energy, consciousness and spiritual connection which have long since been rejected and ignored.

For example when Poppas (the magnificent and brilliant light of consciousness with whom I am privileged to speak) told me that in the ancient world they knew how to move mass with sound, but it was no longer possible as we could no longer hear the sound, I naturally assumed that we had lost the ability to create the sound. It took a long time before I began to realise that our ears have become so used to the cacophonous din of modern life that we had lost the sensitivities we once had, and can no longer hear, or be aware of, those frequencies of sound required. This desensitisation occurring through our passage from a quiet, frequently almost silent world of Nature to today can be traced through almost everything we experience.
Our awareness of our spiritual continuum, which would be through our energy field, electromagnetic in nature, has become polluted to an unimaginable degree, let alone our inability to be truly 'still'. 

Gradually people are being made aware of our sorry state and are searching to reconnect with our true nature. It is not an easy task and will not be achieved in leaps and bounds, but by very small, but incredibly significant steps.
Some people have endeavoured to combine a compendium of all phenomena, facts and beliefs that have some connection to the current changes predicted to be in 2012, and publish them in articles and even book form.
We must realise that although many people have been made aware of the changes, and may have experienced some effects, nevertheless their focus of consciousness is still fairly firmly entrenched in the physical world, and they try and explain everything away using physical criteria.
For example UFO's are seen as physical objects and a model for future research into interstellar flight instead of seeing them as a manifestation of consciousness which we 'see' as a machine, which they most probably are. Consciousness can express as a machine or anything else - depending upon the interpretation of the observer. Similarly crop formations are treated as possibly being produced by a UFO which is totally incorrect.

It is the current purpose of what we call 'spirit' to increase our awareness to their existence. It does not seem to have been understood that we are spirit and eternal as a consciousness with identity. We have chosen, for one reason or another, to experience physicality. This consciousness (that is us) expresses in a few closely-related dimensions of understanding into a hologram of our own making (by subconscious agreement as a whole mass consciousness; a dream dreamt by all humanity simultaneously) which we then call 'reality'. You will notice, I am sure, that various sectors of the community have totally different concepts of what their 'reality' is all about. Very few people realise that there are infinite dimensions in infinite realities, and that they are not carved in stone but are constantly changing. Nothing is the same as it was a few moments ago - it has changed.
The whole of Human consciousness is changing at the moment; up to now ever so slowly, but now accelerating - and it will become faster. This change can be likened to a New World into which we will move. In truth it is another dimensions of existence. When the change is complete it will be as if the consciousness of humanity has raised itself to a new level - a new dimension which, with hindsight, will seem like a new world.
In truth this dimension is alongside us now, and we keep peeping into it daily, slowly making the changes in our energy field for us to remain there permanently. These changes are brought about by an opening up of our minds - dropping the old clich├ęs and interpretations, and discovering the new. This is a process of increasing vibratory levels, and as we do so we will increase our awareness and perception. We will be more conversant with the qualities of 'spirit' and closer to their vibrational field. At the moment people still think of them as a 'them-and-us' situation creating division, and many are afraid to speak of it because of the ingrained teachings of conventional religion. 

When we begin to translate our understandings of physicality (the hologram) to the essences of light, energy, colour ( as do non-physical souls - the basis of everything) then our transition to the new dimension will be more complete.
This change, viewed from another perspective will be like an ascension. The 'old' will still exist, possibly unaware that anything has changed, and the 'new' will still exist having not even noticed that a change has taken place. It is the fear in people that predicts planetary collisions, planets breaking apart, world-wide disasters and so forth. It is the opposite of fear that is love (caring and helping others) that will be the motivating force behind this 'ascension', and as such will be peaceful and relatively unnoticed.
The move to a new world (or shift in dimensions) has occurred at least twice before in the (unrecorded) history of this planet, and those civilisations happily continue, totally (for the most part) unaware that we exist. You see, there are other civilisations that exist right now, occupying the same 'space' as we do on Earth, but in a totally different dimension of consciousness form. 

If you think of Einstein and his concepts (well ahead of his time) of probabilities, and realise that each of us is a number of personalities each of which has followed a slightly different probability path (for each are as valid as the other) then we may realise that there are aspects of us that actually live in these other dimensions right now - they just followed that probability pathway. Even a movement to another world in another universe is not a matter of brute rocket force, but simply a movement of consciousness. Likewise other aspects of 'us' are in other worlds right now. As we progress in our evolution of consciousness, we will become more aware of the other aspects of 'self', and occasionally there may be a bleed through of feelings and emotions, or recognition even. 

The move to another 'world' is happening right now and we feel that there may be great acceleration during 2008, and 2009. It is possible that the move will be completed by 2012. Then begins the development of that new world which may take another thousand years to complete.

In physical terms we think of the World, the Solar system and perhaps the Galaxy. We forget that everything is cyclic. In our reality factor 12 is significant, and the cyclic form of 26,000 years. I once worked out that every 26,000 years history (in whatever the current context was) repeated itself. This observation was commented on by Poppas, interested in my intuition. I was thinking of Earth in our planetary solar system, but such cycles will also occur in the solar system itself, and then again reflected in the galaxy. Some cycles may be, to us, in immeasurable units of what we call time.  

The movement of our galaxy as a whole also undergoes a cyclic pattern. The predictions of a 'Photon Belt' (whether true or not), and the galaxy moving through it are part of this cyclic pattern repeated on an ever-expanding scale. It would take us around 1,000 years to pass through this belt of light. This, of course, ties in with the predictions of a thousand years of peace (The Age of Love, Light, God, etc., mentioned in several channelling). Most of us have forgotten (or never knew) that the Universe as a whole moves through 'space', and most galaxies have an orbital path within this Universe. Subsequent expansions of consciousness (even now beyond our comprehension) will create other universes in which to explore physicality - and there again, there are many, many degrees of 'physicality'.

The ancients had knowledge of these things, we are told, through the visits of far-advanced beings of consciousness who visited this planet to elevate humanity into knowingness. Most of this knowledge has been lost or discarded through man's love affair with himself and his ego. Such ancient knowledge has been converted into mythology to make it acceptable, digestible and interesting to the masses. Unfortunately the wisdom behind it has been ignored, whilst the fanciful mythology remains. Behind it all is the truth.

So, with these thoughts in mind, take a new look at the books, the articles and the writings, searching out the element of truth underlying each account. Some of the mathematics are frightening, but this is because our maths are cumbersome. When we discover the new mathematics (which I think are related to fluid change maths, rather than digital steps, as at present) we will make quantum leaps in mathematics - and space exploration as well. Remember that also changes are predicted in power sources and usage alternative to the current methods (probably within the 2008-12 period), and some of the current predictions facts may be related to this (not relevant now, but will be..).

Within our innermost thoughts we are constantly prompted to discard the old limiting perceptions and open up to new concepts and an example of this is crop formations - there to puzzle, amuse and challenge you, with perhaps a message or two here and there or maybe a prediction. It is a taste of 'things to come' as we heighten our perceptions and elevate our consciousness in the 'new dimension' we will understand how these things are created and be more conversant with their creators. Doubt and suspicion will not bring this knowledge, but acceptance of other dimensions, consciousness and intelligence beyond that of our current comprehension, and this will open up our minds to new spectrums of knowledge. 

What we call 'spirit' now is simply one form of a vast spectrum of consciousness forms, currently limited in our understandings to only those who have lived on the Earth plane (in our reality) and gone through a transition from one 'state' of consciousness to another state. Release this concept and look at the bigger picture, realising that these forms or states are just one of a myriad in a hierarchy that we cannot conceive. Our very thoughts are put there by such consciousness'. When we realise that we re being led on the pathway to enlightenment, and learn to 'listen' to those implanted thoughts, then we will truly know what intuition is. Not only that , but we may have some idea of why we are here, and where we are supposed to be going.

Everything must change and advance. So long as we advance on the pathway, we will be 'moving forward' in our consciousness evolution. That is the only way forward. Everything else leads to stagnation or regression.
Expand the mind, read the books and the articles. Challenge by all means, but seek out the truth - the wheat from the chaff. 

Realise that this is what we are supposed to be doing. Those that reject and ridicule will revert to the low-level, cloistered thinking of the herd. It is well to remember however that channelling and predictions may not apply to this dimension of experience at all. I often have noticed that some observations may apply to other dimensions and realities, which may account for the fact that, to us, they do not seem to occur. Did they occur in some other dimension or probability - an alternative to our current reality?
Another thing to remember is that we do not 'change the world'; it is US who must change, and that change occurs in consciousness, not material fact.
Realise that if everything is the result of mass consciousness - an illusion; then if mass consciousness changes as a result of expectation, then the changes will occur, even though at base level they are an illusion, a mass dream or a hologram manifestation of mass consciousness. 

If the consciousness interaction with the fabric of our own personal 'space-time' governs our pathway through life (event-time), then similarly the interaction of mass consciousness with space-time will produce a pathway (series of events) that reflect expectations, and we will be drawn along on it, on that level, regardless of what we personally understand. 

In simple terms this means that mass consciousness can change things, and sometimes we get carried along on the tide. This can also account for predictions that never seem to come true; they may have been a true prediction at the time made in 1960/70/80/90 or whatever, but because mass consciousness has had a significant effect, and often due to those guardian consciousness' (of whom for the most part we have no conception) humanity or planet Earth has diverted on to another probability path, and thus the prediction no longer applies. Maybe it occurred in another dimension of experience? Many are dismissive of these failed predictions, but have failed to ask themselves, why? 

All major thoughts that refer to our spiritual progress are put there by non-physical sources, and channelling has a basis of truth and should not be ignored. However the conscious mind of the channeller sometimes colours and distorts the information. Similarly we may distort the information or our thoughts to make it fit whatever we want to believe. Paths of disaster may have been diverted by a spiritual hierarchy. It would not be the first time in our recent history that this has occurred; they intervened when atomic power was being misused in explosions, to avoid the self-destruction of humanity. 

Remember that books are sometimes dramatised to get sales. Ancient races and beliefs and religions that are quoted are not always right. Often they are the race that followed the race that really knew, and the information, or interpretation of it, is corrupted or a shallow copy of what went before. Cavemen were the outcasts of a highly advanced civilisation (now ascended, leaving no trace) and were forced to exist in caves, They drew what they remembered dimly of what they had seen, but didn't know why they drew it. The Dogon of Mali knew all about Sirius A & B and the presence of Sirius C long before the astronomers, but they didn't know why they know; the Dogon are probably the 'uncivilised' remnants of a highly civilised race that preceded them, and so on.
In all that you read, follow your intuitions rather than what you are told to believe.

Well, that was quite a missive. I was beginning to think it would never end. Well, I suppose it doesn't really - they probably took pity on me and my writers cramp!

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