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2012 - What's Really Going to Happen ?

There is a lot of conjecture about 2012 and many versions of people's imagination are being discussed everywhere, but you can relax; There will be no disasters of great magnitude, no cataclysms, no cosmic collisions. Humanity is safe.

We are moving to a new dimension, and it will be very pleasant, but may need a bit of understanding on most people's part.

What is a Dimension ?

Well, we, as humans have a great difficulty in understanding such things as dimensions - not the material understanding of length, breadth height, but the spiritual dimension that we, as a non-physical psyche existing in conjunction with a biological, material, solid body, exist in.

For many tens, or even hundreds of thousands of years humanity has existed in a dimension of existence of their own making. It was not intended to be so, but we have doggedly refused to be helped from out of our confusion, fear, greed and materialism, because we have grown to like the experience of being in physicality. It has brought its own difficulties, and rather than seeking out the basic error and solving the problems, we have only scratched the surface and prefer to make even more problems by arguing about minor resultant details. We imagine that we cannot understand such things as dimensions of thought, but we have all the knowledge deep inside us already, but have preferred not to notice.

One way of understanding about dimensions is to imagine that unknown to you, you are in a building of many floors. You have been born in this building and lived all your life here with everyon else so far, and never found the lift, and so you imagine that there is just that one floor of the building, because it's all you have ever known - it has become your reality, and you have shaped it and furnished it to suit your own ideas, and incorporated the ideas of others. One day you begin to realise that the floor you exist on is just one of many levels - there are some higher and some lower, and you seek out the lift. When you make the move to the next floor above, this too seems like its own reality and life is very different, and pleasanter on this next level. It is just a different dimension of the same building.

Another way of looking at dimensions concerns planet Earth, and we can imagine that Earth is like an onion with many, many thin layers. Each layer is another dimension, but all belong to the same 'onion'. Earth has many dimensions (or spiritual layers) just like the onion. We only exist on one layer, and that is our reality.

The dimension that we speak of in regard to 2012 is a spiritual dimension of our own existence - but will seem 'real' - and if we, for a few moments, try and look at things from a non-physical viewpoint, then we may find it easier to understand. In the non-physical world of which we are a part, all that matters is light, energy, colour, and to some degree sound. The movement of energy creates the effect, and so we have failed to observe energy movement and interaction as having many possible outcomes, but have, by the action of our brain translating it for us, seen such movements and interactions as physical phenomena. From the physical interpretation of the term 'dimension' it can be many, many things. From the non-physical viewpoint, a new dimension is a New Way of Thinking, and all that it entails which is very considerable, and very important.

A New Way of Thinking.

Everything comes from thought, and we are capable of thought whether we are here in the physical world or away somewhere in the non-physical world. Thought is of a very high vibrational frequency, but it can be condensed, and this is exactly what happens when something is manifest into physicality. The way we think, or rather the mindset we have, dictates our understanding and perception of energy and its manifestations. We can liken our thinking processes and frame of mind to a computer - we are like a biological computer that has an operating system like the well-known Microsoft 'Windows', although it's not Windows at all. The operating system controls the way we think; what we think about, how we interpret it, how we perceive it, and oddly enough how we may or may not manifest it into our reality - how we may create with thought. Yes, Create! We are creators in Thought, and we have failed to realise it. It is us who will create the New World to our liking. Often we say such things as 'We are what we Think' and usually can see that our way of thinking will change our lives, but usually fail to think much further than that. We can, and will, create a New World. The whole concept of this New World is the result of our thinking, and we will be in it soon.

Who will be There ?

For the first time in the history (mostly unwritten) of humanity there will be a division when it moves to another dimension. Yes, it has happened before, several times, many, many thousands of years ago, but without separation or division. This time only those who genuinely have the intention of a better world and a better way of life for themselves and others will go forward. Those whose interest is orientated towards Self with its accompanying greed, self-gratification, aggression, materialism, disregard for others, bullying, fear creation, control and other unpleasant traits of the shadows will find the way very hard indeed, narrow and fraught with difficulties, and may suffer a downwards trend rather than the uplifting trend of forward progression into the light experienced by the others moving into the new dimension.

This dimension will be thus formed, by thought, of energy and light - just the same as any other dimension - but tailored to suit a world of love, compassion, brotherhood, co-operation, integrity and peace.

Will we be there alone? we may ask. The answer is as yet unknown, but my feelings are that there are many who are there already, and many others will move from other dimensions and (in our terms) other worlds, to be there with us, and offer such help as we will need to acclimatise. For those of the right way of thinking it will be easy, and at first many will not even notice that there has been a change. It is only after the event that it will slowly become apparent that things are different.

What will it be like?

Well, that's anybody's guess at the moment, but as I see it and hear about it, it will be a peaceful place of great light and colour brightness. It will be pleasanter than the current world, I am told, and things in our daily lives will come together easier and smoother. We will experience a lightness we have not had before, and not be so dense physically as we have been used to, so far. Communication with the non-physical dimensions will be much easier and we may experience communication from Beings, Intelligence's and free Energies and Entities that we have no idea existed. It is possible that we will learn to communicate with each other more by telepathic processes than hitherto. It will be a world of progress and discovery and sharing - All are Equal, and All are One. We will have a greater understanding of Oneness, as it applies to us all. Time will have new values, and seem to slow down again, so that there will be time to do everything we need. (The value of Time has been speeding up in the last few years and so I am inclined to think that we may have lost a year or so up to now. This may mean that the predicted 2012 changes may happen earlier than our current concept of annual date - maybe late 2010 or so will see the New Dimension, perhaps).

How Will We Get There ?

For the most part, as is said above, we may not even notice, or hardly so at first.

However for the most important event in human existence for the last tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years, we should really prepare ourselves, and become one of the helpers, not one of the stragglers. There will be leaders and helpers, but these people will not be such as those of great importance in the usual sense of the words; they will be helpers that you probably never knew existed - people you know and yet had no idea of their connection to the Truth. Gentle souls, meek souls, compassionate souls and others who have the knowledge that has been ignored by many other people; they will be 'in the know' and be the leaders and helpers for the others to follow. Everything you do now is monitored and checked - there is absolutely nothing left to chance. The Intelligence's, Consciousness', Beings and Entities of the hierarchies of non-physical dimensions of reality will not allow anything to go wrong, and have been working towards this magnificent event for years and years so far.

There are some exercises in meditation that may prepare you for this momentous event, and you may find them in a following article. We must learn to steer by intuition, not by the logical, reasoned thinking processes that we have been accustomed to using. We must take on a personal responsibility to ourselves and not hand over our intrinsic power to others. Ignore all who say it is all a myth - they have a big awakening to overcome that will shake them to the very core of their being!

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