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 Things that go 'Booump' in the Aboriginal Night

Have we got it wrong?

When I was at school I was told that the dinosaurs existed a very long time ago, and as a result of Who-Knows-What became suddenly extinct, somewhere around 60M years ago. As Man was supposed to be not around at that time, we obviously didn't meet any dinosaurs or similar creatures. However, there are some intriguing questions that really need to be answered in regard to this information, and as far as I know, very much the same kind of information is still being taught, except that the dinosaurs may have been made extinct as a result of a massive collision with a giant asteroid or similar - so they all died at once. Opinions vary about the cause of the extinction, however.

There are some questions that seem to be caused by a conflict of channelled information from non-physical sources on the one hand and that provided by our scientists, on the other hand. I became very curious about all this and asked some questions myself from non-physical sources. Eventually I was told that my inquisitive interest in things so long ago was not in my best interests as I should be concerned with the moment of now. 'It is just history' they said - forget it. They will also tell you that the past can be changed, but that's another story!

People and Dinosaurs?

Questions asked of non-physical communicators about whether people existed at the same time as Dinosaurs will be met with an emphatic 'Yes'. Further questions about the intelligence of Dinosaurs is answered by a comparison - 'about the same intelligence as a dog' is the answer. At least that answers any questions arising from the suggestion that reptilians intelligently controlled our planet and our human progress of intelligence through modification of our intellect, as some have suggested. According to our scientists dinosaurs existed on planet Earth around some 250M years ago, and the last was supposed to have expired some 60M years ago. It is always possible, of course, that ALL dinosaurs did not die at once, but continued in pockets of protected areas for much longer. It is not in the scientist's view that it is possible that humans were around at that time, and any suggestion flies in the face of Darwinian theory, and thus ignored. Interestingly, a question to our non-physical communicators as to whether Man evolved from a monkey-type creature is equally emphatically answered by a 'No'.

Maybe Darwin got it wrong?

The Age of Man?

Further channelled information places the beginning of man - or at least an early type of man, somewhat slower on his feet than today - around some 10.5M years ago, and is known to have said that this very early type of man-being was too easily consumed by other creatures around at the time. Could this be dinosaurs that gobbled them up?

When that channelling was made in the 1980's, further predicting that discoveries would soon be made to substantiate this figure, it seemed that it was very unlikely that man had been around for that length of time, as science had only just begun to realise that the age of man of some 5,000 years suggested in biblical accounts was erroneous, and conservatively suggested some 50,000 years or so. Discoveries made soon after begun to place the beginning dates of Man perhaps 1M or maybe slightly more. Further discoveries of fossilised footprints in Africa pushed the date back to around 2.5M years, and still more footprints in rocks corrected the figure to around 3.5M. At the last count, the figure was some 6.5M to a possible 8M years. Well, we seem to be getting there!

What about the Aborigine's ?

Well, the aborigine tribes have some very odd information, and it has been known to their ancestors for a very long time - thousands of years, in fact. In Arnhem Land there are caves that depict aborigine drawings of saurian-type creatures - massive creatures.

They believe that an area of Australia is a no-go area for tribespeople, and they call the area and the creatures the same name - 'Burrunjor'. In articles (2006, 2008) by Rex and Heather Gilroy, who have researched this phenomenon, the creatures depicted and spoken about bear an uncanny likeness to Tyrannosaurus Rex, amongst others. The Gilroy's searched for information from 2002, visiting different areas of Australia. They list some 25 different accounts, naming the people who experienced the creatures. They also list fossilised tracks of dinosaurs that are in rock only 3M years old.

Whatever people think who may dismiss such wild tales, in these areas of Australia it is taken very seriously, and bushmen, police and trackers refuse to go to certain areas at all. Stories such as packs of hunting dogs taken to track down the creatures suddenly all running off, and horses that refuse to go any further towards swamps and jungles abound. The phenomenon were reported as early as 1888, and on through the 20th century, particularly the 1940's and 1950's when plaster casts and photos taken of the enormous (15" wide) tracks of three-toed creatures were mysteriously 'lost' by University scientists. Other tracks are reported of a creature heavy enough to leave a 6" deep impression in the river beds. The 21st century has its fund of stories too, as recently as 2002-3. They range over time and place from Victoria, Normanton and the Gulf Coast.

How Big are These Creatures?

There are several accounts of a Tyrannosaurus creature some 20-30 feet tall, and others such as man-sized Kooleen ('the man with a tail' - known to us as Velociraptors) [one aborigine tribe actually managed to kill one that wandered on to their camp], and a creature with a huge body and very long neck that the aborigine called Kulta, and thought it to be a type of serpent. All are of the biped, three-toed, reptilian variety with very long claws. Unfortunately no skeletons have been discovered, but descriptions usually tally as grey-brown reptilian creatures with a scaly skin.

Researchers are very frightened to go into the areas known to be inhabited by the creatures and although many have ventured, following long trails of tracks, finally have rapidly fled when confronted by either the creature or the terrifying sound of it.

Further information on and 'Out of the Dreamtime'

by Rex and Heather Gilroy, Uru publications, 2006.

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