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Gordon's Simple Guide to Quantum Mechanics & Spirituality

"Reality is a foreign land - they do things different there"

"Who are We, Where do we come from, What do we do, Where are we going ?"

Science has been our tool for several hundred years to try and understand the answers to those simple questions (above). It has been trying to understand us and our reality, trying to formulate Laws of Nature. Naturally this involves a study of matter; molecules, atoms and the parts of atoms, but fails to have one single theory to explain it all. This study is usually called 'Classical Mechanics'. The Laws of Nature were the result of Newton's work in the 1600's - a brilliant mathematician, and also an alchemist, astrologer & astronomer. As a result science has long seen us as an accident of nature (I was told this at school) acting within a mechanical Universe, and we are no more than an unimportant cog in the giant wheel system, grinding on into eternity.

Spirituality studies, on the other hand, have somewhat different view, often involving nonphysical components. For example each of us is seen to be a nonphysical essence existing within a physical body. Nonphysical communicators turn this idea completely on its head, saying that the 'essence' or 'soul' is so vast that the body resides within the 'spirit' (or nonphysical part). Just a portion of a soul lives in a body, and there are many, many portions. Spirituality also sees us as being an eternal essence that experiences everything - All That Is - and that may mean that each portion samples a different part of reality, combining eventually as One. Spirituality also hints that there are no Rules, no Laws, no Limitations as to what we can comprehend in Thought, and as everything is a manifestation of Thought, therefore reality constantly changes.

Because Spirituality is concerned with higher platonic qualities such as love, compassion,integrity, non-judgment and so forth, a study of it also embraces emotional content - all qualities of mind.

Quantum - what does it mean? Well, originally it meant 'quantity', from the Latin. It was a theory expounded by Max Planck in the early 20th century, that considered that everything was made of particles, not necessarily waves of energy, and the smallest possible particle was called a 'quanta'. So we have, for example, that the smallest possible quanta of light is called a photon. Scientists have been trying to find out the smallest possible quanta in subatomic physics for a long time, originally thinking it may be an electron. Eventually it has emerged that it is all a word game, and that we didn't really understand it at all. Other theories have emerged since the early days, all trying to evaluate the subatomic world, such as String Theory (where the smallest thing is thought to be a 'string' of energy, usually as a loop) and Superstring Theory, M-Theory (offshoot of Superstring theory), and so on. Actually it was a phenomenon of the subatomic world where electrons orbit round a nucleus, and jump from one level (orbit) in the atom to another without travelling through the intervening space that has given rise to the study of quantum mechanics - no longer called quantum 'theory' - and encompassing a whole range of odd effects. One of the odd effects is that things can be viewed as a wave or a particle - but not at the same time. It seems that things act like a wave until you look at it (observe it) when it becomes a particle ! Slowly this Quantum mechanics is giving us an insight into a world very like our spirituality viewpoint.

The Theory of Everything. Scientists have long been seeking this arcanum, trying to find one theory that explains it all. There have been many attempts and contributors along the way and are to be found in the work of people like Albert Einstein (Relativity and Special Relativity Theory), Max Planck (Quantum Theory), and theories like String Theory, Superstring Theory, M-Theory, and so on. The later developments of Quantum Theory have contributed mainly, with other partial attempts such as David Bohm's Implicate Order, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Roger Penrose' theories, Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Field Theory, and so on. What we have deduced so far is that things in the middle - like our everyday world - conform to Newton's Laws of Motion, Laws of Thermodynamics, etc. However, when we get very, very big like in Universes, then Einstein's Relativity Theory seems to be reasonably helpful in realising that time is not rigid, that light bends in a circle and is deflected by large objects like a planet, etc., and that mass and energy are connected (e=mc²). Now when we get very, very small like in an atom, then a whole new set of rules is in operation, such as we find in Quantum Mechanics, and Newton's Laws break down. In fact, the Laws of Classical Mechanics do not work when we are looking at things very big or very small - just the bit in the middle.

Interlinking Disciplines. We have been accustomed to thinking of academic principles as being separate from one another. However it is increasingly realised that we must interlink our knowledge for a more comprehensive result, so today we have quantum physicists who have to study psychology, and psychologists who have to study quantum mechanics because many psychoanalytical procedures, studies of personality, the concept of mind and intelligence, brain studies and so on all involve quantum effects, and vice versa.

Similarly, spirituality studies need to understand some of the basic premises of quantum mechanics, as many of the effects observed are seemingly related to spirituality, although spirituality is not a tenet of quantum mechanics. So, for an example, the work of Masaru Emoto with the water crystals (snowflakes) that change form as a result of the nature of thought is a quantum effect. Mind, thought, light and consciousness that form so much of the basis of spirituality studies are all electromagnetic in their very nature and so will conform to quantum effects. The actual nature of the quantum world is that of probability, uncertainty, possibilities and potential and are the quantum model, and these qualities are reflected in spirituality studies.

Difficult Concepts. The concept of Consciousness is difficult to understand (everyone experiences this) as there are so many words that are incapable of describing it, and so many that attempt to describe it that fall short or are inaccurate. For the time being, if you have a problem with the term, then substitute the word(s) intelligence or intellect - in other words, Thought.

When you mention the term Quantum Mechanics to people they change colour, their eyes go glazed and they suddenly invent an excuse to depart quickly. This is because they do not understand it, or cannot grasp the concept of something that is intangible. However I would like you to understand at least some of it, as it has a considerable bearing of your continued understanding of spirituality.

So that you may be able to decipher articles, CD's, DVD's, books and films that refer to Quantum Mechanical terms, some explanations are given below, either as words and phrases and what they mean, or as some of the greatly abbreviated concepts of quantum mechanics. In some of the definitions below an abbreviation for 'quantum mechanics' is used as simply 'Q M'.

Proof Traditionally science has required what they call 'proof' in order to accept a new idea. The traditional proof was that a thing (like a chemical reaction) was observed, and also could be explained mathematically - these two things were obligatory - observation & mathematics. As described here, these two things are still normal for 'proof' in the 'middle' area. However science has fallen down when it comes to things very big and things very small. For example, Relativity is still a theory because we are too small to really observe the effects usually, although some practical experiments have shown that it may be correct, or at least partially so. In the subatomic world quantum mechanics has shown that the observer (the person who does the experiment) has an effect on the outcome, and that an experiment cannot be done without an observer, so the result is in question from a traditional scientific viewpoint. In simple terms we have found that consciousness (the power of thought) has now to be part of the equation for us to understand things fully, and 'proof' is what we perceive it to be.

Singularity A singular bizarre result or conclusion that cannot be explained by the usual scientific thinking, or as a mathematical scientific equation that results as infinity, when you needed or expected something finite.

Quantum Rabbit Hole. Based on the idea of Alice and the white rabbit (Lewis Carrol), when Alice runs down the rabbit hole, she experiences a world rather like quantum weirdness - nothing is as it seems. The term is also used to describe our journey of adventure into quantum mechanics, and trying to understand it and how it refers to our world today. In the quantum world, nothing is as it seems to us in our day-to-day world.

In spirituality studies and such related areas as in spiritual healing we seem to be in the quantum rabbit hole. Looking for proof of 'healing energies' is a waste of time using normal understanding, and the effects of distance healing cannot be explained in normal scientific terms. It is looking very like the fact that healing is a quantum effect, exhibiting many of the known effects of quantum mechanics.

Quantum Weirdness. The world of quantum mechanics is full of strange effects that seem to defy explanation, and these are considered to be 'weird'. Naturally the more we understand and change our mindset, the less weird it becomes.

Interconnectedness. Also see 'Entanglement', below. The realisation, supported by many scientific experiments, that suggests that everything is somehow connected, but science doesn't know how. Spirituality has taught this for years; that we are all connected.

Spirituality - Science interface. The point where science and spirituality meet. "Goodness, Truth, Platonic Values exist at the very base of space-time geometry - and this interconnects us to all other beings and the Universe at large" (Stuart Hammerhof)

Mind - Matter Interface. That intangible point at which the distinction between the action of mind and the creation of matter has become fuzzy or indistinct. In quantum mechanics it relates to the theory that nothing actually exists until you observe it. In spirituality it refers to the idea that 'we are what we think', and we can change things by pure intention.

Separateness. We have been told we are a scientific accident on a lone planet. We are now realising that is basically flawed, and we, and all things, and the Universe, are connected. In Q M this relates to the discovery of entanglement, and interconnectedness. In spirituality it refers to the belief that we have become separate from our connection to the Source, but we are still connected even though we have forgotten, or don't wish to know.

Paradigm. This is a word meaning idea, or often used to mean a concept; a way of looking at things in order to understand them.

Reality. Q M says that when we react to reality, then it comes into existence. Reality is fuzzy (not fully understood by science) when you are not reacting with it. Another of Q M realisations is that reality is mostly empty space. Reality resembles a hologram - a shimmering reality - rather than a harsh, solid reality. This shimmering reality is susceptible to the power of thought. The deductions from Q M is that the world is rather like an organism - interconnected, that extends through space and time. "What I think affects the world". (Dean Radin) "Culture today does not appreciate the power of thought" (Candice Pert).

Spirituality says that we create our reality, moment by moment. Again, it is likened to a hologram, and we are part of it. Every bit of the hologram has the information to recreate the entire hologram, so we have all of reality within us. We also have the power to recreate reality. Other spirituality concepts suggest that reality is a dream or an illusion, dreamt by everyone (all humanity) simultaneously. We are creators or co-creators of a reality that exists within our minds, and it is not solid until we manifest it. Spirituality also says that the World has consciousness and is a living, breathing thing, and the consciousness of it is the sum total of all consciousness' in, on, around and near it. Everything is connected and in ultimate reality All is One.

Sub-Atomic Physics. This area of study is designed to figure out the way things work. It has been found that things are not predictable using the old laws of physics, but the new ideas of quantum mechanics are nearer to explaining what is going on, and is the most powerful tool for explaining outcomes. Sub-atomic physics investigates the world of tiny, tiny particles (in the old view) that constitute an atom. Seemingly the more we look, the more we find, and many names are given to these 'particles'. In truth the 'particles' are actually electromagnetic charges exhibiting a wave function, except when we observe them, and then they act like particles. It is thought that at the innermost limits of subatomic physics, we will find the very basis of the geometry of matter - if matter really exists. It is thought that within this sphere of investigation the basis of the Universe exists, and the immense power harnessed within the atom at this level. Again, it is mystifying because of the fact that it is mostly seemingly empty space, and yet full of infinite potential, and this has been related to the fact that the Universe is mostly empty space also; it is as if the enormous potential of this subatomic world has been projected into the void of space to create the Universe of our reality.

Spirituality and healing generally is not concerned with the subatomic world, but realises that the weirdness and paradox of it is reflected into many of the spirituality concepts.

Quantum Laws, quantum theory, quantum mechanics. A new set of laws that that seem to govern things that are very small - like subatomic effects. It has been explained elsewhere in this article how the original Theory has been transmuted into the current ideas of quantum mechanics.

Superposition. Particles may be at multiple places at the same time.; not different particles, but the same one. It may be at several different places or it may be at none - perhaps as many as 3,000 different places in a tiny portion of space-time. It is not until it is observed that just one position is seen to exist. (Some recent work at Oxford University has succeeded in demonstrating visibly a particle existing in two places at the same time).

In spirituality we understand that in the non-physical world it is possible for a consciousness or intelligence to be in many places at the same time - interacting within several realities simultaneously. So for example, distance healing assumes that the healer is in a particular place, but also traversing space and time to be affecting someone non-local (a long way away). This will also occur when a healer is sending out healing to a large group of people. The same effect is seen with Emoto's work affecting large masses of water such as a reservoir or lake with Shinto healing prayers - the consciousness effect is affecting ALL the water, not just a small portion of it.

Wave/Particle duality. Particles behave as waves (of energy) except when you look at them, and then they become particles. The investigations of this phenomenon is included in the explanations of the famous double-slit experiment, amongst others. In this experiment light behaved as a wave, giving rise to interference patterns on a photographic plate, until an attempt was made to electronically observe the actual path of the light, counting the photons. Bizarrely the wave disappeared and was substituted by a particle phenomenon.

This information regarding wave/particle duality is similarly given in channellings by nonphysical communicators, received in spirituality studies.

Entanglement. This refers to interconnected particles over great distances. During the '80's some scientific experiments were conducted using 'paired' electrons, sending one a great distance away from the other. When the scientists affected one electron (such as polarizing it), instantaneously the other reacted in a similar fashion. These experiments rocked the world of science. From this comes the realisation that we are all connected in some way or another. It is suggested that entanglement is caused by a 'wave of possibility'. (Also see' Interconnectedness', above).

Other names for this phenomena are such as 'State Vector' or 'Quantum Wave Function', and are often considering 'potential electrons' or just 'potential effects'. Other ideas incorporate the concept of 'Thought Waves', which can be called the 'Unified Field' or the 'Superstring Field'. Schrodinger said that he considered that entanglement is THE property of Q M. In QM terms entanglement not only refers to electrons and photons, but also consciousness, and the work of Dean Radin in USA is deeply concerned with this phenomena in areas of ESP, Remote Viewing, and Precognition which seem to be quantum effects.

Quantum mechanical definition for a Unified Field is 'pure abstract potential' - a self-aware consciousness.

Interestingly in spirituality studies it is thought that it was the initial self-awareness of Thought that erupted into Light, splitting into billions of tiny sparks of light, that was the basis of what we call Creation (and science calls the Big Bang). The self-aware consciousness is usually concepted, by us, as God or The Creator, or as All That Is, and the tiny sparks of light are us, as an individual consciousness from which all manifestation springs. Whereas science thinks in terms of a noisy explosion, we think in terms of a silent manifestation. Spirituality studies also include a realisation that we are all connected in some way, and at the same time we are all connected to the Source. It is said that Earth and Humanity was an experiment in giving us Free Will. The result of Free Will is that later civilisations would separate themselves from a knowledge of the connectedness of Source as an integral part of each of us (another experiment), and our interconnectedness to all things.

A Field or Energy Field This term seems to confuse many people, and is explained by Brian Greene (in 'The Elegant Universe'- a book about String & Superstring Theory) as 'a cloud of photons'. This means in ordinary terms, a cloud of light energy. Today there are many references to The Field (title of a book by Lynne McTaggart), and such things as 'Zero Point Energy Field'.

Bose-Einstein Condensate It had always been assumed that matter existed in one state - the usual state as seen by us - and that nothing else was possible. However Bose and Einstein postulated that there was another state of matter, where it was condensed into one state only governed by one wave function - a special state of matter. Practical evidence of this state has been discovered only recently, and in popular lore there are some articles about the monatomic state of gold (a white powder), thought to be a BEC, that has peculiar properties, unlike metallic gold. This and other Orbitally Rearranged Molecules (ORME's or ORMUS) are thought to be BEC's and are attributed with amazing healing qualities.

Collapse of the Wave Function This bewildering term simply means the borderline between quantum reality (weirdness) and the classical (mechanical) reality of Newton, etc.

Discontinuity It was Neils Bohr who first suggested the structure of an atom where electrons circulate in orbits around a central nucleus, in levels. However he realised that, in fact, electrons can jump from one level to another. Quantum scientists realise that the electrons jump from one level to another without travelling the intervening distance - this is called discontinuity. This idea of discontinuity has become one of the foundations of modern Q M.

Quantum Leap The same idea as discontinuity governs what we think of as a quantum leap - a discontinuous movement - first it's here and then it's there, and it hasn't travelled anywhere !!

In spirituality terms we are now thinking of, and being told about, a move to another dimension of existence. This is rather like a quantum leap in consciousness - first we are here, and then without really noticing anything unusual, we will be there and we haven't travelled anywhere in space or time. The same thing applies to sudden realisation or sudden enlightenment - we suddenly understand things or see the vital connection with our reality, without having gone through a process of logical, analytical reasoning. We have made a quantum leap in consciousness. I suppose the same can be said of distance healing; the healing energy potential is instantaneously at a non-local destination - a form of discontinuity.

Mathematics and Constants

There are some other things that you may encounter in articles, DVD's and films that may refer to Q M, such as The Planck Scale. This is a very, very tiny area, considered to be the very smallest level of all and is 10 to the power of minus 33, expressed as 10-33cms. In other words a 'One' with an awful lot of noughts before it. At this level it is thought that all the basic information of the Universe exists.

The Planck Time is the very smallest 'particle' of time and is 10 to the power of minus 43 seconds. Again a 'One' with a great deal of noughts before it, expressed mathematically as 10-43.

The energy of the Universe with a quantum and relativity consistency is calculated from the space that exists within a hydrogen atom between the nucleus and the electron (the average size of an atom is about 10-8 centimeters), and is around 1094 grams of energy in a vacuum. This latent energy within this tiny space (10-23 cubic centimeters) is one trillion times all the mass of all the stars and planets up to 20 billion light years - and consciousness allows us to control this, or change it !!!! This energy is the energy of the ZPE (see Field, above). Our minds cannot comprehend it, it is so big.

It also can respond to the power of intention, as we can control or change all that !

More Quantum Effects

When we say that we can change things, we realise that the quantum world allows us, by intention, to change things at the quantum level, and quantum mechanics allows for the concept of another world that is totally intangible. Quantum scientists now realise that 'consciousness creates creation'. Q M workers realise that power emerges from the tiniest portions of space and time. Matter emerges from space - thought - and space is everywhere! The observer and consciousness is basic to the creation of physical effect.

'When you really get down to it', they say, 'really analyse what's out there, there is nothing - nothing at all'.

It is the brain that generates our view of the physical world, and it can only perceive what it is trained to perceive ! ' Actually Q M seems to point to the fact that nothing exists until we observe it'. The explanation of this rather odd statement is that things are just an invisible energy field until they are perceived by the brain which then translates that sensory information into something it recognises.

There is another quantum effect, and that is we are aware of moments to come. Scientific experiments amazingly show that brain dendrons fire in advance of an observed stimulus. In brain/body-part stimulus experiments this may only be in the order of half a second up to two seconds. However in the case of random number generators worldwide, sampling the mass consciousness influence on what was formerly thought to be unassailable (electronic computer systems) the 9/11 effect was observed hours in advance of the actual event.

However in all this remember that quantum mechanics accepts only possibilities - not the events as we perceive them - only possibilities.

Spirituality Many of these quantum effects are similar to effects expected in spirituality studies and in healing, thus some knowledge of Q M helps one to understand that after all, quantum science does have some answers to such matters as :

To Summarise, there are two ways of looking at the world and the way it works:

1). Classical mechanics - we are machines, and there is no room for consciousness experience.

2). Quantum mechanics - the world is an organism, has consciousness and is affected by whatever we think.

Additional deductions:

3). Quantum Mechanics is a confusing, paradoxical system with multiple possibilities.

4). The smaller you go, the deeper you go, you become more powerful and more dynamic.

5) In our study of spirituality , and things that involve it like spiritual healing, we seem to be able to bring up into our everyday experience, quantum effects, and to observe them at our level of awareness.


This article draws on the work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Erwin Schrodinger, Niels Bohr, David Bohm, Heisenberg, Roger Penrose, Rupert Sheldrake, and others.

Phrases and words may be attributed to one or other of the following: Brain Greene (Prof. Physics & Maths), Candice Pert PhD., John Hagelin PhD., Amit Goswami, PhD., David Albert PhD., Stuart Hammerhof MD., Andy Newberg PhD., Dean Radin, PhD., William Tiller PhD., Fred Alan Wolf, PhD., the Ramtha Consciousness (channelled by J Z Knight), the Seth Consciousness (channelled by Jane Roberts), The 'Poppas Group' (channelled by Sara), and many others.

Recommended Study:

'What the Bleep...' (Book and DVD),

'Down the Rabbit Hole' (DVD - extended 'What the Bleep', with interviews, etc),

'The Elegant Universe', Brian Greene (Book),

'The Dancing Wu Li Masters', Gary Zukav (Book),

'The Tao of Physics' Fritjof Capra (Book), 

and many others.

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