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Energetic Entities, Intruders and Protection.

When we are open to receive enlightenment we glow as a light in the darkness of the in-between area that exists between our earthly life and life in the world of light. Sometimes, without adequate protection, we may find that an intruder has entered our energy field.

Such intruders can be called energetic entities because they are simply the energy of an entity, and may be a wandering soul unable or unwilling to find the way to the light, an elemental (very basic spiritual entity), a portion of a soul intent on causing trouble, or an entity that wishes to try and live out earthly experiences again through another person's energy field.

We are actually a vibrating energy field, and our concept of a solid, physical self is created by our brain, processing the energy information that it receives. Basically everything comes from Thought, and thus such troubled entities are simply persistent thought that has latched on to our Human Energy Field. The energy of such thought can be blocked.


Normally a healer, by the very process of intention to work with the energies of light, and the channel that is opened up within them to their mediator, creates an automatic protection. However some people who have not had this initiation may be open to invading energies.

There are many ways of seeking protection, and the way it is done is to ask for it in your mind, stating your intention to be protected from troublesome intruders.

Other ways may be one of the following methods:

Protection visualisations and mantras

1). Repeat the mantra "Divine Spirit, surround me with a protective cloak of white light, allowing only those who come with Unconditional Love, Compassion, Brotherhood and Integrity to come close to me". Repeat it as many times as you want, and as often as you want, or feel you need it. Don't just say it, but feel the emotion of love as you speak it.

2). Actually visualise in your mind that you are within a protective cloak of white light, and nothing of any troublesome intent can get close to you. The white light is love.

3). Another visualisation would be that you are wearing a precious protective crown of crystals that prevents any intrusions. A variant is that you wear a golden band around your head with a protective crystal over your brow energy centre.

4). You can imagine that you stand within a pentagram of blue fire that prevents entry by any entity of an alien nature.

5) Create a blue egg around you. The egg is blue due to the blue light that exists within the egg. The egg has a hard, protective shell, but you can move around it or go in and out of it at will. You are comfortable and protected within this shell and within the blue light.

6). You can create a mental image of a pyramid around you. Make the pyramid big enough for you to feel comfortable and be able to move around (so it will be a big one). Mentally visualise the corners of the pyramid and construct the sides to meet at the top. Fill the pyramid mentally with white or blue light (the light of love) and as you move around the pyramid stays with you because it has no weight at all, but is your protection.

7). If you feel that you already have been invaded by a troublesome entity you may wear a piece of purple velvet around your middle, covering up your solar plexus energy centre. This will prevent easy access to your energy field by an intruder. You may have to wear this fabric for some time, as once they have accessed your energy field they are slow to remove.

8). In normal company you may feel sometimes that you are experiencing negative energies directed towards you. Place your hands over your solar plexus area, and mentally repeat the mantra to yourself. You have created a block to negativity.

You can work towards being immune from invading thoughts by being aware of yourself. Be aware of who or what controls your life; is it the media, football, drinking alcohol, some other family member, something you cannot forgive, a past experience, fear, guilt or what ?

It is time to take back the control and take responsibility for yourself.

You have two choices in life - to be the Master or the Slave. Who are you?

Look for the purpose in your life, ask yourself such questions as 'Why are we here?', 'What is my pathway supposed to be?', 'How do I proceed from this point on?', and so forth.

Ask yourself is your life controlled by ego and greed, or by caring and sharing.

We are masters of our own destiny - be the Master and take control. When you are in control of your life, others cannot intrude. By the power of your own committed intention you create a barrier to any negative thoughts, destructive ideas, invading entities or other such problems.

You are a powerful being of light - live it !

You are a divine creation of sovereignty - live it !

You are the creators of all you see - know it !

Remember, You Are What You Think !

Bear in mind that every thought that you give to a negative influence actually gives it strength, so ignore all negativity. This applies to the energy of thought that has invaded your space - ignore it and do not give it any more energy by worrying about it, or thinking about it a lot.

It is the Mind of Man that creates Heaven or Hell. There is no devil, just our concept of it ! The opposite of fear is LOVE. You can just as easily create an angel in your life, instead of a devil and Hell. Believe it !

Psychological tricks of the mind can create the impression of an intruder. Whenever there is a gap in thought or a gap in the function of the brain (perhaps due to a trauma or situation you cannot, or cold not, handle), the brain takes over and substitutes another image instead. Seek out the things that may be missing from your brain functions though traumas and the like. Fill in the gaps yourself with positive thoughts and actions. Ask yourself if there are situations you could forgive, or even forgive yourself.

Remember What is in the Mind is REAL.

Remove the baggage and inner issues, such as forgiveness, judgment and so forth that could colour you attitudes and thinking, and replace them with positive thought. Start afresh.

Take back your Power.

All of Life is a Mind Game !

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