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New Beginnings 3 

Progress to the New Dimension 7th Sept. 2009

The move to another dimension is under way.

It is imperative that we begin to listen in earnest to words that are spoken in communication. We have the abilities to understand other languages (of other dimensions) and we must make ourselves aware of this and access the abilities to understand.

Communication is possible with non-physical entities (energy beings), and will increase, but we must realise that we have the ability to communicate.

This must be the time of the great awakening when we realise that hidden abilities are within us all, and learn to use them.

It seems that some biological restructuring is going on at the moment and this is causing us some difficulty (discomfort). The result of this will be a new frame (this means body).

We must begin to be aware of movements of energy around us - this may show as changes in feelings, sensations, pressures, etc., - but may also manifest as lights which we will become aware of, if we allow ourselves to do so. (As new energies are brought to you, you may perceive them as lights)

The New Dimension is being taken care of by our energy-being friends (non-physical helpers) and is, in effect, a changing energy field in which we are immersed. Try and perceive this change in the little things that happen around you. Ask yourself the meaning of little things that you perceive - it is all energy, and try and understand the great importance energy has, and ways it can be used.

As you do so try and be aware of the colours of energy that are coming into play. This may be achieved by our inner perception of colour (inner awareness) or by a 'feeling' or sensation of a particular colour.

You can practice this by selecting one colour at a time and observing it, touching it, holding it near your cheek or wearing it as an item of clothing. Observe how it makes you feel; what sensations do you get with this colour (warmth, coldness, anticipation, enlightenment, excitement, calmness, agitation, etc., etc.) Find the colours you feel most comfortable with. Flowers are a good guide - what are you favourite flowers ? What colour(s) are they ? How do they make you feel ?

Surround yourself with things that make you feel right, whether it be colour, texture, odours, sounds or tastes. Everything is being monitored and watched. Make a positive effort to learn to steer by intuition, and become more aware of the thoughts that come into your mind - the realisations, the understandings, the inspirations. These thoughts are placed there as instructions for a path to follow, or an understanding that you must embrace.

The matter of preparation is now becoming urgent. Make yourself aware of everything that is happening to you and try to see a pattern of positive direction in it all. Ask yourself whether this realisation is one of forward direction. We can no longer allow ourselves the time for backsliding - everything must be positive and forward projecting in an 'awareness' and 'spiritual' sense.

Begin to speak to others and prepare yourself to guide others by explaining to them that things are changing. Be prepared to answer their questions and to allay their fears.

In your moments of quiet contemplation, healing or active meditation try and be aware of sensations of movement such as a rolling or spinning (like a spiral energy moving forward), like the rolling waves on a sea shore, circular in energy form, (or other forms of movement of new energy, as you perceive it).

When answering others' questions speak to them as children who wish to understand, simply, in words they understand. Tell them of communication so that they too may realise that there is more to this world - much more.

The energies that are being brought at the moment are pleasurable, personable energies, and acceptable to our personal selves - pleasant.

The great preparation has begun. Help others to understand what is happening to them. They will feel different or sense that there is something 'in the air', but will not know why. Many will wrongly greet this with a sense of foreboding, but convince them that this need not be so, as much pleasanter times are to come.

Imagine yourself existing in a much higher energy field than hitherto. Observe any feelings or sensations within yourself that come as a result of this - although you may find it easier to compare with hindsight to perceive the results of change.

Although the New Dimension is brought about by a change in our thinking, the actual manifestation of this will be through energy fields and the alteration in them to higher levels.

Lift yourself out of the rut. Make yourself aware of the latent abilities that lie within you, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant. Look at life with new eyes - the time for awakening is here - NOW.

This information is a combination of two lengthy communications from the same communicator in the last few days. In wishing to put it in a form that we readily understand I was impressed to get a pad and pen and begin. The above (two pages of my tiny writing) is what arrived !

Items in italics are my interpretative comments.


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