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 Preparing for the new Dimension 2 - TRUTH.

What is Truth ?

We don't know - we have forgotten.

What is Honesty ?

We don't know, we haven't practiced it since early childhood.

What is Integrity ?

We don't know. Ask any youth today to define it, and they will give you a puzzled look.

We live in a world that is corrupted and a lie - Well, from the man-made portion of the world anyway. Nature preserves its honesty, truth and integrity generally unaffected by Man. Mankind doesn't even understand the words, and tries to corrupt Nature with his bioengineering, high-intensity radio wave bombardment of the ionosphere, and the like.

Every minute of every day we are exposed to lies, deceit, dishonesty and corruption. Every TV programme is a lie as it has been edited, influenced by somebody's decisions, changed and presented only in the light of what someone thinks of as 'Good TV' - again a corrupted view of what people actually want, not what they should have (the truth with warts and all), but what they are fed. Even the 'News' is only what is selected, & not necessarily accurate, only being what is 'allowed' to be news, being often subjected to criminal suppression of information. Newspapers are not to be believed.

Every TV commercial only feeds the interests of the commercial concern, not the end user, making totally unbelievable promises that cannot possibly be fulfilled, and often quoting 'bargain' prices that are in themselves a lie. TV & Video games teach our children violence and destruction on an unprecedented scale. The virtual world becomes indistinguishable from the actual world. Corporate concerns lie through their teeth at every turn, and salesmen go to courses to learn how to manipulate the truth to get a sale. Even Governments elected by people become self-generating mechanisms of deceit and lies, only fostering the ideals of those in power - whether it be the best solution in the interests of the electing populace or not. Dressing up a lie to make it palatable is called 'spin'. We are subjected to situations causing us to make constant judgments, as in so-called 'Sport', often corrupted at its very foundations. Even our food is not what it is sold as - it is corrupted with flavours, colours, antibiotic chemicals, insecticides, flavour enhancers, and endless preservatives. Our world is full of false heroes and imaginary ideals. We are told it is all justifiable - What Rubbish !

In short, we can believe very little of what we are told and subjected to daily.

We have reached a stage in our society where to practice our own truth may be considered to be a threat to National Security, or we are a dissenter, revolutionary or suspected terrorist. We live in a world where we can be imprisoned for standing up for what we believe to be right and the truth. In fact, in this world of deceit today, telling the truth is seen as a revolutionary act, and may cost you your life.

Seeking Truth

Do not unthinkingly read endless books, articles, attend endless lectures, get 'het up' about the world situation and conspiracies, exploring ancient mysteries, 'contacting' named 'Archangels' and the like. Think about it all deeply, first.

° The only sensible spiritual books are 'factual' books, usually through channeling, not what someone else has interpreted. This way you determine your own understanding, which is exactly what you are supposed to be doing - establishing self-responsibility.

° Many lectures, articles, & media information seeks to dramatize and generate fears; fears of unknown forces, fear of subversive negative influences and conspiracies, and hints at 'essential' information that is denied to us. If you are exposed to this situation, then analyse your own thoughts and use intuition to guide you. Reject all that doesn't feel right. Meditate on what does !

° At this time of change the world is being turned upside down - old values have been diminished and new values have been introduced that are corrupted and we do not even realise that we are perpetuating them. If you are introduced to a conspiracy to defraud mankind, do not buy into it and get agitated about it, or actively seek to expose it or campaign against it, as this strengthens its intrinsic energy, so negate it by noncontribution. Behind all conspiracies are people, individuals or groups who are misguided. Line them all up in your mind's eye, as a visualisation, and send them love and healing, saying to them "Peace be with you". In so doing you will enfold them in positive energy, enclosing them in an energy field of light, helping to eradicate from their minds the misguided purposes of their intent.

° What happened in the past is history. Constantly reliving the past will impede the changing of the past. Yes, we can change the past as we change the present and the future. Remember that what you know of the past is only one viewpoint - it was recorded by people who had a vested interest in that particular version of history. Ignore it. If you really must involve yourself in the past look for all other outcomes and interpretations, thinking laterally, and formulate your beliefs based on contemplative intuition. After all, we live now, not then !

° Names are meaningless - they are a label that has been attached to us for identification, but they are limiting, as are all labels. Likewise, attributing particular qualities to an angel or Archangel limits your perceptions. They are all different things to all different people. The only real quality to focus on is the Field of Infinite Potential - the energy Source from which we all came, from which we derive all knowledge and return all knowledge gained from our experience, and to which we eventually return. Sometimes names are used but remember that in this case the name is a gestalt for a vast group intellect, and may be given to us only, as an identification point. As we move up the spiritual evolutionary hierarchy, names become meaningless, as the only identification necessary is the Love energy that is represented by that particular expression of Light.

What is Truth ?

We are bombarded every second of our earthly life with information of one sort or another, even when we think we are asleep, probably the most contributing source of information and experience. We are told that we are more awake when we are asleep than when we think we are awake ! Much of the wakened information is corrupted. All experience and information started out uncorrupted, but was coloured or slanted later. All experience and information uses the same energy, but is capable of being expressed or interpreted in many different ways.

Thus we realise that there is no absolute truth at all - it is all a matter of how we perceive it to be.... And that will alter as we proceed on our path of spiritual evolution. Truth changes and so must we. So it is best to listen to not just one truth, but to all truths, and from them derive such information that will formulate our own individual, personal interpretation of the truth - our own truth.

Be flexible in this and be prepared to constantly adjust and reinterpret our own truth in the light of our interpretation of our experience and intuition.

Women are better with this process than men are, because they are more open to intuitive processes. Men tend to formulate one interpretation of things and then are dogmatically unwilling to accept that they may be wrong. But things are changing now.

The New Dimension

So what has all this to do with the New Dimension that is happening now?

This new dimension is actually occurring right now (Oct 09) and our only way is forward if we are going to be part of it. Remember that all of life and our perception of it is a mind game. The new dimension is formed from a coordination of Thought. Our mind's 'operating system' is being updated so that we can perceive and create a whole new dimension of reality.  In order for our perceptions to be accurate, we need to be aware of Truth, or at least our own intelligent interpretation of it, to create our own truth.

If, when you were at school or later you had the opportunity, either by a microscope or video or film, to observe cell division, you would have seen the nucleus dividing into two parts and slowly drawing apart. Each cell thus formed would have its own consciousness and yet contains all the parts of the original. One cell is destined to survive and move forward into its own reality. The move to a new dimension for this world is similar, and can be likened to this process on a grand scale. You are one of the components of the original cell - which divided cell (or reality) are you going to belong to ?

What Do We Need To Do ?

So we ask ourselves "Am I ready for this process?", "What do I need to know?".

The answer is .. nothing. You do not need to get the latest book, or attend the latest courses promising special knowledge denied to others. You do it all by your own intentions and way of thinking. Know about Love and Compassion. Practice helping others, Brotherhood, Cooperation. Make no judgments and impose no conditions. Be unlimited in your thinking and be constantly ready to change. If nothing changed, nothing would exist. Everything is in a process of change, ever evolving.


Many people are experiencing change in their lives and don't quite know what to make of it, or what to do about it. Many are experiencing feelings of loss and direction, or returning in their mind to a childhood state, even as far as the womb. What is this all about ?

We are being given the opportunity to reassess our lives by leaving behind the old, and moving forward with only the new.

We are being given the opportunity to get rid of the baggage, and reformulating our own personal interpretation of the Truth.

We are being given the opportunity to think back and seek out all those times we failed to be truthful to ourselves and others; when we lived a lie - either in our minds or in our actions.

We are being given the opportunity to recall all those times that we failed in our integrity.

Integrity is not just formulating the truth based on the higher qualities of life, but actually putting it into practice, every day. A process of not just paying homage to words that are hollow but actually understanding why they are hollow and actively seeking to correct this.


We need to analyse our past experiences and see where we went wrong, and correct it by forgiveness. Forgiving others, no matter what for, and forgiving ourselves - not just for our failure to enact the truth or accept it, but for our stubborn refusal to change or admit.

All loss of integrity creates inner feelings of shame and guilt, and this is a heavy baggage that is holding up our forward progression. We are not necessarily just talking about personal experiences, but also our contribution to the mass lie that we may live daily, being carried along on the wave of deceit that is our daily world. We do not need to off-load our shame and guilt on to anyone else's shoulders at all, because this is an inner process. We deal with it in the silence of our own thoughts. Maybe it is simply a matter of realising how we could have better handled a situation, or how we could have avoided getting carried along by others; whatever the reason we need forgiveness for ourselves and others.

What do we get if we refuse to remove the baggage and clutter ? We get a blockage that prevents us moving forward on our path, and we may get cancer of the mind. Remove the shame and guilt by forgiveness. Open the way to inner peace and joy. If you have peace and joy within you, you dissipate these things to those around you.

What Do We Need to Do to Get Into the New Dimension ?

We can temporarily forget about having to do anything to educate ourselves into 'what we need to do to get into the new dimension' because it is all being taken care of. Everything is being done right and everything is being monitored and checked.

There is no longer any time for backsliding, everything must progress forward. For us, the only way to do this is through forgiveness and a formulation of the now Truth. This is not just in our minds or an intention of 'I will do it tomorrow', but right now. Start to recreate your life NOW, and move forward, formulating truth as you go.

Live Truth and Integrity.

It doesn't matter whether you get it right or not, so long as you try and do something about it. You will be corrected through love if you haven't got it quite right and re-guided, just so long as you try.

There are, of course, those who will not try, or even want to try. There are those who are 'Very nice, thank you' and think that this is all a load of bunkum. They will continue to live in their strife, greed, discomfort and continued destruction, but they will not continue to progress.

For Progress, re-think, re-formulate and change. Have integrity and allow your truth to be flexible and moulded with Love and Understanding.

The New Dimension is our golden opportunity - Don't Miss It !!!

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