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 Past, Present & Future Lives

Many people are fascinated by ‘Past Life Regression’ and we see many accounts of it in books, journals,
etc.  The people undergoing this type of therapy usually believe that they can access a past life of theirs.  
Often an experience is recounted of another life at another time in different circumstances, but many times
research into the family tree fails to identify a possible person that could have been the life recounted.  
Sometimes, seemingly completely bizarre experiences are told of strange other worlds and other
dimensions of reality. In some cases the person is not even a material, physical soul, but an Energy Bein

Why ?

In the process of past life regression a client allows themselves to be hypnotised into a trance-like state,
guided by a ‘regressionist’. In this hypnotised condition they are open to receive thoughts, suggestions,

energy and so forth, and the energy that merges with them may be someone else. From the non-physical
viewpoint the client is seen as a light, and the brighter the light, the more spiritually aware they are.  There
are various reasons that they can recount a life other than their own.

One reason could be that perhaps a soul is still wandering in the greyness of the in-between state,
refusing to accept the help to go to the light that is offered when they were met at the point of their
transition, and on seeing the small light shining out goes to investigate.  This is a golden opportunity for the
wandering soul to tell their tale, and for a little while experience a type of material form again through the
‘medium’ of the person undergoing regression, re-living the experiences of their lifetime on Earth.  I am
sure that some regressions are of this form.  There are pranksters in non-physical from, much as there are
pranksters here on Earth, and sometimes we leave ourselves wide open to such wandering spirits to play
tricks on us, telling a tale just for fun, especially if the intentions of regression are thought to be like a game.  

Such jokers often exploit people dabbling with Ouija boards.

However, there are other explanations and one of these is that we are only a portion of our soul, other
portions of our self existing alongside us, but separate.  The reason for this is that the soul demands us to
experience everything. Using multiple personalities, the soul may experience a wider view of all potentials.
In the regression we may be recounting the experience of another portion of our self, or more correctly,
another portion of our soul.

We are told by our non-physical friends that although this is bizarre to our minds and we cannot usually
accept it, nevertheless all lives are lived concurrently, in the moment of now. This is the bit that confuses
people and takes a lot of getting your head round it, and so I asked my non-physical friends for some
guidance on how to explain this to people. They gave me two ways of understanding this concept; the star
and the flower.

The Star

The concept that all lives run concurrently and in the moment of now can be likened to a star for illustrative
purposes. The star is a bright, white star with many rays or beams emanating from it, and each ray repre-
sents a life lived.  The brilliant white light at the centre represents the soul. Each ray or beam reaching out
into the Universe has different coordinates of time and space, different from the source (soul). All the rays
spread out from the source at the same time, which is the moment of now.

I was puzzled by this idea as I wanted to know what happened at the end of the ray of light; surely it just
doesn’t fizzle out, it must return to the source, I thought.

So I was shown another idea ... 


The Flower

The flower I was shown was a white, daisy-type flower with many petals, rounded at the end of the petal.
This photo is the best example found, despite it being yellow !

Again it is just for illustrative purposes for the concept of many lives and nothing deeper should be
interpreted from it, than what is described below.

The central mass (they called it the hub) represents the soul. Each petal represents the energy which we
will interpret as a life lived.  Again, each petal has different coordinates (not all in the same place). Each
petal emanates from the hub and is a part of it, reaching out into time and space.  Trace your finger along
one side of the petal, starting from the hub. As you go up this represents the energy of a life reaching out
into the Universe to experience. You can trace your finger over the tip, and as you come down the other
side of the petal, realise that the energy is now returning to the hub as knowledge. So the energy of a life
is always connected to the hub and fed by it, and eventually returns to it, bringing the knowledge gained
by experience.

From our point of view looking down on the flower from above all petals (lives) are separate and reach
out to different places. We look at the order of petals and see that as we go round the hub, the petals
seem to be in a form of order, one following another so we may think of our lives as consecutive.

From the flower’s point of view the hub is only conscious of extensions of itself, and all petals (lives)
are equal and emanate out at the same time - the moment of now, and there is constant connection
between hub (soul) and petals (lives)

We can now see that our ideas are different from the flower’s ideas. We see ourselves as separate, looking
down on the flower. The flower only sees itself as one integrated and united whole structure, existing only
in the moment of now.

We therefore see our many lives as being past, present or future because we have separated ourselves
from the understandings of the soul, instead of being an integral part of it.  The soul only sees all extensions of itself as equal, and does not consider itself to be in different spaces or times - it just IS, and
is eternal. 

See yourself as as the flower or the star, where all parts are connected and an integral part of the whole,
all functioning as one. This One, the Whole, vibrant in its brilliance, lives not in the past, or the future, but
forever in the moment of NOW.

The concept of the past, present and future is beautifully illustrated in the story of the man in
the rowing boat and the man in the hot-air balloon.

The man in the rowing boat is going along a winding river, sometimes having to row harder than others
against eddy’s and currents flowing. He sees only to the last bend in the river, and forwards he can only
see the featureless river disappearing round the next bend.

Meanwhile the man in the hot air balloon drifting above can see where the man in the boat has come from
(his past), where he is now, (his present), and where he will have to go on this winding river stretching far
ahead (his future).

He can see it all at once, past, present and future, and to him it is all in the moment of now,  but the man
rowing the boat sees only what he is experiencing right now, and how long it has taken him, this far.

The man in the boat is us, right now. The man in the hot air balloon can be likened to our Higher Self.

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