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Opening Up and Closing Down healing mode

Please note:  Do not confuse this word - 'attunement' - with the Reiki version of the word, which means being attuned at the very beginning to allow the person to be a channel for healing energy. In Reiki there are several attunements according to what stage the Reiki healer is at in their development, such as Frist Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree or special extra attunments for Reiki Masters.

What is it?
In spiritual healing, this is the process of literally 'tuning-in' to healing mode.

In our everyday life we are constantly receiving thought about anything and everything, and this is not conducive to healing. A friend of mine used to call this constant barrage of thought processes 'The Chattering Monkey', as if a monkey is sitting on your shoulder, chattering away. To heal we must be in the correct frame of mind to enable the energies to flow. We attempt to stem the flow of active, conscious, logical thought (turn off from everyday thinking), and allow ourselves to be unlimited in 'inner' thinking so that we can communicate the healing energy unimpeded. This state we conveniently call being in 'healing mode'.

We are like a Radio Set !
Think of yourself as a radio set. Or better still, a radio receiver and transmitter as a single unit. In order for this radio transmitter/receiver to work it has to be tuned in to something - be on the correct wavelength.  This is exactly what we do when we attune ourselves at the beginning of a healing session - we tune ourselves into 'healing mode'. Then we transmit and exchange the energy to the patient.

Opening Up and Closing Down.
In the same way that we open up to the energies through attunement at the beginning of a healing session, we must also close down afterwards - this is simply called 'closing down', or 'grounding' and is most important.

Opening Up - the Process.
There are three main stages to opening yourself to give healing to another.

The first stage is to move mentally into 'healing mode'. The Point of Inner Peace.
Normally you would place your hands lightly upon the shoulders of the person being healed. This action is not really necessary for the healing but acts as a message to the patient that you are about to commence healing. It also acts as a symbolic gesture to yourself that you will begin healing and creates an expectation within both you and your patients' Being.

If you stand behind them as they sit on a chair, placing your hands on the shoulders is easily done.  The person, however, may be on a healing bed.  If you can easily move to the head of the bed, then do so and  place your hands lightly on the shoulders. If you cannot move to the head of the healing bed and have to stand at the side, then simply place your hands in light contact, say, to the top of the arm or loosely in the shoulder area, the higher the better to avoid any sensitive areas.  However, it is not absolutely necessary, and you may simply communicate by thought to the person, and imagine that you and they are now united through the joint energy fields surrounding you both.

 Holding this position, or whichever you choose, you mentally focus yourself  inward, ignoring all outside distractions. If there are distractions such as traffic noise, distant conversation, etc., then acknowledge your perception of the distraction in your mind, then allow it to pass.  Try and avoid any personal irritation with the distraction, as this is a negative emotion.

Seek the point of silence within - the quiet.  If you can imagine that your awareness is going inward from the head, inside yourself, down to an area around your heart, or perhaps slightly below, then this is where you may find that quiet and inner peace.  Hold this in your mind for a few moments.

If you find that this is not easy for you, then adopt some other form of occupation of the conscious mind, such as imagining that you are a leaf floating on a stream - a gently-flowing stream that winds its way through the meadows, past the reeds, under a blue summer sky with lazily-floating puffy white clouds.  You are aware of the fact that you are a leaf, and that you are floating on water, and can observe the grass, the bushes and the trees as you float by.  You can hear the bird song, see the insects and are aware of the fish in the stream below you. Float along for as long as you need to achieve inner calm.

The second stage is when you feel ready to continue, and you are ready to state to yourself the Desire to heal.

This desire is really twofold: on the one hand the desire to heal the person in front of you, and on the other hand the desire to receive the energies to communicate to that person.  This energy is often thought of as being brought to you by a Mediator. Better still, simply wish to work alongside your mediator healing together as one. Remember that everything is within you - not outside of you. Other names used for the mediator are such as God, Jesus, Buddha, Inspirer, Helper, Guide and Angel. Have an understanding about this that matches your personal belief system.

And finally the third stage, & the most important - the Intention.
Once you have inwardly stated your desire, then inwardly make the affirmation of intention.  

Say to yourself - " I now intend to heal..."

The intention is the most important because it is the positive affirmation that you make to heal, this moment - now, at this place - here, and for love to be given to this person - the patient. You have stated  positively the time, place and subject.

Your healing will now proceed.  
It may not be immediately felt, but may build up over a few minutes.

Additionally you may like to think of the healing energy as light. Perhaps light of a certain colour.  The most useful colour is white - and when you remember your school science you will recall that white light contains all other colours. It is the most powerful of all the healing light colours, and is the colour of love energy. Another good healing colour is Blue
White light is often seen when healing body structures such as bones, muscles, etc. perhaps disturbed by arthritis, or an accident.
Green light (bright yellow-green like a newly-opened leaf) is often used for calmness, peace and a communion with nature.
Yellow light (the colour of a ripe banana) may refer to the intellectual development, or desire for knowledge, but I have seen it also around the head of people with eye problems.
Indigo is the colour between deep blue and purple - rather like deep royal blue, and is a frequent colour seen by those who have the ability to see colours in healing, often around the hands and fingers of the healer.
Blue is considered by many to be the healing colour - it is a misty, pure ethereal blue like a summer sky. Sometimes it may be a brilliant and electric blue. It is also the colour of liquid oxygen, incidentally.
Orange is also a healing colour - as a freshly-cut orange without the sparkle of the juice.
A deep pink can also be found (a newly-opened rose), and many hues associated with pink. For many, this is a healing colour.
Purple is considered to be the colour of spiritual advancement, but can be found in healing energy quite often. It is a powerful energy.  It can also be seen as lilac.

Many of these colours may be the colour favoured by, and expressed as, your particular mediator on that occasion, and so may vary if you have more than one mediator with you. Each mediator may express in a certain frequency of energy and the colour is determined by the frequency.  Remember also that a colour seen from this material dimension of experience is not necessarily the same when viewed from a spiritual dimension - it may be seen to be different. For example some channelled reports of the colours of the energy field around a person (the aura) may be different from what you expect to hear.

As a person - a Being of energy, you constantly radiate out light of ever-changing colours. The greater  your spiritual evolution, the brighter and more expanded are the colours.  The actual colours will reflect the way  you express, personally.

As you give healing think of the energy as being that of  Love.  Imagine a white light representing the energy flowing to your patient and think of this as love being given unconditionally, with the other colours as desired.

Closing Down.
In as much as it is necessary to open up correctly, it is equally important to recreate your contact with the energy of the planet - Mother Earth.  It is called grounding.

Visualisations to help you :
1.   Imagine that you are in firm contact with the ground beneath your feet. Imagine tendrils or roots sprouting from your toes and burying themselves into the soil to recreate Earth contact. Do exactly the same for your patient.

2.   Instead of tendrils & roots, you may visualise solid rods of crystalline energy that grow from the feet of the patient, and penetrate towards the centre of Earth.

Mentally state to yourself that you are now closing down the healing act.

Give thanks to unknown consciousness' or intelligence's that have assisted in the healing, the unified field of consciousness and love, or whoever you feel may have assisted you, such as Jesus.

Sometimes it helps for your patient and pehaps you, to have a glass of clear cold water after your patient has returned to full alertness, especially if you or your patient still feels a little 'heady'. This water too is a form of grounding the energies.  Some healers wash their hands before and after healing to achieve the same effect.   Others feel that the washing is necessary to remove unwanted negative energies from the hands before another patient is healed. Do what feels right for you. Follow your intuitions.

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