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Energy Centres / Chakras.

There are many understandings of the subtle system called Energy Centres. They can also be called 'Energy Centres', particularly by non-physical communicators, who rarely use the term 'chakra'. The term chakra comes from the Sanskrit, meaning 'wheel'. The original use of the term was in Lord Buddha's doctrine, the Dammachakkappavattana Sutta, where chakka is the equivalent Pali term for the Sanskrit Chakra. Strictly translated is 'The turning of the wheel of the Law', but is also translated as 'to set rolling the royal chariot-wheel of a Universal Empire of truth and righteousness' (Prof. Rhys Davies). In every understanding there are variations. We will examine a few here.

The existence of chakras or energy centres was known to ancient peoples. We find that the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese and Hindus, as well as the aborigine tribes and other early peoples knew all about them. Sadly the knowledge was lost as they were defeated by others, the books were burnt or writings destroyed. Only a few remnants exist, either by word of mouth or preserved texts of sacred priesthoods, except the Hindu, where a considerable amount of information is written down in the Sanskrit texts. Later writings are to be found in the Secret Society of Rosicrucians, by Georg Gichtel (1638-1710). In more recent times, Madame Blavatsky also mentioned them in a book 'The Secret Doctrine', and early last century as 1926, CW Leadbeater wrote about them, presumably for the Theosophists, and utilising the writings of Dr (Annie) Besant, strongly influenced by Chrishnamurti. CW Leadbeater also has written on the subject of the 'Hidden Life in Freemasonry' where the subject of the chakras, and the movement of energy between them is mentioned as being the true meaning of the First, Second and Third Degrees of Masonry. Many current channelling (information received during various levels of trance) relate to the chakras, very often not agreeing between the various popular written reports.

Number of Energy Centres.
The number quoted varies according to the source of information. Georg Gichtel illustrated seven, but describes only five. The Hindu works usually refer to a slightly different order and name than the currently-accepted versions. The difference is in the sacral chakra, which the Hindu seem to omit, but refer to another in the region of the sex organs. Often in recent work, this is simply considered to be the sacral. Other workers consider that there are eight centres. Some try to satisfy the Sanskrit and the Western ideas and put an extra one between the base and sacral. Other workers suggest that there is another above the Crown chakra - this can have various names according to their beliefs, either the Soul Star or the Kundalini.

In truth, there are many Energy Centres, but there are seven major ones. The others may fall into decreasing order of importance, staring with the secondaries in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the ones around the area of major joints in the body. Although there are many chakras, Rosaly L Bruyere ("Wheels of Light ; Study of the chakra system" ) lists some 122 secondary chakras; secondary chakras are normally to be found in the area of the joints. Some people consider eight main chakras, or more, and they are sometimes seen by some people able to observe such things to be vibrating, rotating, coloured vortex wheels of energy. They are explained by some researchers to be like step-down transformers that convert higher-frequency subtle (unseen) energies of (or entering) the aura to chemical, hormonal and cellular changes within the physical body. The lesser ones will be very numerous, possibly conforming to acupuncture or acupressure points. The Energy Centres above the top of the head continue out into the Universe. If we consider that the Energy Centre is for BOTH input and output of energy, then consciousness will utilise this factor in communication on a Universal or Cosmic scale.


Colour of the Centres.

The colours vary according to the source of information, but there is a consensus of opinion today that is fairly consistent. It is:

Base - RED
Sacral /Sex/Hara - ORANGE
Solar Plexus - YELLOW
Heart - GREEN
Throat - BLUE
Brow/Third eye - INDIGO

It is also reported that the colours will change when two people meet. On meeting someone, the light from the chakras exchanges between the two people starting with the throat chakra, or perhaps the crown, then moving on to heart and then solar plexus if there is a need for further contact. If two people are attracted to each other, or in love, then the colours will be radiant and form a sort of rainbow, particularly around the heart chakra. This is because of the energy that forms a pathway between the couple, moving in and out of the chakras of each in a figure-of-eight pattern, eventually becoming white, bright light, very beautiful to behold from the spirit dimension. These colours may be different than those stated above, when viewed from another dimension. Other-dimensional colours are infinitely more varied than those of the material world perception. The colours as noted in the material, physical world, probably are related to the colours of Prana as described in the Hindu.

If the centres exchange energy, then the frequency of the (probably coherent) light moving in and out will possibly set up standing waves, or even interference patterns which will correspond to radiating lines, petals and wavelike patterns described by some authors, usually depicted in colour drawings.

When two people are in partnership and of totally harmonious energy, working together in healing, the effect as seen from other dimensions may be that of an explosion of colour & light.

Relationship to Organs, etc.
It is considered that each chakra's bell-like opening is on the surface of the etheric body (the first polarised layer of the aura, nearest to the body), and that the threadlike stem roots into the material spine. The Hindu simile is that the spine is a stem and the flowers spring forth from it. It will be found that the relationship of the chakras is medically linked to the major plexus or ganglia (large collections of nerves). Recent work has discovered that there are grey cells, previously thought to only exist in the brain, around the solar plexus ( and possibly in other plexus also). Various writers identify the energy centres as being associated with a particular organ, but there is no evidence to prove this, as yet. Other writers go so far as to associate the centres with a particular planet, or some characteristics of feelings or emotion.

Sanskrit Names.
The Hindu version of chakras is aligned to flowers, usually the lotus, in a way of describing a number of petals associated with each, starting from the Base, with four, and multiplying as we go up the chakras, terminating with 960 plus 12 more in an inner circle for the Crown, which is why we often see illustrations of Buddha with a curious dome above his head - it is the '1000-petal Lotus'.

The Indian Sanskrit versions of the chakras together with the usual names and colours are as follows, moving down from the crown to the base:

7. Crown - seventh, sahara, white or violet

6. Brow - sixth, third eye, ajna, indigo

5. Throat - fifth, visuddha, blue

4. Heart - fourth, anahata, green

3. Solar Plexus - third, manipura, yellow

2. Sacral - second, svadhisthana, orange

1. Root - first, mulhadhara, kundalini (see below), red

There is a belief that the energy rises up from the base chakra, up the column to the crown, to achieve enlightenment. Yogis do this slowly over a period of meditation, but if it acts quickly with a rush of energy, as in some disciplines, then it is likened to a snake of power - the rise of the kundalini - and thought to be dangerous, causing sever headache, disorientation and epletion of the energy of the individual.

More Information.

Chakras [or as they are often called - energy centres] are a confusing thing to visualise, because mainly we cannot see them. We can often feel the energy exchanges, but we cannot see the movement of energy as they swirl like a vortex or wheel of light... therefore many people treat them with suspicion. They can be viewed as transformers of energy from the Universe to the Human nervous system, and vice versa, but they are considerably more than that.
They are energetic doorways into your body that connect you to the vital force of existence.

We get used to only seeing things from a material, physical viewpoint, but we should begin to understand that we are also an essential key to the development of the Universe at large, through our connection with everybody and everything in a network of consciousness, and that the main part of ourselves [and others] is beyond our physical eyes - unseen. The connection to everything is through electromagnetic energy in the form of light [remember that we cannot see light, we only see the reflection of it or the source]. Light carries information rather like a radio wave - in fact light IS information. That (unseen) main part of us is concerned with holding information within us - information about who we are and where we have come from, and where we are going to - all in the form of codes and formulae, and in the physical case, locked into the currently double-helix strands of DNA, although there may be more strands forming more complex helix' (up to 12 in total) in other dimensions. This information is exchanged with others through that web of consciousness, and the medium of exchange is the energy centre or chakra. These can be imagined as portals of energy that can be opened and activated. And it is through these centres that we can access information about ourselves. Each centre is like a pocket of energy information through which events can emerge for you, Each centre holds memory and identity, and each is connected to a strand of DNA through the body's electromagnetic/nervous system.

As we have established, most people concentrate on the seven centres in the body - and you may have heard that we have some more as well. Looking at the seven to start with:

The Base Chakra - sometimes called the root chakra at the base of the spine. This is the core identity of you - who you are and how you survive.
The Sacral chakra is the abdominal, second one, and its concern is to do with sexuality and creativity and holds your beliefs and experiences in these areas.

Together these two chakras are concerned with your core beliefs - survival and reproduction in the physical world, and are the basic connection to the double helix DNA strands. They equip you for the material, physical world you have chosen to exist in. The other chakras are concerned with more spiritual qualities and can be thought of as being connected to the other strands of DNA that exist in non-physical realms.

The Solar Plexus chakra is concerned with intuition. Your will, power and feelings lie here - all non -physical qualities.
The Heart chakra connects to your heart and the qualities of compassion and love. Compassion flows from this centre like waves of energy and connects you to the why and wherefore of all you perceive. The blockage of the heart centre is judgement. Be non-judgemental and you will open the centre and activate it, connecting you to all of life.
The Throat chakra is concerned with your vocal expression, communication, and speaking your truth.
The Brow chakra is often associated with the third eye, and allows you to see beyond the confines of the 3-dimensional world, and 3-D reality. It is this chakra that you use for meditation and the experiences you witness that do not belong in 3-D reality.
The Crown chakra accesses spiritual energies to the head area. It may be observed as a centre either on or slightly above the crown of the head.

You can see that the first two chakras are connected with physical experiences, the next five are concerned with non-physical properties, and some people believe that there are 5 more concerned with more non-physical matters, ranging from the Earth system, through the solar system and beyond into the cosmos. This belief is rooted in the realisation that we belong to a factor 12 reality - 12 hours on a clockdial, 12 months in a year, 12 inches to the foot, 12 days of Xmas, 12 old pennies to the shilling, 12 disciples of Jesus, a possible 12 planets in the solar system, etc.,etc. Others have predicted that eventually we will move into a factor 13 Universe, and the Maya have already used that factor with the 13 Baktuns to an Age of 5,200 years. Five ages of 5,200 is equal to the 26,000 years of the precessional cycle. The precessional cycle also exhibits a factor 13 in the 26,000 years (approx.) that it takes to complete a full cycle.

The Eighth chakra is variably from a few inches above the head to a few feet, and is related to invisible realms beyond the physical body.
The Ninth chakra is out beyond Earth atmosphere and is connected to us being a watcher and steward of Earth - guardianship.
The Tenth chakra is farther out still in the solar system, connecting us with solar energies and the forging of an initial connection with All That Is.
The Eleventh is in the galaxy and offers stellar information and a deeper connection, as above.
The Twelfth chakra is for influences beyond our galaxy into the cosmos, bringing us information from the rest of the Universe. Normally we have not yet evolved enough to handle this information, and so we are unable to use this chakra, until such time as we develop sufficiently. This would be total integration with All That Is.

The Chakras, as a system.
One view of the chakra system is that believing that the physical body is surrounded by, and part of, the etheric body - in fact the etheric passes through the physical and around it, but is unseen normally. Electromagnetic energy radiates outwards and around the body and comprises more 'layers' (emotional/astral/ mental, etc.) eventually indivisible in nature, and spreading to infinity, called the full aura or auric field. The communication between the aura and the physical bodies is achieved via an energy system in which there are certain 'centres' or 'chakras' in direct contact or communication. The 7 major or prime chakras are aligned along the spinal column. Secondary chakras may be positioned in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and at major joints in the arm and legs. It is thought that energy which the chakras come into contact with is drawn into the vortex and thus into the physical body. This way, Life Force, channelled by the healer, is drawn into the patients body to effect healing. The patient can also draw the energy in from the healer in contact healing. Some thinkers believe that the chakra system is laid out pre-physical conception and the subsequent spirit residence.

Another viewpoint is that the energy meridians of the Chinese acupuncture are indeed the subtle pathways of energy within the body system, called Nadis, and where these meridians come close to the surface of the body is where a chakra is situated, similar to the Chinese acupuncture points themselves. In either case, the implication is that energy is only taken in, or is there already.

In truth energy is both absorbed and emitted by the body (scientific fact) and the energy centres or chakras are the points of transformation of energy fields between the body and subtle, non-physical energy fields, from other dimensions. Thus there are hundreds, if not thousands of centres, and it is wrong to simply give credence to only seven.

It is possible that confusion arises because one system is concerned with only the balance of energy within the system, the Yin and the Yang, and the other system is concerned with augmenting depleted energy reserves. Somehow the two systems have become intermingled in understanding, and thus cause confusion.

Non-physical communicators report that many thousands of years ago someone wrote down the ideas about seven basic chakras and associated colours, and everyone has slavishly copied it ever since. They report that there are thousands of energy contres, and the colours are seen in a vibrant, multi-coloured display of swirling, pulsating energy.

We must also remember that we are a reflection of other things, like planet Earth that itself has chakras/energy centres, formed where invisible Earth energy lines circulating above and below the surface meet, erupt or go underground at a vortex or sump point. The Universe possesses chakras/energy centres also, which may be seen or unseen. The position of physical spheres such as suns and planets may be indicative of such points, as they are concentrations of consciousness. The other heavenly bodies that form part of this system we do not see because they are part of the non-physical system of the Universe.


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