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The Colour of Spiritual Light 


In other dimensions we are seen as a light, and this light has a colour or may change in colours. We are often told, by non-physical souls, that we have a light with us, and again, the light is of a certain colour or colours. We are also told that light carries information; in fact light IS information. This information is not of the type such as words or phrases, or in fact, anything that we can currently comprehend. In all probability the information will be electromagnetic in nature, such as the information held by a computer CPU, but of what actual form, we do not know.

We are further told that everything IS light; light is slowed down progressively into electrical charges (electricity and electromagnetic information), and eventually into base matter (atoms and molecules, which are basically electrical charges). The base matter is reorganised into form by us - by our concept of what the vibrating energy in space with which we are formed and interacting with can be translated as by our brain, resulting in our perception of each other, the world around us, the solar system and ultimately the Universe.

Light is white and also coloured. The white light is to give us direction, the colours are to develop specific qualities.

Why is the colour of light important ? 
The following is a chanelled explanation: 

"The light is information. The colour of the light could be interpreted as a filter, to allow only those frequencies needed for a particular understanding, at any one time, to pass through the filter- something we need at that specific time. As human beings we cannot possibly absorb ALL the information at once, so we are irradiated (or beamed) with a light, and then a specific colour of light.

We must remember that basically we are an energy in space (a spirit or non-physical Being living with a body), and the action of light brings more energies to be transmuted into particular abilities and understandings. We must also remember that light itself is energy. The colour permits only those frequencies needed at any particular time to be used, thus resulting in a development of those specific abilities and understandings. The TWO must be used together - light and colour.

We already know the answers we seek within ourselves - we already can access ALL the information we need, but we have forgotten how.

Knowledge is a recognition of worth in information. 

Random information is meaningless without the interpretation of it. The colour permits the interpretation of the seemingly random information, permitting us to see the worth. We may or may not accept the interpreted information, or allow it to surface, as we have free will in this sector of the Universe. We will usually only allow that to manifest within the confines of our belief system. Limited beliefs only allow limited responses. Therefore it is important to open the mind, expanding concepts in an unlimited manner to allow a process of analysis of information to occur. The information we experience by this process is of the type understood by our non-physical (spiritual) selves, and must be subsequently then translated by the brain into physical action, feelings and emotions, resulting in our daily actions for the help and benefit of others.

This 'absorbed' information may be subsequently recognised and used, but only in the right way, under the right conditions, for the correct purpose, and at a time when needed"

Thus we can see that we are guided along on our intended pathway by the information contained in the light and colour. The reverse is true also that by our daily actions, thoughts and intentions we display colour or colours that can be translated by our non-physical friends. Remember that you are seen as a light in other dimensions of understanding - a beacon for all to see !

By action and intention make sure your light is bright and of the correct colour(s). 

The Universe - a different Concept. 
As we manifest the information we access, thus we organise our concept of the physical world and the Universe. In other words we create the hologram of our existence moment by moment. We do this with light (or basically, Thought that is the precursor of light)

We are told that we chose 'to come into this Universe and this particular world'. This opens up the possibility that there are other universes and other worlds that we could have chosen. We came here to do a specific job (actually because we were good at it, and we are needed !), and experience the physical, material world and all that it entails. Part of that experience is our concept of the Universe. Our nonphysical communicators tell us that there is a matrix of communication and energy that holds the Universe in place, and all that's in it.

What about the Sun ? 
The light that we experience in the physical world is almost solely from the Sun. This light is Life, for without it we would perish. There is an energy (light energy) matrix that holds the Universe together. All heavenly bodies are interconnected by beams of light, and the beams of light carry information. We cannot see the light, only the reflection or source of it.

The Sun plays the most important part in this information matrix, because it is both a receiver of information and a transmitter.

The information of Earth is part of this two-way communication. Whatever happens on Earth is known to the sun. Exactly in what form this information is transmitted, we do not know, but we are told that all is recorded. This information is then transmitted.
To where, we may ask?

Our Sun is a replica of many, many suns in the universe - there are around ten billion in the Milky Way alone - and all suns communicate.

Prime Creator 
The Sun is a representative symbol that we have created in our hologram, of the Prime Source - the giver of all life, and the repository of all knowledge, which most of us call God. Perhaps this God of which we speak is the Great Central Sun of our Universe, or perhaps this is just one Sun of many Universes, each with their own representation of the Prime Source?

Our Sun is a great source of energy, just like (but on a much tinier scale) the Prime Source of all energy. It is our representation as a symbol, that we have created to remind us for all time, of the Prime Source that we came from, giving life to the planets and us.

Knowing this, we can see the purpose of Sun worship as practiced in Peru, other Central American countries & elsewhere, and originally in Egypt as Ra worship - it is actually meaningful to us today.

The information that is transmited and received in the cosmos is never lost as it is stored on non-physical levels, unknown to us at the present time, and immune to any physical interference. These are repositories of knowledge, and can be accessed by those that know how.

The planets are recorders of the people, the Suns are recorders of the planets, and this information is recorded in the galaxy. Each galaxy is then recorded in the Universe.

WE Can heal the Universe ! 
There is nothing mysterious about the energy of the information exchange - it is exactly the same energy that we use in healing - communicating with each other on an energy level. Multiply this out, getting stronger and stronger, and you have the picture.

One outcome of this explanation is rather bizarre to our minds - we can direct the intensity of energy of the Sun. As we grow in spiritual knowledge and evolution, so the Sun reflects this in brightness. In other words, something I am always telling you has a basis in fact - we can affect the weather. Mass consciousness of all of us on Earth can affect the weather patterns of Earth, by our influence on the Sun. 

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