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Who Are We ?

We are a 'spirit' in which exists a body that experiences the physical world of existence.

I say that the body exists within the spirit because we are like the tip of an iceberg - there is far more to us than we imagine, or even can imagine.

That bit of us that we think of as our whole self - the part we know by looking in the mirror and the part that experiences the physical world - is actually a portion of the whole self. We speak of our Higher self often, but have little idea what that really means. Our Higher Self is more like the whole self, the addition of all the portions of self, and thus has access to all the accumulated wisdom of all our portions of self.   We, as the individual identity have little or no idea what the other portions of self are doing right now.

Identity ?

Identity is only important to us in our physical existence, because in truth we are All One. This does not occur in one big step, but in steps and stages. For example we, as an individual, are one of a group of souls, not all of which are incarnated on the Earth plane, but may be on other worlds, in other dimensions, or existing simply as a subtle energy being (in most cases that we encounter, spirit). The group soul itself belongs to an even greater group soul, and so on, up the scale to a point where individuality is suppressed or not even considered, as we merge with an infinite consciousness - a Collective Energy - closer to that which we call God. There are many names for this God, such as Prime Creator, Original Energy, All That Is, Truth Consciousness, That which Is, The One, The All-Being, The Light, The Truth, The One Soul, etc.  The original One Soul fragmented itself into billions of splinters. We, as ourselves - a portion of energy - are one of those splinters, and we contribute to the Whole by our experience of this life and any and all others, as well as our time in that dimension which we call spirit.


In these higher levels of existence, and in other dimensions of existence, there is no spoken word as all communication is that of the whole, and is by mind contact only - the energy of the Collective. When a highly evolved soul communicates to us in our Earthly existence, it is simply that one soul has taken on the role of communicator - speaking for the whole. It could easily be any other soul, who would communicate the same information. The communicator may adopt any one of many identities so that we may accept them on our own terms. For example they may come as a name we may have encountered in previous communication, or as someone we know that has passed to the next dimension of life, or as an angel or archangel, etc.  Mainly our communication will be with that group of souls who are closer to our Earth energies. We often need an identity to accept the communication, but really labels are not necessary, as they limit and restrict our concepts.

Everyone is psychic. Many do not want to even know this, least of all to admit it. Some are more attuned to communication than others and call themselves a medium - a medium of communication. We can be a medium of communication in the form that we know, such as speech, but there are many other things that can be communicated by a medium, such as energy to be translated into knowledge, action, enlightenment, and so on.

Forms of Communication


We naturally think of speech as a form of communication that we are familiar with, and this is the familiar form that we experience in the company of a clairvoyant medium. Speech can also be directly communicated with a trance medium.


This form may be experienced as actual words heard in the ear, called clairaudience, but more usually that of words created in the head, as a thought - intuition. Many thoughts are implanted in our heads by spirit, and the problem we have is recognizing those words from that of our own thoughts. Only persistent practice of recognition can solve this. The recognition that implanted thoughts are 'closer' than our brain-generated' thoughts will help differentiation.

Touch and Pressures

The general form of communication is that of touching or stroking gently. This is felt on the face, usually, although it can be felt on the hands also. Normally felt like gossamer threads touching the side of the face or eyes, it is a sure sign of spirit presence. Pressures is another form of communication such as a pressure of the face or hands, or head - even inside the head, or body. When felt in the solar plexus region or heart area, it is often like the sensation of a rush of excitement or pleasurable anticipation.

Electrical Phenomena

It seems easy for 'spirit' to alter electrical activity, and so many time a flickering of electrical lights, alteration of channels on TV or radio, or simply switching it on and off, have been experienced. In some cases actually stopping a car by failure of the electrical system have been reported - usually to avoid an accident situation.

Physical Mediumship

Particularly in the past great store was laid by the phenomenon of what is usually called 'physical mediumship' and many objects were used to create contact, such as the shaking of a tambourine, a bell, the movement of the table you are sitting at, a voice heard from a trumpet (like a big, straight, ear trumpet). etc.  Sadly, due to the possibility and perpetration of fraud, many of these forms are now extinct, or fallen into disrepute.

Many of the above forms of communication will fall under the heading of 'physical mediumship'.


This title covers a whole spectrum of communication phenomena from trance mediumship to automatic writing.

Writing can be of many forms such as:

Inspired writing where the recipient writes information hat normally they would not be able to access, so feel that they must have been inspired by another being. This is similar to

Overshadowment where the recipient feels 'overshadowed' by another entity, and writes, again, something that they would not normally be able to write.

Automatic writing can also be a form where two people work cooperatively to access information from another source. Normally one person holds the pen and the other person lays their hand gently on top of the writers hand, so as not to control it. Sometimes information may be transmitted to the page, through the medium of writing. This phenomena can happen with only one person, sitting alone. The phenomena can also be observed using a small board that has a vertical pen clip, and is supported on three ball-bearings or similar - called a planchette. The sitter(s) touch the board lightly, and hopefully it moves on its own, leaving writing on a sheet of paper.

There are documented examples where the writing appears on its own. In one case, in an old cottage near Chester, the writing appeared on a page left blank or with a message of greeting on it. Overnight or after an absence of the recipient, writing would appear from a 17th century person, who apparently still 'lived' in the cottage. This particular phenomenon developed into computer messages eventually (early type computer such as Amstrad, etc.), when the recipient would leave a greeting typed on the screen, and a message would appear overnight, when the computer was left turned on. This type of thing is very rare.

Precautions if you want to try it yourself
It is necessary to make precautionary measures before attempting any automatic writing.

The first precaution is to ask for protection. This is done with desire and intention by asking for a protective cloak of white light to be around the sitter, only allowing those who come with love, brotherhood and integrity to come close.  It is further desirable to meditate, asking that if any communication is to be received, it is for the greater good, and benefit of those present. 
On no account should these things be done as a game or for fun.

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