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A discussion concerning the differing perceptions of an event from the perspective of the physical, material world view, and the non-physical world view.


The non-physical world want us to know of their existence, and to understand our connection with it. It is very important to know, and we cannot progress satisfactorily unless we know.

Events in the physical world appear differently than the same event as observed from the non-physical world; same event, different interpretations and even manifestations.

The non-physical world is a world where energy, light and colour are meaningful, sound too to a degree. Everything in their world is a matter of the energy used - the amount and sort of energy, the colour, how it is manifest and in what area of understanding. It is also a world of progress - nothing stays the same, as it is for ever moving forward, ever-changing as the wisdom of experience is absorbed.

We, in our world, change also, ever so slowly, and these changes are interpreted in the non-physical world as us being on a pathway, or expressing as an energy field in a certain 'area'.  We might actually be on the right pathway and progressing in our understanding of the way to express ourselves in this physical world, having knowledge of who we really are, what we are really here for, and what might be the next stage in our progress. All this will be interpreted or represented in the non-physical world as energy fields, areas in which these fields are expressed, and the colour and brightness of the light we really are, and the colours of the lights around us.

The combination of patterns of energies within this light that is us, will be known as a vibration, a frequency, unlike any other, and by this 'tone' we are known in our particular identity.

All of Life is a vibrating, ever-changing energy field, as is everything else, like planet Earth, the many other planets, the Sun, and all other suns making up our Universe.

We create that energy field ourselves and the manifestation of it by our understanding. 

Put simply, we interpret the energy field in whatever way we think is appropriate to our understanding of the physical world.

Of course we may be on the wrong pathway, have little or no idea of our purpose or not even care. Energy fields will be interpreted in whatever way satisfies the ego or personal self-centredness, or simply in a way that conforms to popular concept. Many people are this way inclined and the sum total of that mass consciousness field may overtake those seeking enlightenment like a wave sweeping them along. Thus our world is one of sadness, broken dreams, difficulties, unfulfilled promises and many frustrations. It is also a world of division, duality, limiting laws and restrictions, often resulting in violence and aggression. We, no matter how determined we are in seeking enlightenment, still have to experience this aspect of the world. And in so doing we learn from the experience.

In the non-physical world this creates a sadness, but with immeasurable love we are seen as having been misguided, and efforts are made to gently nudge us back on the right path; perhaps personal experiences are created to make us ponder, question and rethink.

Everything in our world is monitored and watched over by the non-physical world. Everything we do, say or think is known, checked and monitored.  Our world looks the way it is, and our physical self looks the way it is because we have interpreted the energy in that particular way. There are other ways to interpret the energy, light and colour - many other ways.

Perhaps an event in the non-physical world may be as a new or more powerful energy, perhaps as a surge or an outburst of new energy. The non-physical world will use this energy for useful purposes to achieve progress. We in our world, will perceive it as say, perhaps a supernova or massive solar flare, or it may pass unnoticed as silent as a breath. The non-physical world see this as change, an opportunity for new progress. We see it as a light and pass on our way unmoved by the dramatic intensity of such an event.

There are events that occur in the physical cosmos that may be very dramatic, such as changes in 'space weather', the current changes in the electromagnetic layers that surround Earth, the current dramatic alterations in the intensity of the solar forces, the unbelievable bombardment of us by cosmic rays never before experienced, and so on. These changes, although on a physical level, may affect us on a spiritual level, and indeed be part of our progress, manifesting new abilities. Although these events on a cosmic scale are dramatic to say the least, to us we may barely notice the change that occurs to us ever so slowly and ever so gently.

Of course we have taken very dramatic events to illustrate here, and not all events are so intense and theatrical in display. Every little tiny thing that happens around us is an event - an opportunity for change, and an opportunity to interpret the energy fields in a different way.  We, in reality, are an energy field and our interaction with all other energy fields creates our perception of the world as we see it, and the way we live in it. Our planet world is a mass density of consciousness and will not change. Our interpretation of it can, and will change. By the decisions we make in and about life, and the intentions we create, we CAN change. Every little decision we make is an event and as such is energy, and all the portions of energy of every tiny decision event coagulate to create a whole energy that can be used by humanity in its entirety to enable change to be manifested.

Knowing all this means that, if we think carefully about it, we can perceive events in a more meaningful way - a way that will lead us to enlightenment and progress. The world will not change, but we can and must change.

There are very dramatic times soon ahead, and we have a choice. The choice is to try and understand the meaning of change and thus learn to use the energies to create the world we want - a world of peace, love, co-operation, brotherhood and integrity; a world where we see our life's purpose as helping and leading others into this new, pleasanter dimension of reality.

Or we can be a non-event.


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