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The Inner Self

The Creation of the Concept of the Inner Self
The concept of the ‘inner self’ is for the convenience of creating an understanding.  We realise that there is ‘more’ to ourselves but cannot understand where or what that ‘more’ is. We realise that the ‘more’ seems to have abilities that we, as day-to-day humans apparently do not possess, so we construct a representative diagram thus:

The outer self is our physical experience of life. We seem to have limitations & barriers (perhaps of our own making). We seem to be limited in our senses to five, and we have created concepts of time and space, etc, etc.  We suspect  that the Inner Self has an inner mind that can access more than is normal for our physical expression of existence.Some people, such as Professor Ram Gokal, call these two states simply ‘self’ and ‘Self’ (the capital letter indicates a greater self, corresponding to the Inner Self, as above in the diagram).
We perhaps may realise that for eons of time we have really only needed the outer self in order to experience the material, physical, solid world around us. Inside ourselves, buried deep, is the innate knowledge that there is ‘more’. We are now in a period of time of change and it is becoming apparent that we need to access that ‘more’.   Therefore we form this concept that inside ourselves must be the ‘inner self’ that knows more, can access that which we think of as non-physical, and has far more abilities than our outer self that has served us to just perceive the material world.
We realise our limitations and thus the attributes of the ‘inner self or mind’ must be one of being ‘unlimited’. We realise also that our concepts of space and time is limited so the ‘inner self’ is seen as being in a state of non-time and non-space (without physical dimensions).  The whole of the history of planet Earth, and of us as a spiritual entity with its appropriate vast knowledge must be contained physically in our DNA, and so we perceive this unbounded knowledge as being an ‘inner knowledge’. Our spiritual self seems to be able to tap into this knowledge and can thus explore all dimensions of reality and experience through using far more senses than we have at present. This all we see as an ‘inner self’.
How do we access the Inner Self ?
Usually through meditation when the outer mind is stilled (very difficult) or occupied in some semi-automatic activity (easier). At such time we catch glimpses of greater knowledge. We become unbounded. Some people may have OBE’s (out of body experiences), others may travel far, & yet others experience amazing realisations and intuitions. Other experiences of the inner self are during our sleep state and occur through ‘meaningful’ dreams, more ‘real’ than the usual transitory dream and more permanent.  Another way is to realise that within us we have a guiding principle and wisdom - our intuition - where we instinctively know the correct pathway, answer or expectation.
What Do we Do with the Inner Self ?
We use the intuitions to guide us. We use the OBE’s and meaningful dreams to expand our awareness of a greater reality and of possibilities that increase our perceptions of probable pathways, probable events or realisations.
What actually IS the Inner Self ?
Everything is connected. We are actually a portion of a ‘higher self’. All portions contribute to the whole. We have an inner perceptions of the ‘whole soul’ (the Entity or the Higher Self) because we are connected at a level of consciousness that is beyond our comprehension. We are subconsciously aware of this connection and realise that it transcends physicality, time and space. We also realise, if we think about it, that our concept of the Grand Plan is very limited. The more we contribute to our perceptions of ourselves as a spiritual, non-physical being with the innate wisdom of the Higher Self, than we realise that we perceive more of the Grand Plan. In fact the more we evolve spiritually, the ‘Grander’ the Plan gets.
Have We got it All Wrong ?
The more we contemplate of these facts we begin to realise that in our original diagramatic construction we have imprisoned the inner self and mind within the outer self, so we must re-think.
The New, Better Diagram
Perhaps in the core of our being lies the kernel of our beginnings.  We will represent that as a dot. Around this core we have amassed the products of our evolution in consciousness terms, and so we will represent that as a circle around the dot. We ARE aware of a spiritual side to ourselves that is the inter-face between the evolving consciousness and an even greater source of energy - this is the dotted outer circle,  really not limited by a boundary, but is the pathway to unlimitedness - our spiritual awareness.
There IS something, we think to ourselves, that has nurtured us through all of this development that has not been struggling against the limitations of the earthly existence as we have been, that has enabled us to evolve both spiritually and physically, and has slowly but surely reflected to us the realisation of a higher state of Being to ensure our continued development.  This we represent as the spiral circle, and we suddenly realise that this is what we had previously thought of as our ‘inner self’. Thus it is not really ‘inner’ after all, we think, but the ‘outer’.
It is this, now outer, that is the energy field that is part of an even greater energy field - that interacts with it, feeding ever inwards the wisdom it contains, to nurture and protect and develop the kernel, but at the same time connecting with and responding to even higher energies, and perceiving its part in the Grand Plan, that gets even Grander and Grander the more it opens up to more and more possibilities and probabilities.
Hey Presto, the whole concept has just turned inside out !

As with all things that we encounter in our spiritual search, there is no absolute truth - the truth is as we perceive it to be. Our perceptions govern the way we look at things, and so everything seems to be a paradox. 
We can look at the ‘inner self’ in two ways - the earlier restricted way, or this later, unlimited, ever-expanding, unrestricted way where the ‘inner’ has become the ‘outer’.
Both have elements of truth in them, and both are right.

It may not have escaped your notice that the part of us that we experience the physical world with - the limited, 5-sensory, single dimensional self - seems to be the 'unreal self'. This is the part of us that we create as a hologram to fit into our created hologram of the world and universe, and doesn't reflect our real power and ability.
That non-physical part of us that is unlimited, inter-dimensional, ever-expanding, muti-sensory - our spiritual self - actually now seems to be more real than our physical self. Perhaps this really is the Real Self.

All of Life, Knowledge & Wisdom, the Universe and Everything, including the Grand Plan, is ever developing, ever expanding, ever moving forward.

It is this constant movement forwards that makes life a possibility. If everything remained still, stagnated, there would be no Life, no World, no Universe, no Plan to get grander and grander  ...... NOTHING.


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