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Liquid Consciousness 

That wonderful material formed from the elements of the Sun, hydrogen, and the effect of the Sun on plants, life-giving oxygen, displays many curious properties. In order to try and understand these properties we simply view water as a 'thing'; an inorganic compound, H2O; a plentiful liquid; something to drink, wash with and bathe in for pleasure; the substance of Earth's oceans. We examine it scientifically, paying attention to its various phases of solid, liquid and a gas. We marvel at water vapour and wonder about its molecular ability to group into droplets of various sizes as rain or clouds. In other words, we only think of it as an inorganic substance, and pay attention to only its physical properties.

The Consciousness Effect 

Everything has a consciousness, that indefinable association of thought, light and energy that precedes the creation of form. Energy is the source of all organisations of consciousness. Physical forms represent frameworks of consciousness. Consciousness is a requirement of life. We normally just think of biological creations as having consciousness, we tend to forget that all things created, must, by necessity, have consciousness in order to exist at all and have form. This therefore includes inorganic materials like stone and rock - the crystalline solid structures, as well as the air that we breathe - the gaseous phase, and of course water, which can be all three phases, solid, liquid and gas. As humanity we cannot even begin to comprehend the consciousness of stone and rock as the concept is too far removed from our sphere of understanding. In the case of water, however, the matter is slightly different.

We are well aware of our own consciousness and creative ability, but temporarily forget that that we are a complex biological creation that is 70% water on average. Consciousness implies awareness, a perception and a desire or inclination to coagulate. Could it be that these also are the properties of water? In all our studies of the amazing properties of water, have we forgotten the quality of consciousness? In fact, in some terms, water could be described as 'liquid consciousness'; very importantly that that consciousness is not incomprehensible, but is, in fact, closely aligned to that of mankind, in fact all living matter; plants, animals and humanity. Are we not water? 

In our essence we are born of love, but the corruption of the brain as the ego has deviated us from that path. Water intrinsically still possesses that original essence of love. Does it not selflessly support us, and all creatures and plants? What does it demand in return? Nothing. As a pond, river or ocean it is in a liquid phase with its own quota of life forms within it, and again it selflessly supports without demand or reward. This is true unconditional love. If it asks anything whatever in return, it is only our appreciation, gratitude and acknowledgment of its existence. As a consciousness it interacts with and responds to all other energies of consciousness. 

In desert areas, seemingly dead and parched after long periods of drought, a fall of rain results in a sudden eruption of plant life, brilliantly colourful and in such profusion as to stun the mind of an observer. Creatures too, proliferate as if by magic. Whole life scenarios are enacted within a matter of days or weeks. We are bound to ask ourselves is this really just a reaction to the presence of an inorganic substance, water, or is there something else going on here? Is such exuberance in the response actually a result of the healing and rejuvenating properties of an unbounded and unconditional love energy as a manifestation of the consciousness of water? We can only marvel and reflect on the intelligence of Nature. 

We may now have a new understanding throwing some light on the experiments and findings of Masaru Emoto demonstrating through the formation of perfect crystals that water responds to human love emotion, and we may understand in some measure the truth of a flower, the contained energy of an essence or a homeopathic remedy, and the consciousness of planet Earth, itself 70% water. 

Energy Healing 

Although healing, as in 'intention energy healing' (Reiki, Spiritual healing, etc.) is considered by media articles to be the poor relation of Complementary Therapy, the success of many other therapies is actually underpinned by the selfsame principles of energy exchange by intention. In other words, energy healing by intention is the actual basis of most of them, often reduced to a meaningless routine, and should healing be practised intentionally during them the success rate of such therapies dramatically improves.

It is actually possible, using the qualities of consciousness and a consideration of colour, light, emotion and energy to deduce that, at quantum level all healing already exists in Consciousness Field (or Wholeness, The Whole, Universal Energy, ZPF, Field of Infinite Possibility or whatever name is preferred). The healer simply accesses it and facilitates it in the patient by a process of energy exchange. All healing is Love. A strengthening of the personal hologram towards perfection occurs during healing. The healer invites healing to occur at a specific point in space (here), a specific time (now) and a specific target (the patient) and that expectation is satisfied. The patient is healed by The Whole, not specifically by the healer alone. The level of healing is therefore governed by the power of intention of the healer to access the intrinsic love of The Whole, and to provide the coordinates.

The interesting point is that, at a quantum level, there is no consideration of space-time, so that healing can be effected, by intention, at any point in time or space - in the past, present or future, and anywhere; all are equally valid.

One of the usual characteristics of hands-on healing techniques like Spiritual healing and Reiki is that the immediate beneficial effects seem to wear off as time progresses over a varying period of days or hours. This is often quoted as being evidence that the process of healing is an illusion. The success period, however, can be considerably extended when the patient, perhaps inspired by the beneficial effects, learns to apply a form of self-healing by their own intentions between conventional healing sessions, thus taking a personal responsibility for their own well-being.

The reasons for the initial fade-out are numerous and naturally involve a consideration of the initial mechanisms of energy healing, forming the basis of an extensive study. However we can examine one concept here and now, and that concerns water.

If we accept that molecular structures of water can 'memorise' and hold the energies and emotions of love, compassion, appreciation and gratitude, this will also apply to cellular water within the body system during a healing session, and imparts a feeling of well-being within the patient.

Such water content of the body however is constantly being changed, 'new' water being frequently brought into the body systems and aqueous excretion proceeding at a similar rate. 'New' water will hold 'new' energy information and may well be devoid of the essential energy information necessary to create a continuation of feelings of well-being. If the 'new' water intake is monitored to largely be limited to water exposed to the desirable emotional energies, then a continuation of the beneficial effects of healing is observed. Naturally there are many, many other factors that can oppose a feeling of well-being which should be taken into account when assessing the effects of such an experiment and balanced in an assessment of outcome. However it is tempting to visualise a possible, eventual, theoretical 70% improvement in well-being, simply as a function of body water content. 

Consciousness Field 

Masaru Emoto has demonstrated that human emotion and feelings of love and gratitude can have an effect on the ability of water to crystallise in amazing formations. The findings of Emoto that consciousness affects the crystalline structure demonstrates that consciousness affects the coherence of molecular formations within water. In other words, coherence is affected by states of consciousness, desirably creating the formation of perfection in the structure. As Emoto has said, the energies of love and gratitude can have an effect at a far distant place, or on a remote individual by the fact that the water will be dispersed over a wide area, and also contributes to Sheldrake's Morphic Field resonance effects. But is this just the case?

We, as humanity, with its linear and restricted thinking, imagine that we have to give the energies of love and gratitude to every small portion of water for it to have an effect. However, considering Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Field Theory we can see that sufficient change in one area can have an effect on a whole body of water, as evidenced by Emoto's prayer & blessing experiments on reservoirs. In addition, the water not only flows and merges, but considering the dispersion of water by the precipitation cycle, we can see that the water is the only thing, apart from the air that we breathe, to have the ability to escape out of the cloying density of low level, social consciousness into the upper atmosphere, to be cleansed of those low frequency, limited, dense energies of humanity's mass consciousness field, returning as rain, purified and revitalised and again, having in solution, life-giving oxygen. In fact there is a whole cycle of oxygen retention in solution by water. As it evaporates into its gaseous form and rises to the upper atmosphere, the oxygen that was dissolved will disperse as the water molecules experience a rarefied atmosphere and are irradiated by the Sun and cosmic radiation. As the eventual clouds form and rain falls, the water will, once again, dissolve oxygen on its earthwards journey, and arrive at ground level oxygenated. Anyone who has experimented with exposing water to the sun's rays for a period will be aware of the energising effect of such exposure. We must remember also, that the oxygen has a consciousness too. Is this a cycle within a cycle in which oxygen cleanses itself of low frequency, high density consciousness effects?

Cosmic information 

Water vapour, high in our atmosphere as clouds, will receive such light information from the Sun. It will also receive other information, cosmic information. Planet Earth is irradiated with light from millions of heavenly spheres, and this light is information. We are told that planet Earth is bombarded with light information from far distant bodies in our Universe by the intention of souls far more evolved than we to elevate the consciousness of mankind. Such information is not within the limits of our understanding, possibly being in the form of electromagnetic frequencies and energy patterns that has no equivalence in our methods of communication, but carried on light waves and imparted to the water, both in the atmosphere and in the oceans of Earth. It is a continuum of consciousness throughout the Universe. When viewed in this light, water is probably the biggest carrier of light information and possibly also energy transducer that we experience. As a consciousness water will respond to and interact with all other consciousness. We are told that the weather is a reflection of human consciousness; if we are negative and base in our thinking, weather patterns reflect that feeling - in other words, there is a greater need for the cleansing of negative energies by the precipitation cycle. It is possible to alter the formation of clouds by our focus of intention. Do WE, unwittingly, decide the weather we experience?

Cellular Astrology? 

What creates personality? Could it be that the particular combination or spectrum of energies contained within the water constituent at the moment of our inception determines in some measure, with a host of other influences, the kind of personality we develop? At that stage in our growth and development the percentage of water in the cellular mass is higher than the later average of 70%. Such water will hold cosmic information depending upon the light information it carries at that specific time. Is this the hidden basis of astrology? At an earlier time for humanity, astrology and astronomy were one and the same and formed a code for living. Is it a possibility that such cosmic electromagnetic information in the water constituent of the cells may affect the genes on the DNA helical structure? Today, people ridicule the idea that the heavenly spheres may have any effect on us at all, yet simply forget the very obvious lesson that the moon affects the tides - the ebb and flow of water on Earth, greater in times that the combined effect of Sun and Moon operate together. Such gravitational effect affects the water within our body structure also, as shown in cyclic patterns of rheumatism and arthritis, amongst other things. The aqueous constituents of cellular structures may be similarly affected, not only in man, but in animals and plants. Do we take any notice? No, not a jot!

Telluric Magic 

Water, absorbed into the ground, trickling through underground streams will not only impart whatever information it carries, but will be potentised by the Earth energies to then receive new information written electromagnetically into its memory structure. Within Earth electrical currents circulate, probably circuiting through quartz crystal structures, gold and other metallic deposits, and forming the mystical and indefinable telluric currents. Water will no doubt be a part of that circuitry within Earth itself, and it is also known that telluric currents also exist within the oceans of Earth. 

The more we look into the roles of water we find it involved as a prime constituent and mover in the consciousness of planet Earth. Earth as a consciousness will, as far as possible, take steps for its own balancing and harmonising. Mankind seems to think that natural events such as thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunami's and the like are merely random events, but Earth as a consciousness is taking steps to achieve a state of natural balance within its own system. Whatever happens to Earth affects the whole Universe, as the universe itself is a finely-balanced system, and Earth will cleanse, harmonise and rebalance itself. Threads of consciousness connect everything within the Universe, and the spheres, seen and unseen that are part of it are infinite concentrations of consciousness, and they are like the energy centres within the system of meridians, connecting all components of the Universe by the threads of light. An illness in one part of the system affects the whole system - the whole Universe - and the Universe will heal itself and restore balance to Earth. It is a sobering thought that mankind, who has polluted the oceans and rivers, destroyed the essential rain forests and raped Earth, may not happen to be part of that balance.

As 'modern man' we have polluted and ravaged Earth, damaging and corrupting ecosystems, creating electromagnetic smog of unprecedented and unimaginable proportions. Earth will heal itself and take whatever steps are necessary in order to do so. Could it be that an aspect of current global warming, specifically meaning the melting of the ice caps, is a release of consciousness that has remained locked into crystalline form for some tens of thousands of years from a time when a more balanced ecology existed, and is to merge, mingle and interact on a global scale to raise the energy frequency of Earth working through its field of infinite potential to a higher, more elevated state of consciousness and understanding? 

The Eyes and Ears of the World ? 

We find, for example, that the oceans have their own electrical systems, part of the telluric currents of planet Earth, continued in the land masses by streams, rivers and substrate water retention. Clouds have their own electrical potentials, as well as electromagnetic effects far above Earth, contributing to the overall telluric currents of the planet. We can add to all the visible attributes & physical properties of water, a whole new, unseen world of electrical activity and conduction.

Like the body of Man that has life-giving liquid flowing through the arteries and veins that is largely water, and the lubricants for the muscles and joints of the frame, again largely water, and the exchange of gases through the water that lubricates the lungs that enables us to breathe, planet Earth has a similar system of liquid flow and lubrication, gaseous exchange and so forth through the agency of water. There is not a single function of Man's body that does not happen in a water environment. Mankind's nervous system, on a physical level, operates through the conductivity of cellular water, continuing beyond the body as an electromagnetic field effect. The body, as a whole, is a transducer of energy. Is this, in part, a function of the water as a cellular constituent? Similarly the electrical activity of telluric currents of Earth both above and below ground, within the oceans and the clouds, seem to provide a similar system for the planet. Sound travels faster through water, and sound can facilitate the exchange of the energy information (electromagnetic information) contained within it. On a bodily level, internal sound is necessary for the correct functioning of organs and body systems, and sound (or the total deprivation of it) affects the functioning of the human brain. Are the bodies of water, the oceans and seas of Earth, the 'ears' of the planet, and the electrical information carried by water and its vapours, equivalent to the 'eyes' of Earth?

More and more, it seems, water can be described as that 'liquid consciousness' of Earth, and us, of course. 


Perception is a necessity to the application of consciousness, and remembering that we, and the planet, are simply vibrating energy in space, that awareness is a necessary part to create and mould those forms which we perceive as our recognisable representations in the creation of our own reality. The forms are of such complexity that the human brain cannot conceive or comprehend, as they have automatically formed over millions of years of evolving consciousness. The forms are images; images of material representation (the hologram of material existence), and an indispensable component of that imagery is water.

If mankind had not separated himself from his understanding of his consciousness, perceiving it to be a thing or a quality to be analysed and examined rather than the intrinsic essence of life itself, he would still be able to merge his consciousness with water. With such a merging, man would be able to travel with the water, knowing its routes and phases, experiencing the feelings and emotions of water, passing through and over the Earth, flowing with the oceans, and travelling in the upper atmosphere. Such a merging would mean, however, that water, in part, became the man, understanding his movement limitations and the emotions and experiences of his life. Such concepts, seemingly bizarre to our minds today, nevertheless were a part of the indivisible association with Nature of early man, partially continuing today in the rituals and beliefs of many races.

Life is Water 

With our minds opened up to the possibilities, we can begin to get a new understanding that in some measure explains the outcomes of the work of Masaru Emoto; in a small way, but expanding, man and water are learning to merge and blend consciousness in a harmonious way once again. This blending and merging must be intrinsic to our current existence in a spiritual/biological context, because we are almost ¾ water in our cellular make up. We often use the phrase 'Water is Life' because without water we would cease to exist. The same 70% water applies not only to man, but to all plants and animals as well, and the planet Earth itself. Should we not now consider that 'Life is Water'? 

Certainly, from our perspective, considering the merged consciousness of man and water and the cellular structures based upon water, then life is water.

In practical terms, what will this consciousness of water tell us? How can we benefit from it, and more importantly how can we benefit water?

All souls exist within another soul. The Universe has a soul and a life cycle, although it is beyond our figures in counting to appreciate the life of a universe, which itself must exist within the Prime Soul of Creator of All That Is. Within the Universe are all the souls of all its cosmic creations of which Earth is one, and within that soul we live. Are we, essentially the soul that embodies water, or are we existing within the soul of water?

At a very deep level, beyond our normal parameters of understanding, there must be the agreement between the soul & spirit of Man (consciousness) and the soul & spirit (consciousness) of water to combine in a joint cooperative venture. In fact it is probably more than just a merging of consciousness of water and man, as the two will combine to create a third consciousness greater than either of the two on their own, enabling a manifestation of physicality to experience the material world and Universe. This cooperative agreement must also exist in all creatures and plants. 

Watching a flower close its petals as night falls, we ask ourselves how does it know? Is it a function of the plant consciousness, or the water? Or is it the influence of the moon? When we really open our minds to the possibilities we see that it is a cooperative event of interacting consciousness' of plant, water, Earth, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, moon, sun, and all heavenly bodies. After all in true reality we are just energy, colour and light existing within a field of infinite probability and possibility. We are a hologram, and water is a willing participant in that hologram. We literally live our dream, and water is an indivisible part of that dream. We, as humanity, must realise that we are involved in this cooperative venture in the creation of our world, day by day, and an indispensable part of that cooperative creation is water.

Each form of consciousness interacts with, and interrelates to, all other forms of consciousness. Each water molecular formation carries information. We are not static, we regenerate moment by moment; the cells that were a part of our structure are relatively new, as they are constantly being regenerated. The water that is in us now carries a portion of information of every consciousness framework it has participated in. At a certain level of understanding we have floated with the clouds, been affected by humanity's mass feelings and emotions as a weather pattern, been a flower or a tree, hunted with the lion or soared with the eagle and swam with the whale, or have experienced crystalline form as snow or ice. Water knows no time, it is forever in the moment of now. Water is the key to connectedness as we understand it. Through water we are a part of all living things, everywhere. Through water we are connected to everything, including planet Earth, and the Universe. 

Love ourselves for who we are, and love water without whom we would not exist within this jewel of the Universe - Earth. Love the Water. Bless the Water. 


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