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The Mind, Body and Spirit.

Many times we hear these terms used today; we visit Mind Body and Spirit Fairs,we see the terms used for music tapes and CD's, and for books, and even media advertising.
What do we really mean by these terms?  Let us look at these three words in detail:

The body is far more than just the muscles, flesh, bone, blood, etc that we see, and can identify with our five senses. It is an energy system.  Scientists call it the HEF, the Human Energy Field.  Its various components are electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal and visual.
The field is not confined to the body outline, but has various levels expanding out to infinity. Even the nerves of the body do not stop at the skin, but have a subtle web of influence, connecting to the HEF. The Russian scientist Laihkovsy stated as early as the 1930's, that all living systems both absorb and emit electromagnetic fields.
People are now waking up to the fact that we can perceive many things that previously we had considered impossible. In fact we are a pulsating, dynamic energy field, not  isolated  but interacting with everything around us, and even at great distance (this is sometimes called non-local). We are not limited to our five senses, but have the ability to be MULTI-SENSORY, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL beings.  The bit we see in the mirror of ourselves is that part of us perceived by the five senses only - the mechanics of the thing, but there is a great deal more.  However it is a mistake to think that we should devalue our five senses, trying to seek others beyond our comprehension in order to be more aligned to spiritual energies completely.  We have been given our senses to experience the world around us - the world of physicality, and that is exactly why we are here in the first place. We chose to come here into this solid, physical, material world, and into our specific body for the value of experience, and the five senses are our tools to percieve it. It is just one state of Being.

What is the MIND ?
Again, scientists are probing this area constantly, and realizing that the thing that we think with has a far greater dimension that we had previously given it credit for. It is not just the brain, it is a lot more, and has a far greater capacity than we realise - around 10X what we imagine. Scientists are unable to decide what actually IS the mind. The abilities of the mind are probably infinite.  There is also a school of thought that feels that the mind is separate from the body (exterior to it) and is an individual portion, with identity, of a mass consciousness. There is also the understanding that when we die, the mind lives on. Our difficulties in expressing what we actually mean by 'the mind' probably stem from conflicting and often misunderstood terminology between the terms mind and consciousness.  The mind is sometimes seen as being conscious or unconscious, and there are often conflicting interpretations of conscious / unconscious relating to the concept of the mind according to whether you are speaking in psychological, scientific, medical or spiritual terms. 
In spiritual terms, the mind is usually considered to be on two main levels; the conscious, thinking mind and the 'inner' mind that operates at the same time, but on a different level. The 'inner' mind is often accessed during meditative states, when the conscious, thinking mind is either stilled or occupied with some semi-automatic action. However, there are many levels of the mind, not just two, and access to deeper levels gets ever closer to the universal consciousness field. See 'Holistic Self' below.

In healing, it is considered that many illnesses start from the mind.  Stress is a major factor in the cause of illness. Healers very often call it dis-ease - the body is not at ease with itself!  In this respect the effect of the HEF must be considered, and it is thought that disease may be a reflection of imbalance in the level of HEF closest to the body (often called the 'etheric' layer).
The many experiments with placebo's are changing the way science looks at the mind and dis-ease, realising that if a person believes that they are getting better through some form of agency (many times this is the placebo), then they are doing so for a high percentage of the time. In other experiments it can be seen that the actual, physical placebo (like a pill, for example) is not even necessary, but one constructed by the mind will work equally well.
The more we delve into the relationship between the mind and the body it is easy to realise that mind may affect the functioning of the body quite easily. The mind will also shape our lives and personal identity through our belief system. This is not necessarily a religious viewpoint, but a belief of ourselves built from an infinite number of both experiences and knowledge we have accumulated from teachings that we have been exposed to. Much of the teaching has been given in good faith, but not all correct. We are what we think.

And the SPIRIT - what is that? 
It is that aspect of a person that is neither the mind or the body, that vibrates at frequencies much higher than the physical form, and is basically light - a tiny spark of light. It is considered that the Prime Creator (that which we call God) which is pure Light, multiplied Himself out into billions of tiny sparks of light (our consciousness), connected to Source, so that He, Himself, could experience every facet of that quality called Life, and that each of our experiences and the wisdom that ensues is shared by and connected to that Prime Creator - the Source, otherwise known as All That Is.  It is possible that  energy in the form of what we can call LIFE FORCE, is used by our spiritual essence to enable the mind and the body to exist and LIVE. This Life Force will be found to be the energy of Healing, and is basically the same light, even though we cannot normally see it. Other names for this Life Force are such as Universal Energy, Free Energy, The Field of Infinite Potential or Zero Point Energy (ZPE).
The various cultures around the world use different names for Life Force, for example; PRANA in India, CH'I in China, KI in Japan, etc, etc...and it is sometimes simply called 'UNIVERSAL ENERGY'. It is this that feeds the Spirit, such as food feeds the physical body. This knowledge has been known since time immemorial. It is that sea of energy, ever-moving that constantly surrounds us, fills all of available (what we call) space, is the basic building blocks of all matter, atoms and molecules, and is the substance of thought. Although many scientists are only slowly becoming aware of the fact, it is nevertheless forming the basis of current areas of exploration of 'connectedness' in the new physics, the relativity/quantum physics of today.

If 'energy' is a difficult concept to grasp, then think of it as feelings and emotions. If 'Spirit' is a difficult concept then consider it as another state of being.

The spiritual aspect of a person transmits all experiences to the memory banks of the SOUL as feelings or emotions, where they are stored for all time - hence the term spiritual OR emotional aspect.  The soul again is a light-principle.  Sometimes people refer to that electromagnetic field around the body (the Auric Field) as the spiritual aspect, and particularly the interaction with others and things around us. It is a common thing to talk of feeling comfortable or uncomfortable with someone's VIBES today, or perhaps we may be thinking about a friend, and the telephone rings. Who is on the line? The friend of course! We can tell when someone is staring at us, and we look to see who it is. These things were once peripheral, but today there is a new consciousness - new sensitivities, a new world developing and a new understanding.  These things are all part of that ever-changing dynamic energy field that permeates and surrounds us....part of our spiritual self, or should we say, more correctly, that it is an awareness of another state of Being. Some call it the 'psyche'. All that and much more. Once it was considered to be abnormal to be psychic - now society is beginning to realise that it is perfectly normal, and has been an innate part of humankind since the beginning of its time.

The Holistic Self
We, as material human beings, separate the three things into 'body', 'mind' and 'spirit' creating a division from which we find it difficult to perceive anything more than a general connection. We are actually a vibrating energy in space - the energy of a light with all the information it contains. When we learn to perceive that there is no division at all between body mind and spirit, then we have evolved in our understanding and may have completed our time in the physical realms of matter.
The three aspects of self are actually the same continuum of existence, and the mind can be considered to be the connecting principle between the Body state (experiencing the physical, material, aspect) and the Spirit state (experiencing the non-physical aspect). In simple terms, that which we think of as the logical, thinking mind is the connection to the physical body and the material world. That which we think of as the inner mind is the connection to the non-physical, much greater, aspect of our reality.

In truth, this mind that is the connection to both states is just one mind that operates on many levels, some which we are yet to discover. In this higher form of Spiritual development, to which we all are striving to achieve, the separate aspects of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual all fuse into one light body. Truly, an Holistic Being.  When we are fully aware of that unified state and embrace it fully we become aware of our role as creators, operating in this and other dimensions, other realities, other aspects of that vast & powerful consciousness that is us, also becoming aware of the universal consciousness of which we are an integral part and our contribution to it, and our past, present and future are experienced together in the moment of NOW.


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