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Mediumship - Part Two
Types of Mediumship continued. --

In this mediumship discussion so far (see Types of Mediumship) we have looked at mediumship from the point of view of the observer - us. However we must realise that we too are a spiritual entity, and as such we are mediums ourselves in many ways. This next part examines our experiences and ways of determining our part in the overall experience as a contributory consciousness.

Important note: If you wish to try out any or all of these examples, make sure that you ask for protection from the highest sources before you begin.


The mediums that stand on a stage and give 'messages' have chosen to act in this way to help to enable communication from unseen people to material people. The unseen people wish to tell us that they are alive and well, but in a different state of being than using a physical body.

Sometimes valuable guidance is given, but we must understand that non-physical souls are not allowed to interfere with our lives at all - it is our experience and our responsibility. Guidance can be given and is, all the time, but we have the individual choice of free will whether we accept it or not, and in any case all guidance is given without any judgement, and we must accept it without judgement. All communication is given with the maximum love - caring and concern about other members of the All-One family.

(Note about judgement: Remember that there is a difference between judgement and telling the truth, however uncomfortable that may be!)

Clairvoyants receive information in the ways suggested earlier, like words in the head, images, intuitive impressions and so forth, and we may also receive such information ourselves, but we have to learn to interpret it.

A simple example of this is that many mediums ask questions in their mind, such as male/female?; old/young?; relationship to recipient?; passed with illness? ; what illness?; significant alphabet letter?; significant month?; significant colour?, etc., etc.

In response to the question an impression will come into their mind in the form of some response. If nothing is received immediately then anything else can be discarded as it will be the product of conscious thought. We too, can operate the same way, and if we ask a question then we must be aware of the immediate answer in our mind. If you wait for one second, it is one second too long! Often the reply will come during the time you are finishing the last word of your enquiry, or a microsecond after it.

In this way we recognise the accurate and meaningful response separate from our own thoughts. Often the answer will result immediately after simply thinking of asking the question, but before you have formulated it into words in your head.


Methods of training people to be aware of clairvoyance are usually through meditative exercises, guided by an experienced medium who knows all the right questions to ask, and the interpretation of the answers. Other systems work by a process of supplying limited information and through a meditative process the trainee can add to the supplied part-information. Another system uses a focus such as a tarot card or angel card, chosen at random, which the recipient (working one-to-one) holds up in front of their heart energy centre. The trainee then focuses their concentration on the card to the exclusion of anything else, speaking out their mental impressions. After a while the roles of recipient and trainee are reversed. With this kind of experiment we are not looking for a long narrative, but just some simple vision or information that is relevant. It is interesting to note that the choice of 'random' card is often significant.

To give you an example, I once was involved in the last type of experiment and all I could see was an inverted large red triangle over the head of the lady. Try as I might I could not see anything else, and finally admitted my failure. Seemingly it was not failure at all, because the large red inverted triangle was very meaningful to the lady, and she was delighted ! It was a very personal, private, emotional thing for the lady and was not shared with me, and I respected that decision, but was glad that I had not tried to interpret it at all.


Dowsing with a pendulum can be a means of receiving meaningful information. Used improperly it can also be a means of receiving rubbish. First we will deal with 'improperly': If you use dowsing as a game, or ask for personal gain, or disbelieve the serious purpose of it, then it will not work or alternatively give you wrong information.

If you realise that you are assisted in the use of the pendulum, and use it wisely, not asking for trivial, useless information, then it is being used seriously and properly, and it will work for you. We are never alone in this life or beyond, and so it may help to realise that dowsing is a practical, physical way your helper, non-physical friend or whatever can communicate with you.

Always check first that the movements for 'Yes & No' are what you have come to expect. If they are different do not proceed. As you dowse, particularly after using it successfully over a long period of time, you may become aware of thoughts in your mind that seem to be answering your queries in a way more explanatory than the simple 'yes and no'. Be careful that you are working intuitively and not using your mind in a logical or reasoning fashion.

Be led by intuition - again the thought comes almost before you have finished formulating the question in your mind, and sometimes, after much practice, the answer comes when you just think of the question!

Tarot Cards / Angel Cards / Runes, etc.

Everything that happens in this life, happens for a reason. If you are impressed to seek out answers using Cards or Runes, then realise that it is YOU that receives the message or information, and your focus on the card is the trigger to translate the written words on the card (or in the relevant guide book on usage), to meaningful content. Each person given the same card will translate the written word differently in accordance with their needs. In fact the card only acts as a focus for intuitive information to be received.

It is exactly the same if you went to a Tarot reader or other person who has the mediumistic ability to translate the information exchange correctly. You can do it yourself just as well. There are many other things you can use, such as palm readings (Palmistry), bumps on the head (Phrenology), crystals or any number of things - they simply act as a focus to take your thoughts away from the material and allow you to access inner information ... that you actually know anyway, but have forgotten how to do it ! The answer to everything lies within YOU.


During healing, information can often come to the healer about the patient they are working on. This information will be about the person; say a condition existing such as arthritis, or similar guidance to heal. The healer may also request information from his/her helper to understand the nature of the patient's condition, and this usually comes in the form of a meaningful thought. The healer may or may not understand this information, but it is wise to check it over, but sensitively, just to reassure that it was relevant.

As an example of this, I recall that many years ago I was healing a lady with Parkinson's Disease, and it seemed quite advanced. I knew nothing about Parkinson's' at that time, but mentally received information about the brain stem, the hypothalamus, the hormone flows that were restricted and so forth. On returning home I consulted a book about the brain ('The Three Pound Wonder') and it all made sense. The following week the lady brought a leaflet about the cause of Parkinson's for me, and it all tied up together with the information that I had received in my mind. I was totally amazed that I had received the correct information, even though it meant nothing until I checked it all out. (Yes, the lady improved significantly, and is now a healer herself)


Many people are afraid of the unknown, and avoid thinking about spirit or non-physical intelligence's. Some actively deny it altogether, and yet others try and attribute non-physical phenomena to the devil or other dark force. The devil and hell only exist in the minds of mankind. We are of the light, not of the darkness.

There is no need to fear the non-physical soul. They cannot and will not hurt you in any way at all. They come with immeasurable love, help and compassion for those in earthy existence. Make sure that you have asked for protection from adverse energies or influences first, before trying out any of these things.

Should you wish to develop your mediumship abilities, you will receive loving help in your efforts, but remember to ask for it, and have no fear at all. Always act within the light of love and with impeccable intention.


There are many, many children in spirit, eager to learn about physicality and life on Earth through you, as well as observing your consciousness in other forms. They observe you at all times, as we are always visible to the non-physical soul, no matter what we think about it. They willingly help with healing and the bringing of energies for your development. This is just one way they learn. These children can only progress when you acknowledge their efforts, and you consequentially progress - it is a two way development; yours and theirs.

Non-physical Children have immensely pure & powerful energy unlike any other. If you work with spirit children you are truly blessed.

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