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The New Beginning

There are dramatic changes occurring now. The Mayan Calendar predicts that the current time will end on or around December 12th., 2012, although some dispute this date saying that it is a year out. The Maya were the timekeepers through the study of astronomy; not the later civilisation of Maya, but the one that preceded it, starting about 3113 BC (although some report this date as 3013 BCE). They realised that there was a natural cycle of time, around 26,000 years, and they divided this into five sections of around 5,200 years each. This was a period of thirteen Baktuns. They record a number of 'ages' of mankind, multiples of 26,000, and this, they say, is the last. This current 'last' age is a full cycle of 5,125 years from the beginning of their time (3113 BC). If you try and work this out, the figures make no sense using the 3013 date.

To explain a little more: the Maya used a ritual calendar of 260 days, and also a solar calendar of 365 days. Days were numbered 1 to 13. A period of time of 400 years was called a 'baktun'. 13 baktuns is 5,200 years. Five of these periods (cycles) is 26,000 years. More precisely this period of around 26,000 years is a 'solar day', and is actually 25,625 years. This period corresponds to a movement of the galaxy itself, which has an orbit like Earth has, and every 25,625 years our Sun aligns with and interacts with the Central Sun of the Central Galaxy. This figure corresponds with the precessional cycle of the alignment of the axis of Earth. This also is five cycles of 5,125 years. When the Sun synchronises with the Central Sun a 'spark' of light causes solar flares on our Sun, intense light output from the Sun, and creates a displacement in Earth rotation, and the Sun changes polarity. This alteration in conditions may or may not create great Earth changes, but is also a time of change for consciousness to evolve dramatically.

It may be the discovery of the meaning of the Mayan (and Hopi) end-time that has challenged mankind to look twice at his ways, developing his consciousness evolution. What is really meant by all this is that the current civilisation of mankind is in for a change, and the change has started now. I am told that the years 2008/9 are significant because everything is accelerating to bring about the changes, so that everything will be completed in 'time'. Maybe the time is 2012?

Various predictions: Many people have some inkling that things are changing, but as usual with the negative thinking of humanity, they automatically assume that these are disasters. This is probably very far from the truth. Looking at some of the ideas that are floating around at the present time, we can see that this is the case....

Earth Changes
Some people believe that cataclysmic events are about to overtake planet Earth, like upheaval of continents, reversal of the poles, gigantic tsunami's that will flood major areas, slipping of the Earth crust so that the East Coast of America will be under water (and Cornwall in the UK), and also causing gigantic volcanic eruptions, similar to the destruction of Santorini. They then look for possible causes of such disasters, and come up with other ideas, all negative.

In truth Earth has had many polar reversals over many tens of thousands of years (geological evidence), and it's still here, and so are we!

Photon Belt
Predictions that Earth will move through a photon belt and suffer three days of darkness, etc., have haunted people for many years. In truth the so-called photon belt is probably a belt of high intensity energy, and we are already in it. The three days of darkness may have been spiritual darkness, not a loss of sunlight. It is not just Earth that will enter this area, but the whole galaxy, and it may be around 1,000 years before it is finally crossed. To explain the term 'Photon Belt': an energy field is actually a cloud of photons, the smallest indivisible particles of light (see Brian Greene; 'The Elegant Universe'), and so a photon belt is actually an energy field, probably of high intensity. The Photon Belt is said to exist in the vastness of space, and is a circular belt of energy, through which many galaxies will pass on their orbital pathways through space. It is so vast that at the present rate of galactic orbital progress, it takes around 1,000 years to pass through. This may have something to do with predictions that Earth is due for 1,000 years of peace. Some call it 'The Age of God', whilst other names are The Age of Love, The Age of Peace, The Age of Light, etc.

Nibiru and Planet X
Zaccharia Sitchen predicted a return of the planet Nibiru, said to have been mentioned in the Bible. It is thought that there is a planet whose eccentric orbit is some 3,600 years in duration, and enters the solar system every 3,600 years. This re-entry is due any time now, and it is thought that it may bring dramatic changes to Earth due to gravitational effects, such as tornado's, tsunami's, and earthquakes. Other people are of the opinion that there is a planet X of roughly similar properties, or that there will be an Earth collision or near miss with either 'a rogue planet' or a 'giant asteroid' around 2012. There is hot dispute over whether planet X is Nibiru, and that they are one and the same.

Whatever we think, secretly governments, despite their outward ridicule of such things, are making plans, and creating vast underground shelters and tunnels, loaded with food to last many years. People who are 'in the know' think it is to save humanity - it is not. It is to save the self-appointed leaders and the military. They seek ultimate power in the aftermath of such disasters as a collision or near miss with a heavenly body, and naturally think only of destruction and war, control, power and material wealth. The military are there to ensure their success, or so they think.

Other channelled predictions of the return of Nibiru suggest that a vast civilisation of non-physical intelligence's will arrive on Earth (ET's, called the 'mass landings'). The purpose of this is to help the development of mankind, clean up the pollution on Earth, create an equal and cooperative society, and operate within the frequencies of Love. However the USA and others expect an alien invasion, and is reported to have developed weapons (high intensity energy beams) to attack them. No one seems to have thought that Nibiru may be invisible to our eyes. There are many worlds around us right now that we are completely unaware of, because they do not register on our vision sensors.

Venus Transits
A Venus transit is when the planet Venus comes between Earth and the Sun, rather like an eclipse. They occur in pairs every 105 and 120 years. There have been these transits before (2004) and the next is in 2012. We are still here! Some think that because the next is 2012, then dire things will happen including dramatic Earth catastrophes.

Polar Shifts.
Again polar shifts have happened many times in the history of this planet, and it is still here. Polar shifts mean that the poles reverse, the North will be at the South Pole and vice versa, and this can bring great changes to weather patterns and affect the rotation of the crust of Earth. This may be something to do with the predicted polar shift on the Sun, again something that happens periodically. The Hopi predict a polar shift in 2012. Actually it is around several hundred years late at the moment, from geological findings and projections. The North Pole has wandered about constantly, and at one time was in Hudson Bay in Canada. Einstein thought that the movement of the poles was something to do with creation of electrical telluric currents and thus magnetic polarity generated by a difference of rotation between the crust of Earth and the central mass, occurring in a cyclic pattern.

Ascension and the Light Workers
More spiritually-minded people speak of ascension where the human race will move on to a new level of existence - literally ascending into the skies, like biblical characters of old, perhaps in chariots of fire (UFO's ?). Many people see themselves as 'light workers' so that they may move into ascension without problems. Light workers are OK so long as they realise that the purpose of carrying light is to help others, not necessarily themselves. There are millions of people right now seeing themselves as light workers, evolving in consciousness to ensure ascension to a new world; let us hope that they realise their obligations. There are many light bodies here on Earth right now, although we do not see them as such - they are camouflaged to look like any other human being. Many have come from other stars and planets, or just non-physicality (spirit/energy beings), to assist in these times, but may be looking just like you and me, and not even know they are from another part of the Universe, or state of Being, at this present moment.

There have been 'ascensions' before in the history of this planet and in the history of humanity, where whole civilisations have 'ascended' to another dimension of existence (there were three before Atlantis) - they are still there, usually not knowing that anything has changed for them!

Armageddon and 2012
Actually Armageddon is being fought right now as an inner battle between our spiritual understandings of our non-physical reality (seen as the might of right) and the pull of materialism (social consciousness) and the density of the apparent physical world (our perceptions of the World and Universe as a hologram), in other words - ego (the evil opposing forces). Many religious folks think that 2012 must be the biblical Armageddon.

So What's Really Going to Happen ?
In truth the changes are happening now. It is not seemingly a smooth continuous process, but one that proceeds when 'conditions' are right. What the conditions are is open to conjecture; they may be conditions of consciousness, or physical conditions, or even non-physical of which we currently have no concept. Apparently we will be assisted by many light beings, and many people now on Earth have been selected as leaders to assist others into the new dimension. We are told that the leaders will act as beacons for others to follow, and also to take others 'by the hand' and lead them into the New Beginnings.


The New Beginnings
This name, the New Beginnings, is what our non-physical friends call the changes. It is more of a move into a new dimension of understanding and existence. The new dimension is so close now that some people have already stepped into it daily. There is a great deal of work to be done, helping others to try and understand what is happening to them.

There has been some new energies that have been around recently and not everyone has coped with them well. Many people have experienced a slowness, or a change in time values, headaches, depression, listlessness and seemingly permanent tiredness. Some report physical illnesses. The physical body has to become attuned to a new energy, especially a powerful one, and this takes time. We should not rush to conclusions about physical conditions of the body, but give it time - the body will readjust, and when it does, we probably will have another dose!

I am assured that the changes are happening rapidly now, and have also been told that it is likely we won't even notice that changes are taking place, well certainly at first, anyway. We must realise that a change in dimension is a change in consciousness and belief, not necessarily a physical shift like being moved bodily from one place to another. There is great negativity at this present time, all unnecessary, as people imagine that irreversible disasters are about to overtake them. They are locked into physicality and cannot escape from it in their minds. It is these people who will need most help.

I am also told that not everyone will move together. There will be a division - the first time this has happened in all the history of humankind, and this dimension change has happened before, many times. Those who are motivated by greed, anger, hatred, violence, power over others and control will not go 'up', but 'down'. In truth there is no up and down, but we understand things better this way. What this separation means in practical terms, I do not know, or how it will be effected, but I think there are many who are going to learn their lessons the hard way, until they begin to realise that love, peace, understanding, cooperation, and brotherhood are their only escape from suffering and hardship.

'Taking people by the hand' must mean the act of explaining what is happening, and helping them to operate in a positive intention direction (being 'in the light') and expanding their light, and sharing it, in turn, with others. Some channellers predict that when 51% of humanity, sick of today's world and its ways, decide to operate within the light and positive direction, then all of humanity will automatically follow, and shift as one (except those left behind, still clinging on to base values, of course).

The idea of operating within the light is operating with Love, compassion and brotherhood, where all men are equal, and by some means all that think this way will move into the new dimension of Being - the New Beginnings. I think we are being given a second chance! The original Maya, and the civilisations that preceded Atlantis, for example, have already moved into a new dimension - and are still there. There are many, many dimensions that exist alongside ours at this present time; there are worlds within worlds, like the layers of an onion, and other dimensions that can be thought to be alongside our own, like invisible, nonphysical images of our current world.

We live in a world of probabilities and possibilities. Every time we come to a cross-roads in our pathway through life, we choose one path or the other. In an understanding beyond our comprehension, these alternative pathways have a life of their own, and have continued. Our particular pathway in our current existence is just one probability that we bought into. The New Beginning is another probability and another pathway.

All the possibilities of Earth collisions, disasters, near misses with rogue planets and the like are all probabilities, and in some system of reality will come to pass. Those of the New Beginnings will not experience those particular disasters, although they may be aware of them, as those of other dimensions are aware of what is happening on our Earth dimension now, and the state it is in. They all wish to help us, as do many other consciousness and intelligence's that exist in the worlds within worlds, and on other worlds seen and unseen.

The move must be one of light - allowing one's self to be a carrier of light - spiritual light. It is this light that must be expanded and shared with others (a form of healing!).
Although we may not be aware of it, we have been irradiated with powerful white light initially - this is to show direction for our intended purpose and pathway.
We are now (Nov.08) being beamed with the Blue light (from October 08), Yellow light (late Nov 08) and Green light (from 07 Dec 08). The blue light is to awaken in others who know nothing of spirituality, the desire to know. It will also bring many 'experiences' that people do not currently understand and are curious about, and thus seek interpretation from those 'in the know', thus developng an awareness that there is 'more' to us and the world and the universe. The blue light will also bring healing. The yellow light is one of intellect - we will be seeking answers to the questions that are now in our minds, seeking the correct pathway forward and the knowledge that will equip us in our new dimension of experience, and the green light is one of the qualities of peace, calm and nature. We are now seeking to apply the knowledge and the answers to our questions, and we are now seeking a more peaceful world of cooperation, and we are now making decisions about the kind of world that we want. The energy of those decisions is a part of the whole energy field that is being created, and the energies are now being brought in order for us to move forward into a pleasanter world. There will be more changes to come.
There are many other coloured lights around us, and these are the many intelligences, consciousness' and Beings that have come to aid us in our move into the new dimension. They have come from every corner of the Universe, from other universes, other dimensions and other realities to help us.  This is a very important time for humanity and everything is being monitored. Nothing can progress without us; as we progress then our helpers can progress with the next stage of movement.

What we must realise is that we have a choice. It is not the world, Earth, that must change, it is us, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and the way in which we apply our light in the world today. In non-physical terms you are known by your light.

What is the light ? We are the light, each and every one of us. Everything is created from light. Light is Love, and we must learn to love unconditionally, properly and with no thought of personal gain or engrandisment. We must Learn to Live Love. Learn to feed the hungry, help the poor, create a balanced society and distribute wealth. Cooperate and negotiate with others of different aims and understandings, oppose all forms of oppression and control peacefully, educate the misguided. Value everyone's contribution. Disseminate Love and Compassion and Brotherhood and Equality. Negate violence, anger, greed and hatred. We have a lot of work to do!

If you want a pictorial representation of the changes to use as a mental image, then imagine one of those other world globes (in pictorial description above), or all of them combined as one, being able to coincide with and pass through our world, in a non-physical way. The non-physical globe is the new beginnings and as it passes through this current world of ours we can step on to it, and move away with it as it continues on its celestial path. Only those of love and light will know that this is the thing to do, and it is done in our mind, in our beliefs and by our intention to coexist in Nature and help others. Things will seem the same, but different - pleasanter.

The globe (New Beginnings World / The New Dimension) is here now, and some have already trodden its pathways.

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