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The New Beginnings 2

 Update to June 2009

Dec 08:  The next stage of the creation of the new dimension is under way right now.
The following material is based on recent communication from two souls, both speaking as one, and in discussion with the powerful guardian and teacher of our group soul, called Poppas.

It has been mentioned previously that we can visualise the changes as a non-physical world (the new dimension) passing through our current world (the current dimension), and as it does so, those who wish fervently for a better, pleasanter world will, in effect, simply step on to the new world and continue with it, as the old world with its corruption, greed, wars and violence is left behind.

We must remember that we exist as a hologram of our own making, as does the whole universe in which we exist. One tiny part of a hologram has the information to recreate the whole hologram, and thus we are, at the same time, in the Universe, and the Universe is within us, because we are a portion of the hologram. Every moment of our existence we contribute to the field of Infinte Potential (known by many other titles such as Zero point field, Universal energy, etc.), and this field is ever changing. As we become part of that field, we will change also, and develop with knowledge and wisdom - our development as a Being of Infinite Potential.

The process of change is through light, and the new colour introduced now is green.
We now have a white light that is for direction (to light the way forward) which is present all the time, and the first colour to irradiate us was blue light. 
Blue light is to promote and create experiences wihin people that will make them wonder and puzzle about what is happening to them. The blue is also a healing light.
Next to the blue came a yellow light. Yellow is indicative of intelligence, learning and knowledge, and thus those who have known little of the changes will, by a process of intelligent questioning and subsequent realisation of change be more informed.
Green light brings peace and calm, and with it the application of knowledge to promote active and meaningful decisions to manifest a new world (new dimension). These colours, we are told, are in used in 'an arrangement' (of energy, presumably).

Dramatic changes are happening soon, we are told. Time is important (humans have little of this commodity) from the point of view that our bodies must adapt to, and accept, the changes (possibly of freqency) so far, and patience is required. When the body has accepted the different state (moved forward), then our n/p friends can move forward also, and progress, we assume, to the next stage of development, change and progress.

I ask what is actually happening, and what will it mean to us? The answer is that we must leave all the necessary arrangements to our n/p friends, and is not for us to worry about. Every step of the way is being monitored and tested at the highest level, and nothing is done unless checked and rechecked first. There has been much discussion between the two souls and Poppas on the subject of development.

The process, it seems, is one of people making decisions for themselves about a better world and future. In the past we have been content to leave the decisions to others, but we are moving into a new phase where mankind has to take perosnal responsibility for his thoughts and actions, and of course, his decisions about such matters. From a n/p viewpoint a decision is a portion of energy, and this energy is added to all other portions of energy from similar decisions to make one whole energy field. They stress that every little step we take forward, no matter how small, is important, and these portions of energy are necessary to create the whole one. They are always telling us that it is the little things that matter, and to allow ourselves to be led by the intuitive thoughts we are receiving.

We speak of ourselves as 'creators' and wonder how this can be. In truth it is not really the physical person we see in the mirror that is the creator, but that greater part of us that is in the non-physical state - our higher self. It is this greater n/p part that affects the energy field. From this point now on, we must realise that it is not just us that will move the energy into a new dimension, but that it is a joint and cooperative venture between us and that which we call 'spirit', plus ALL other energy Beings that have come, at this point in time, to assist us to move Earth forward into a new beginning in a process of joint participation.  It is not just us, but a whole mass of consciousness, working as one, that will create the new dimension of existence - the Whole One.
Think of yourself as an energy field, cooperating with other energy fields to make change.

As we move forward towards this change communication with the n/p will be much better, and new words will be brought into use, that previously had not formed any part of human vocabulary. Channels are being opened to bring those words to us - it is up to us to work out what they mean, and then tell others.

In the eyes of the highly-evolved souls communicating, we are all as little children, and they work with us to bring progress to our development. By comparison to other consciousnesses in this universe, I suppose we are as little children on the first stages of learning who and what we are, where we came from and what our role in the future will be.

"Things are moving in the way that we expect", we are told.


June 2009:  By now, other changes have taken place. We have been irradiated with rays of light and colour to prepare us, bodily and mentally, for the New Dimension of Reality in which we shortly will reside. Once again we have reverted to the colours of intense white and blue, and many people world wide are asking about the personal feelings and awareness of change that is being felt. This is due to the intensification of energy that is being brought to us, and the increasing density of energy. There are releases by NASA about the changes in cosmic 'weather' and the unpresendeted energies that Earth is being subjected to at the present moment from the Cosmos and the Sun. Many people are aware that things are changing. We are asked by our n/p counterparts to indulge in some meditative exercises to pepare for the ultimate change to the New Dimension. (see 'Preparing for the New Dimension').  we are told that formerly time had speeded up, but as we progress into the new dimension, time will resume a slower pace and we will, once again, have time to complete our daily tasks. With this thought in mind, I am asking myself that if time has speeded up, maybe we have lost a year or two in our concepts of time, and maybe things will be happening before the 2012 date we imagine it will change! After all is said and done, our concepts of time are simply based upon our rotation around the sun. From a cosmic viewpoint this timekeeping is irrelevant and bears no relationship to any other system used elsewhere in the universe!
Everything is now being monitored and checked all the time to ensure that there are no failures in the system of change, and that we are prepared adequately. We are experiencing feelings and happenings that are designed to align us more with the thinking of the n/p entities, rather than the regular earthly view of life and its meaning. We are being asked to see oursleves as lighter than normal, floating in a brilliant white light of energy, and to observe how this energy moves around us (rather than us moving around), and to learn that a New Dimension is, in reality, a New way of Thinking, globally.
For further info please see both 'Preparing for the New Dimension' and also '2012 - What is Really Happening'.


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