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Orbs - Real or Imagined ?

The phenomenon of orbs has come to the foreground of psychic research since the advent of digital photography, although it has been possible to see orbs on standard silver halide/dye films (the usual 35mm colour film) but rarely. There is great discussion about it , and no one really knows anything about it at all.

What are the characteristics?
The general appearance is of a circular sphere of light, and when magnified on a computer image, seem to have a pattern inside them, rather like looking at a tiny maze or electronic printed circuit. Some orbs seem to have tiny faces in them. Some are very bright indeed (David Boyle's photos), whereas others are very dim (my own experiments), and only really show up when the image is manipulated to maximum contrast.

I would think that odd-shaped orbs are probably due to camera effects, and there are many photos of hexagon-shaped orbs that probably are this same effect.

Many orbs are just seemingly 'out-of-focus', and it is difficult, even with computer technology to sharpen the image successfully. They seem to come in a variety of colours - when they are magnified on a computer they eventually disintegrate into a maze of oblong-shaped pixels, but nevertheless containing a variety of colours.

Some psychicly-gifted people may be able to see circular 'orbs' containing faces surrounded by a spectrum of coloured pixels, as normal vision! Other people report orbs so bright as can be seen in daylight (one on

When do they appear?
Many people have seen the image of orbs on digital photos, and the unusual thing is that they may appear on one frame, but not the next, even when frames are shot in sequence with only a moment or two between frames. It is possible that an orb remains for only a second or so, and then is invisible to us. On some photos I manipulated photogrpahically for a friend, it was possible to see blurring indicating fast movement and direction with several orbs

David Boyle (Owner: The Exhibition of the Universe, Blackpool) has experimented with orbs, and claims that they can be 'called' into being. There are a couple of photos taken by Wanda, of him calling orbs into being. They certainly are convincing!

Other people have found orbs on ordinary photos, taken indoors, without a thought about orbs appearing, but discovered them when the photos were viewed, and yet others have found them on outdoor photos taken at night with flash. My son Daniel has found them on photos he took on a 'ghost hunt' (organized tour at Plymouth), together with unexplained lights down dark, unlit passages.

The orbs seen in the two photos above were taken at night. The left photo shows orb movement from bottom left, upwards towards top right of photo. The dark patch is a mystery. This orb is on extreme left on the right hand photo. Also on this photo the orb just above the light green area is also moving, this time upwards.

You might be tempted to ask, 'when do they not appear?' and my answer would be ' in the very place you might expect them - in a healing centre!' See later.

What are the objections?
Many people try and dismiss the phenomenon as dust or reflections.

On the website the lady has gone to great lengths to simulate possible anomalies, such as dust, and finds that dust has to be within an inch or so of the lens to even begin to look like an orb. A breakdown of the coating on a camera lens, often quoted as being the cause, does not normally show up in a photo at all, even though it may look like several dots on the lens when you look at it.

I have tried to photograph orbs without great success, yet when I have taken photos outdoors at Warrington, with no flash at night, looking towards a possible 'window' (into another dimensions, as dowsed) there has appeared several orbs, very dimly, but nevertheless there. The flash was not used, so as to eliminate the possible reflection effects that can be caused by flash.
I have also tried to photograph them inside healing centres, but much to my surprise, there were none on the photos.

A glancing light towards a camera lens can cause multiple reflections due to the lens being made up of several glass components, and this effect is often seen when people try and photograph sunsets. This causes multiple images of a circle of light, usually in descending order in a straight line, often at an angle. A similar effect caused by internal reflections within the lens shows up as several (usually) hexagon-shaped images of light, again in descending order in a straight line. A similar effect can be noted at night from street lamps. This form of internal reflections of a camera lens is easily recognised.

Photographs taken by flash indoors may be perfectly exposed, and yet have an unexplained area of light on them. This is normally because a nearby mirror has caught the flash and is reflecting on the layers of the lens. Again, a little research about the position of the photographer will solve the mystery.

There are many possible reasons for bizarre effects in photography, but with some expert knowledge of cameras and films, most of these objections can be eliminated, still leaving the phenomenon of orbs!

Some 'experts' have said that the effect is due to crystal particles in the developer having an effect, but this objection is dismissed with digital photography as there is no developer!

Various Claims
Psychologist and psychic William Bloom claims that the orbs speak to him, and have told him to write a book about it (or rather re-edit a book he started several years ago), and that they are a race of energy beings that have come to Earth to help in the changes. Diana Cooper claims they are angels and nature spirits, each having a face that is recognisable, and can communicate. Others claim that they are the souls of spirits in general. Another, seemingly more credible tale is that they are the souls of earthbound spirits, expressing as an orb of light. This may explain why they are not to be found on pictures of healing centres, as any 'lost' souls would have used the energies to move into the light. However whatever you believe, the orbs are to be found in the vicinity of spiritually advanced people and therefore unlikely to be 'lost'.

Read the stories of many people on a website and you might find that the orbs are also to be found when people have near-death experiences; there are some very interesting stories, relating what people felt like in a NDE. For just pictures and other stories see

My own experiences are that the orb represents a consciousness, and have actually experienced an orb speaking through a very respected trance medium (who didn't know what was said until a recording of it was played back) triggered by a person displaying a photo of themselves with a very prominent orb nearby, questioning the nature of it. The spontaneous channelling was an answer to their questions. The recorded information was of such high energy that it was not possible to clearly determine what was said until the energy began to diminish, bringing the communication down to a sensible audible level.
I also doubt whether the consciousness is 'earth-bound', specifically. Some obviously highly-evolved intelligences seem to appear as orbs, sometimes very brightly, in photographs.The experience above also illustrated the degree of intellect possessed by the orb that 'spoke'. It is possible that they are energy beings that have come to assist in the New Beginnings to the New Dimension and express as orbs of light, whereas others are obviously the 'companion' and helper of one of us, such as in the photograph of a young child (my Grandson) with the most amazingly brilliant and well-defined orb I have ever seen. We are never alone, having a helper and companion all through our life here and beyond.

Possible Other Explanations

Infra Red
We may think of orbs as physical objects, but they are light nevertheless, and light is an electromagnetic vibration. Some people suggest that they are, in vibration, towards the extreme red end of the spectrum (near infrared) and so do not usually appear on standard film, but can be captured on digital technology.

EM energy / consciousness
It is tempting to suggest that as energy is electromagnetic (EM) in nature, then any EM energy that is just outside our normal spectrum of perception, may be registering on the EM storage media, stored as EM data, and thus possible to print out on a computer printer. Concentrations of consciousness take a spherical shape, such as a planet, and so it is possible that they are small concentrations of consciousness, such as an energy being, or perhaps some of the multitude of souls that surround us all the time, but we cannot see them. Any fluctuation in energy levels would mean that they are not seen all the time, but only when the level or amplitude or frequency is close to the sensitivity of the recording media. Fluctuations will be normal as energy is pulsed anyway, and so this may explain why consecutive frames may not be the same in photographic studies of them. In the web photo [website mentioned earlier] of the man in the 'haunted building' (shed) they may be seen outside the window, but in the next frame, some seconds later, have entered the room, in quantity.

Rising Consciousness of Mankind
As we move ever closer to the 'New Beginnings', we are being elevated in consciousness frequency, and as such our perceptions of the (usually) non physical will increase. Maybe we are being prepared for a time when we will normally see other consciousness' as spheres of light, probably coloured by the frequency at which that consciousness expresses, and depicting energy patterns within them. Some psychic persons can already 'see' them through psychic senses of 'sight', but not dependent on normal eyesight; maybe through the brow centre? Perhaps it is these consciousness' that we draw to us by our intentions, to assist us in our manifestations.



Sara is sitting in the Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor, Derbyshire.

This photo is taken in broad daylight, and there appears to be an orb above her head and slightly to the left.
At first it was thought to be a light patch between the trees, but when examined closely it can be seen that the orb just overlaps the trunk of the tree on its right, impossible with a patch of light.
Although the photo is pixelated due to the low web resolution, it has been examined at high resolution in Photoshop and still appears to be an orb.

 Maybe that they are like crop formations (many orbs are seen around crop formations), just there to challenge the thinking of mankind and open us up to other possible realities. People such as healers, working already with elevated and inter-dimensional energies, may not actually need this trigger, and so perhaps none are needed in healing centres? We are given experiences when we need them, not just because we doubt our perceptions but already know the answer.
Who truly knows the answer ?



These photo's were taken at the 'Big Chill' near Malvern, 2009, during a firework display. There are thousands of orbs to be seen over the heads of the crowd. Critics may say that the orbs are reflections of the sparks, but isolating a single orb (over head of man in cap on extreme right) we can see that the orb has the charcteristic patterns in it and the dark spots (see pic on right). Some say that orbs with dark spots are the energies of someone we know, who is looking after us (also see orbs in friend's garden, in article, above).
Similar photo's taken by another photographer at the Big Chill at the same time, but without the fireworks still shows the same amount of orbs !

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