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ORMUS - A Story of Synchronicity

First, before we examine the curious title of ORMUS, a little story of synchronicity:

The first thing was that I received a little channelled nonphysical advice concerning my knee and hip problems and I was told me to start cycling again, so I bought a bike. Further advice was to take calcium with magnesium to strengthen the bones, and to move calcium from the cells and reinstall it in the bones. The way to do this, I was told, was NOT to take standard calcium tablets or magnesium/calcium preparations, but ONLY natural products with the calcium/magnesium in the correct proportions, and this turned out to be Buxton Spring Water.

The second thing that happened was that I took a inquisitive interest in ORMUS elements, but didn't know why.

The Third thing was that NP (nonphysical) communicators told me that the move into new beginnings was through white light, and a shift in time (forwards). [second communication]

The fourth thing was a meeting with a medium who I know well, who dropped into an altered state in conversation and a great amount of scientific information poured out, mostly about light, even though the medium didn't know what she was talking about (no scientific knowledge), but prompted by me, began to explain things. [third communication]. Later, another medium began to lecture about light and the structure of the atom, and at a meeting of us all, including trance medium 'A', another communicator came [fourth communication] and thanked us for discussing and working out details about light, and told us to tell others.
These seemingly unconnected things gradually began to come together in a most astounding way. To learn how, read on .....

What are the New Beginnings ?
The move into a new dimension, or world, is imminent, and accelerating fast, although we are told that it will happen slowly with great care, by the NP helpers. We have all been chosen to assist and help others into this new beginning. It will be through the agency of initially white light, and a shift in the value of time. We are safe, we are assured, and probably will not even notice at first. We may go to places that are familiar, but will be different to those of sensitive nature, and pleasanter. We must not worry about this change at all. Time, seemingly will move forward into the future, but by what amount I have not been told, although I ask. Instructions will be given one step at a time, and these must be disseminated to others that have a job to do. This applies equally, both to us and NP (non-physical) souls.

What is ORMUS ? 
This curious word stands for 'Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements' which spells ORME, (collectively ORME's), but for sake of convenience is called ORMUS, as it is not certain that they are actually Monatomic. You need not worry about the scientific jargon, just think about the properties of these elements ( see below). ORMUS have been known since 1995. Although they were postulated by A. Einstein and S. N. Bose in the 1920's as BEC elements - 'Bose Einstein Condensates', no one even knew they existed until 1995, discovered by Cornell and Wiemann at Boulder, USA. A BEC is a group of atoms that are all in the same quantum state, and the intrinsic internal temperature of a BEC is close to Zero Point temperature, theoretically. They are superconductors (no electrical resistance at all), and they are superliquids (no surface tension, and no viscosity). The group of atoms behave as if they were a single atom! ORMUS are a particular form of BEC that exist in probably monatomic state; although it may be groups of atoms that behave like a single atom, and they exhibit BEC characteristics at room temperature, not absolute zero. The interesting point about ORMUS is that the electrons of ORME's cease to act like particles, but behave like light.

Are there any other names for ORMUS ?
Yes, they are variously known as Monatomic Transition Group Elements, or White Powder Gold, or M-state Elements, Alchemists Gold, Philosophers Stone (actually a powder, as described in ancient manuals), Monatomic Elements, Elixir of Life, Stardust (have been collected by Astronauts), Manna (of Bible fame - the translation means 'What is it ?'), and Star Fire.

Where are they found ? 
In herbs; sea-water; deep underground; the gold version is found in gold mines (and was thought to be an nuisance); in grapes (USA Concord frozen Grape Juice contains 127 mgms of Rhodium and 8 mgms Iridium in every 4 oz.); vegetables (particularly deep-rooted ones); and in volcanoes (found in volcanic ash). The brain contains around 5% dry weight (tissue reduced to a dry powder state) of Rhodium and Iridium, both in a ORMUS state. They are also found as a residue in crop circles and can be harvested from outer space, although in very little quantity. They have been linked to Manna of the Children of Israel, the Egyptian Pharaohs, and the Ark of the Covenant. The sea water ORME's can be precipitated by alkali at around 9 pH, and the precipitate contains Calcium, Magnesium and a small amount of M-state material. Some people produce ORMUS this way and then eat it.

What are the Properties of ORMUS ?
Technically-speaking they are high-spin, low energy state elements. When they were discovered in 1995, Scientific American mentioned in their May issue that ' a single atom of Ruthenium placed at both ends of a DNA chain increased its conductivity by a factor of 10,000' - in other words DNA had become a superconductor!

Other properties are weightlessness, facilitating levitation (the more you load on the balance pan, the less it weighs proportionately), and ORMUS in contact with other substances bestows the same qualities of 'weightlessness' on them, and other ORMUS qualities; they can bestow magnetic & electrical qualities on humans working with ORMUS; anti-ageing and rejuvenation; thought to be the 'teacher of righteousness' of the Essenes; they bend space-time; improve telepathic communication when taken internally and facilitate bilocation; make the person who ingests them sense 'evil'; heal in a way no one understands; liquids move towards people, and so on. Even more ideas postulated are created by people who think that the Ark of the Covenant was the container of ORMUS metals, and that Egyptian Pharaohs ingested ORMUS to increase their powers of consciounsess and telepathy. It is thought that the Egyptian pharaoh's obsession with gold is actually the result of ORMUS gold (white gold powder) ingested, that gave the ability to contact other dimensional information, thus ensuring that the Pharaoh with his knowledge denied to others, maintained his power over the people.

In our daily diet we ingest ORMUS elements as a natural thing, but the quantity of ORMUS is very  restricted - when we ingest ORMUS we are literally ingesting light (from the electrons), and this can be disseminated to others.

What Metals are ORMUS ? 
There are two groups, and are normally found in association with gold in the natural state; the light platinum group of metals such as Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver. The heavy platinum group includes Osmium, Iridium, Platinum and Gold. There are other ORMUS elements in a similar state of activity.

How does all this tie in together ? 
The third communicator (4th item of synchronicity, top above) told us that the action of ultraviolet light on the ozone layer above Earth creates an ORMUS state of oxygen. This layer or band exists below the ozone layer, and scientists do not know that it exists. Normally this layer of very active oxygen would move Earthwards, but cannot due to the heavy density of negative energy surrounding Earth. This form of oxygen would provide free electrons in a 'light' state. The ORMUS elements present in sea water are formed similarly by the action of ultraviolet light as a result of diffraction. Interestingly the sea water precipitate contains the proportions of calcium and magnesium that I was told to take, plus the ORMUS elements. The similar proportions of calcium and magnesium in Buxton water has passed through deep earth (the site of volcanic activity millions of years ago), plus originally was the bed of an ocean (fossil-bearing limestone), and thus probably contains a tiny proportion of ORMUS - hence the curative properties of Buxton Spring Water.

We were told by the communicator that essentially we are light, and that things look the way they are to us, by the varying proportions of spectrum light. We, as human beings, do not understand light as we should - our concept of 'freezing' light to see it as a particle is a focus on a specific intent. Light is actually everywhere and fills all available space. The presence of ORMUS electrons would enhance the light - white light - that is needed for a shift in consciousness.

The pollution of Earth is not as we see it, but is created by the barrier of negative energy that prevents ORMUS electrons (light) from doing their work. For us,  silver is a better ORMUS than gold as an ingested element.

The time change factor is due to our concept of time which is based on the difference between light and dark (day and night). With an infusion of light, time would cease to be meaningful.

The current shift in polar position is due to the corruption of the energy matrix of the Universe that has become corrupted by the negative energy density around Earth.

Telluric currents found on and in Earth are based upon the conductivity of gold in quartz. The presence of ORMUs elements with the gold is actually the superconductor that permits Earth telluric currents to act. 


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