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Polar Reversals, the North Magnetic Pole, and Film 2012.

Film 2012
The current film ‘2012’ has created a great deal of confusion. The film is called ‘2012’ and is based on two facts; number one fact is because of the supposed inference that the Mayan Calendar may have suggested that the world will end in 2012. This is totally inaccurate, and more recent interpretations say that the correct translation is that 2012 marks the end of an ‘age’, which is a Mayan ‘Age’, and was the limit of time contained within the calendar. Other race’s interpretations of their ancient predictions coincide with the ‘time of change’ translation. Of course, there are innumerable prophets of doom who are predicting anything from a planetary collision to the Earth breaking in half.
The film has wreaked panic amongst some of the more impressionable members of our society, believing that there must be some truth in it - but it is pure Hollywood, dramatic, over-the-top, and fictional to the limits of their best fantasy script writers. The number two fact is that one of the ideas that has become part of the film is polar reversal, and this article tells you the truth about it.

Channelled information
Information from non-physical sources say that we are going through a transition to a new dimension, and it has started now. The change is the first time a whole planet has moved into a new dimension and it is being watched carefully by other intelligence in this Universe, and indeed from other universes. Basically what this means is that the vibrational frequency of humanity is rising to a higher level, thus creating a new dimension of experience. They call this such names as ‘The New Beginnings’, ‘The New Horizon’, and ‘The New Dimension’. At no time have they ever referred to it as 2012, or suggested that there was any connection to a Mayan Calendar. In fact it may well be that it will be completed before our actual date of 2012, as in their understanding dates and time are a man-made commodity, and bear no relationship to anything at all. We are told that there will be no cataclysms or the like, and we may not even notice at first. However, popular belief suggests that the two things are connected - the new dimension and the ‘end of the current age’.

Molecules are combinations of atoms. Each specific combination forms a molecule that is always the same - never varies. Most molecules are dipoles; that is to say that they have an electromagnetic form that exhibits a polar system rather like a permanent magnet. Water is a dipole molecule, for example. Such dipole molecules will actually line up with Earth’s magnetic field if they are free to move.

Polar Reversals
On Earth, rocks are formed initially from molecules of inorganic chemicals that may have been spewed out from an erupting volcano. There is the usual volcanic lava containing many different chemicals, including sulphur. The lava and magma then cools to form rocks. Geologists have noticed that as newly-formed rocks cool the molecules have a ‘grain’ - they all face the same way. They didn’t notice this by examining cooling magma, but by examining existing rocks that were formed many millions of years ago. The same effect will occur with water-based sediment, settling to eventually form rock as a result of great pressure as more and more layers are created on top. As they realised that some rocks are made from dipole molecules, and that at different periods of formation rock’s ‘grain’ goes sometimes in opposite directions, it has led to the understanding that Earth swaps its magnetic poles around from time to time. The North and South of Earth’s magnetic field has changed round some 25 times over 5 million years - on average that’s every 200,000 years. However the swap-round is not regular at all !

Seemingly it is some 740,000 years that this last happened, and so scientists think that we may be long overdue for a reversal. Generally it is believed that the flip-round is slow, perhaps as long as 1000 years, although some N/P information suggests that we may be so dangerously balanced at the moment that a nuclear blast could tip the scale and the poles would flip very quickly. As usual, there are as many theories and quoted times for polar changes as there are experts. Some people suggest that this reversal may be due to the influence of the Sun, but generally it is thought to be a minimal effect.

The Sun, however, changes poles very regularly - every 11 years to be precise, and last changed its polarity in 2001 and therefore is next due to change in 2012. This reversal does have some influence on Earth, but this influence is mainly electromagnetic in nature, such as interference with the ozone layer, poor reception of radio’s, TV’s, mobile phones, military communications, satellite transmissions, and the like. It will probably have an effect on the Schumann belt of electromagnetic radiation. Other effects may be noticed in Earth weather, and most certainly in ‘space weather’. Solar pole shifts are connected with dramatic sunspot activity.

So what causes these changes ? Well, the short answer is that nobody knows !

One theory is that it is tied in with the Earth’s magnetic field, which is caused by the movement of magma below the surface and causes electric currents to flow. Other theories suggest that it is the currents of the oceans that may be the cause of the Earth magnetic field. Whatever the cause, it is suggested that the
electric currents create an instability that every so often is relieved by Earth, by a pole reversal.
Modern methods of evaluating the history of Earth polar shifts is by examining ridges, like the mid-ocean ridge below the surface of the sea. On either side of the ridge, areas of varying magnetic direction occur with time, stretched out by the central emerging magma and can be measured.

The Earth, and the Sun are like a bar magnet, but are not permanent magnets, and the lines of magnetic force are very similar to the science lessons we had at school with iron filings and magnets. The lines of force seem to start at the poles and follow a widening curved path to the other pole.

The effect of the Sun on our upper atmosphere creates geomagnetic storms and results in the Aurora Borealis in the Northern hemisphere (Northern Lights), and the Aurora Australis in the Southern hemisphere (Southern Lights).It is at the time of the sunspot activity that the Aurora is seen, and naturally when the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, it is at its height of activity.

The North Magnetic Pole
All this has nothing whatever to do with the wandering North Pole, as far as we know, but it is relevant to include it here. It seems that no-one knows precisely where the North Pole actually is, as it wanders about over time. The Americans have a man at NASA who’s job it is to find the Magnetic North Pole every few years. They place it in Canada at the moment, but as it was moving at the rate of 40 Km per year in 2009. By 2010 the rate it is moving towards Russia is thought to be around 45Km per year. Who knows where it will be next? The Russians, meanwhile, say that it is a line 1000 miles long extending over Siberia.
The movement of the North Magnetic Pole from 1831 (the first time it was found) to 2001 has been mapped, and it has travelled a long way!


There have been other races that ascended into another dimension earlier in the history of the world; there were two before Atlantis. At that time the Earth was in a different position in space (within the solar system). The evidence of this is now under the sea and under mountains. Humanity somehow survived, and we will survive this current move into another dimension. There will be no cause for alarm at all.
Maybe the two things are connected after all - we are experiencing massive changes in solar rays unlike anything we have known for centuries, and space weather has changed also. If a polar reversal shift occurs (it is not thought that the Earth will tip end on end!) then we will see changes in ocean currents, changes in the winds, weather and continents as the land masses move accordingly - but not all at once.
It probably won’t affect us at all - we will be in another dimension !
Live love, compassion, help others, and spread the light - see you there.

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