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You are Powerful

A channelling. A group were asked to jot down, on a piece of paper, three reasons why they felt that they were not powerful beings, or disbelieved what I was telling them about themselves as being powerful entities in their own right. When they had completed this, later, the following communication occured.

"I told you, you were powerful; that you are creators; that you created not only the World around you, but the Universe and yourselves.

I told you that you can heal with a single touch.  

This is who you really are ! 

And I asked you to jot down three reasons why you deny this to yourself. I have no doubt that there were a host of reasons jotted down, from 'lack of self worth' to a sheer incredulousness that I should make such a sweeping statement.

The most common reason is that you are comfortable. Too comfortable. You are comfortable with the physical world and all it affords. You are comfortable with the niche you have created for yourself in this physical world - backed up by all your previous teachings about the world and yourself that you have never bothered to challenge or authenticate. Beliefs that have imprisoned you for most of your life, and will continue to do so unless you wake up.

We all live in a dream, a dream of your own making. We have done this because we have fallen in love with physicality, to the extent that we now deny the validity of non-physical reality. Slowly, over tens of thousands of years, we have rejected our true identity which is non-physical, replacing it with a comfortable dream of exclusive physical substance, which has become the hologram of our existence.

It is time to wake up and once again take hold of that aspect of us that is part of Universal consciousness - some call it 'the Mind of God'.

We don't like change, we are all conservative at heart, and shy away from anything that is going to upset this little comfortable dream of ourselves. 

This is why we deny. 

When we truly integrate our physical existence with our non-physical abilities of power, greatness, importance, creativity and ability - truly integrate them into a seamless wisdom, then we will finally know that we are powerful creators of great and infinite ability.

After all, if we have created ourselves, the world and the universe, it is not surprising; we are the ones who are the gatherers of wisdom & knowledge through the virtue of experience, and were appointed to do so adding knowledge of every possible potential of reality by the infinite potential of that we call 'Source'. To many, this is God. To others it is the 'Mind of God', to yet others it is the 'Void of Nothingness', but of infinite potential. To yet others it is US who are God, collectively.

It matters not what we call It, so long as we do not create any division between It and Us. It is not separate; It is Us and We are It. Know it, believe it, and you will awaken to your true reality. It is not without Us, It is within Us.

Seek and ye shall find".  

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