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Preparations for the New Dimension.

Very soon now we will experience the greatest event to happen to mankind for a very, very long time. The old world will fade away, carrying with it all those who think they know better than us and are locked into materialism. In its place a new world will shine, brilliant with light and colour; a lighter, pleasanter, more peaceful world created of the qualities of Love, Brotherhood, Integrity, Cooperation, Caring, Gentleness and Sharing. We will find communication easier with others who, perhaps, we never knew existed. This will be a great coming-together of many souls, and it will be wonderful. We must be in this New Dimension.


First we must understand that we must be prepared to learn about the non-physical interpretations of 'dimension', 'energy', 'light', and 'colour'.

What we see about us now is just the construct of the brain, allied to our concepts of a physical world and our surroundings. We are also limited by our perceptions of what we may achieve, and have applied self-inflicted limitations so that we may remain within our comfort zone, and not have to think about anything deeper than that.  We have great abilities and capabilities, but generally ignore them for an easy life.

Largely we will be able to get a peek at other concepts though meditation, and we must be prepared to try it out and allow ourselves to perceive something different than normal.

We can no longer hand over our responsibility to someone, or something else and expect it all to be taken care of, but we must fully accept our resonsibilities to ourselves, and be happy accepting that fact. We must make up our own minds and not be influenced by others that may not share the same beliefs as we.

We must learn to steer by intuition and be aware of our thoughts - what they actually are, and what they actually represent.  Many of our thoughts are placed there by those who wish to guide us along the right path, and we must begin to recognise those thoughts, as distinct from others.  We must listen to the way we think, listen to what is coming through to you. Realise the importance of the New Dimension, and realise that others will need your help & guidance. Now is the time to begin to learn how to use the energies that are available to us through thought, emotion and feelings.  We must speak about it to others of a similar understanding to ourselves.

Our purpose in understanding about the New Dimension, and our development, is to become enlightened, and as we do so, then we will light the way for others, for many will find the way narrow and hard.


The Power of the Light.

Something we do not understand in our present world is the power of light. We do not realise that light is information - everything we ever needed to know is contained within the light. In fact, we ARE light; the vary nature of us is light itself. The energies of which we speak are formed of the light itself, and the various forms and frequencies of energy are the various colours and frequencies of light, and most importantly - the resonance's of those frequencies.


Meditate with a mental creation of light - a huge ball of white light. The light is calling out for you to enter - and enter into it, floating as light as a feather into the light.  See yourself as a moving object floating through the light. Observe the energies at a distance; see them moving around you and see that the light is telling you which way to turn to move into the New Dimension.

Be aware of your feelings and see how many different feelings you are aware of. Experience these feelings yourself (not as an impartial observer, but as part of the process), and be at One with the light.
This is what is meant by 'feelings' as each feeling is a different expression of the way the energies of light is used - colour, light, opportunities - that will then manifest into the new, lighter, physical world of the New Dimension, as different events.


The New Way of Thinking means that we must no longer see everything as a physical phenomena bound by physical laws that we have defined, but as nonphysical fields of energy that can be used and worked with to create a desired effect in the physical - in other words, learning how to create - the New Dimension.

The power to create will only be given to those who are responsible enough to use it correctly - the power to create a much better world, and a world of caring individuals, with love for their fellows operating with gentleness, humility, cooperation and sharing - the combined effort of all in an atmosphere of love and healing. A MUCH pleasanter place.

Those who would use the power for their own ends to have power over others for profit, greed, and engrandisment, and have little or no thought for others will be denied access to the New Dimension.

Know that you are being guided every step of the way, and protected. Know that everything is monitored and checked, and that every precaution is being taken to ensure the success of this new and exciting adventure into a new reality of existence.


How Do I Know this is Happening ?

Frankly, we don't know until we have to know. If we were to have all the information in advance, by the very nature of humanity we would be worrying about it and trying to interfere, changing things about to satisfy our imagined earthly needs, and probably make a botch up of the whole thing.

Honestly, take a look at the world today with its problems, greed, wars, strife, conflict and broken dreams and promises, with a total lack of integrity; The breakdown of financial systems, the breakdown of political integrity, the corruption of information exchange, almost permanent suspicion of motive, our inability to coexist, etc, etc.

Are we really that civilised that we are capable of engineering our own future? Are we, as a race, really to be trusted?

We can only change things for the better if we actually know what 'better' is, and what really is good for us, and not what we imagine is good for us with our frequently corrupted thinking patterns.

Like most things of a spiritual nature, we already have all the knowledge that we need, but don't know it - it is all 'inside' of us now. We don't know about it because it is not stored in the brain, but in our energy field - it is a function of our higher consciousness.

We are allowed to access that information when we really need it and when it is to be used, and when we can be trusted to use it, and not before.  We, of enlightened spiritual awareness, are currently being trained to think responsibly and take personal responsibility for ourselves and others; we are being trained to create responsibly - the New Dimension.


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