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Purpose and The Grand Plan

Last year a small seed settled in a flower bowl on Sara's patio.

This year it germinated and grew beside the existing plants into a foxglove, some 18" high (about half a metre). Its many flowers were visited by innumerable bees, disappearing down into the brilliantly-coloured bell-like flowers, to take the nectar. In doing so they brought fertilising pollen from other foxgloves, and in due course the bees were no longer to be seen as the flowers began to wither, and the foxglove began to develop seed pods.

Sara removed the seed pods.

The foxglove simply grew more in height and soon a completely new crop of flowers were to be seen. The bees returned, and the whole sequence followed through again.

Sara removed this crop of seed pods.

Again the foxglove grew more in height and the whole sequence was repeated, including Sara removing the seed pods, several times.

The foxglove was now some 6 feet high (1.8 metres), and was still producing its attractive and colourful flowers, and the bees were still visiting. One day it began to wilt, so Sara watered it, and once again it stood vertical, proud and high, with a grand colourful display of flowers.


Unseen friends wish that we will look at this phenomenon as an example of purpose and consciousness.  The foxglove, that we think just follows a natural instinct, has a consciousness that drives it to follow its purpose (continuing its species), realising that even though it has been blocked in its path of producing seed pods, it MUST try again, and against all our expectations, has done so several times. In a different way to what we understand, it thinks ! Yes, the foxglove has a consciousness, just like us.

This is an example of what we are constantly told - that we must observe, and learn from, the little things that happen around us. Nature, the Universe and Earth has provided for, and sustained, the foxglove against all odds, and the Universe is doing the same for us, supporting us in our endeavors.

There is also the matter of cooperation. The foxglove is part of a cooperative venture and cannot do it alone; it needs the provision of nature in the soil, the help of the bees in pollination, and our help providing much needed water when natural supplies run short. The consciousness of the foxglove accepts and appreciates its role in the cooperative system.

Like the foxglove we all have a task to do in life. The foxglove has to provide for the continuation of its species.  We also have a task that we came here to do.  Each of you were chosen to do a specific task - it would not be easy, and you may not like it. There may be interference and blocking, but we must overcome the hindrance and complete the task.

Despite what we think, our task is another sort of cooperative venture and we are assisted in our task by Nature, the Universe, planet Earth and many others, seen and unseen. In our own way we too are here to assist others in their task, although we may not realise what their task is and that we are assisting at all.

Despite what we do and what we think of it, Nature is determined that we will complete our task. Each of us has been chosen to complete a part of a Grand Plan. We too must realise and appreciate that in order for the current cooperative venture to be a success, we have to accept the help of others. We may not be able to do it alone, and others, in their turn, may also need our help.

We haven't the faintest idea what the Grand Plan entails, and we may not realise the grandness of the Plan, but we must do our job to the full, and when we have completed our task, we may go 'home' if we wish.

Everyone is equal; neither better than, or inferior to, anyone else. Every task, no matter how small, is equally important. Even the smallest task is necessary for the Grand Plan to be a success - it may be the one thing that brings many other things together or the final key in the lock for that particular part of the Plan, so regardless of what we see our task as, it is as important as all other tasks.

Always remember that we actually chose our path and our time here on Earth, and we were chosen to do that task because we were the best one to do it. Currently we are discovering who we really are, and that we are a traveller in dimensions, doing the job that we do best. We have been a traveller for millions and millions of years, and recently we are a traveller into this particular system of reality, at this specific time. Maybe, after our task is completed successfully, it is time for another adventure.

Also remember that it is never easy - you are a 'systems buster', and you are good at your job. You probably have done this job many times before, and so you were chosen because you succeeded. There is a part of each of us that is operating on different levels to our normal daily concept of 'who we are', and mostly we do not know anything about it. It is because part of our consciousness is focussed in the physical, material world, but there is a whole magnificent world of meaning existing alongside our current reality, and we are an important part of it - the subtle world of the Grand Plan.  At some point it may be revealed to us, but we must be patient until that time. In the meantime, remember that in spite of all the frustrations, disappointments and hindrances, you are a success at your job - you do it well.

Something to try for yourself: Try and work out what is your current part in the Grand Plan; what is your task ?  Ask yourself - 'who helps me '?
And most importantly, 'who do you help to complete their task?'


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