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The Quantum Nature of Healing. 

Today there is a new understanding of the process of healing and what it is. 

In the past healers may have thought that they were conducting energy to a patient, and that energy seemed to automatically arrive when they performed a series of hand movements - other than that they were at a loss to explain the process. Others specifically asked for spirit guides to bring the energies. All this is perfectly correct, except that when a healer now realises that they are a universe in themselves, and that all healing is Love, and an infinite power of love is available for the asking, then a new powerful realisation and manifestation of healing begins to emerge - a quantum healing.

Quantum ? 

First we must explain what we mean by 'Quantum'. It is not a new term, being in use for almost a hundred years, but most people are confused by it. Basically the understanding of the processes of physics has got a new meaning. In the old Newtonian ideas, the Universe was seen as a great machine which ground away of its own volition. We were just an accident of nature, perhaps the result of a primeval thunderstorm in which lightning struck a primeval soup of organic compounds, and life was the result. Whatever the understanding, we were not thought to be part of the Universal system. Energy was thought to be a wave formation, conforming to physical laws, and independent of mankind.

In the new realisation we are as much part of the plan as the Universe itself, and more than that - we create our perception of our own Universe.

The realisation of quantum physics started with a theory by a man called Max Planck at the beginning of the twentieth century, at the same time as Einstein was formulating his theories of Relativity. Much to scientists surprise, energy could also be thought of as a particle - a tiny bundle of energy, and this they called a quanta - a quantity of energy. Each tiny bundle of energy has its own name, so for example a quanta of light is called a photon. This study has developed today into particle physics - the study of subatomic 'particles', each with their own name such as electrons, positrons, neutrons, mesons, up & down quarks, etc., but really they are just energy potentials - they don't actually exist.

One of the problems with light is called the double slit experiment, and scientists are still arguing about it. An answer to the problem was suggested by Richard Feynmann and this answer seems to be correct, and is substantiated by channeled information from nonphysical sources. Another problem is that scientists have difficulty in creating a 'Theory of Everything', where they try and collect all known phenomena under one theory, and they argue about this also. Yet another problem is one that has come to the front of science in recent years, and this is that electromagnetic energy such as light, cannot be observed as a wave and a particle at one and the same time. Scientists have realised that it is the presence of an observer (the man/woman that does the experiment) that changes things. Slowly the realisation has come that we, somehow, through our consciousness have changed things around. 


And so we come to the studies of our abilities, such as ESP or that quality known as 'psi', which is as near as science gets to talking about consciousness!

The following, slightly modified, article examines this concept (GLB, 1999). 

"Recent comments and references to physical sciences and quantum physics, psi, etc., makes me realise that although these phrases are used a lot these days very few people will know why. Many are struggling to equate references to quantum physics with Spirituality, and healing.....not that they perhaps will understand it, but they just might like to know why!

In the early '30s all informational aspects of psychic phenomena were combined by Dr. J B Rhine (Duke University, USA) as ESP - extra sensory perception - based on statistical research. In the 1940s Wiesner and Thouless, researchers at the Society for Psychical Research (UK) began to use a neutral label, the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet - psi - pronounced 'sigh', to represent informational and energy phenomena. Psychic phenomena includes psi.

The physical sciences represent observed experimental properties of physical matter giving rise to a number of 'laws of matter' from which expected results can be determined. The physical sciences will include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanics, etc. Formerly in these sciences it was thought that all electromagnetic energy was of a wave form (the analogy is 'analogue'), but early this century Max Planck formulated a quantum theory in which energy is viewed as minute finite amounts - tiny bundles of energy (we can make an analogy here between analogue and digital). It is now considered that energy (such as light) can be observed as both wave and quanta characteristics, but not at the same time.

The involvement of quantum physics in psi research is a result of amazing 1980s experiments by French scientists Aspect, Dalibard & Roger with calcium atom photons (basic units of electromagnetic radiation, such as light). It was found that the previously coupled pairs of photon particles remain 'connected' in properties, even when separated by a great distance (observation of Bell's Theorem), sometimes known as 'non-local interaction'. This has led some parapsychologist / physicists to think that all matter is somehow 'connected'.

Spirit, of course, has been telling us for some years now that all objects are 'aware' of every other object through the electromagnetic light field that surrounds it.

Other areas that have interested the researchers are discoveries that the result of measurements in elementary (subatomic) particle physics are affected by the observer, and that scientists now suggest that matter may be a result of wavelike interference patterns in electromagnetic field effects forming a sort of holistic hologram. A tiny portion of a hologram still contains the information to create the whole hologram. The wavelike resonance's may be the link between matter and consciousness...and of course, psi.

It is thought that brain functions are similar to the way a hologram works (and recent discoveries of micro tubules in the brain may implicate quantum processes) and depend upon pattern and relationships. Experiments prove that the brain has the ability to detect another persons' intention, sometimes at enormous distances (non-local effect). This can be seen in, say, distant (absent) healing, as well as in the American Remote Viewing experiments (the USA Stargate Project).

Many scientists have tried to create a 'holistic' theory that will combine all the 'laws' of new physics, (wave and quantum field theories, with Einstein's Relativity) and have such names as Bohm's Holomovement and Implicate order, and for living organisms Rupert Sheldrake developed his Morphogenic fields (similar in some respects to Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious). Ullman, a pioneer in dream research, contributes to a collective consciousness field effect.

Parapsychologists are using these theories to search for 'logical' explanations of psi, in the major fields of remote viewing (a sort of topographical clairvoyance including emotional aspects), pre-cognitive dreaming (meaningful dreams), and the area of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence). We, the spiritually-minded, use the idea of the Mind of God, the River of Thought, Consciousness Flow, etc., etc., (we are all One) to explain these phenomena.

Dale E Graff, the former Director of the U.S.Government sponsored Stargate Project, suggests that the quantum physicists of the next generation will have to include consciousness into their considerations of research. He visualises that a consciousness field will be seen as a multidimensional extension of space-time.

Scientists now accept that energy can exist without mass (the photon, for example), and the thinking that the fastest known speed of electromagnetic radiation is the 186,000 miles/second speed of light is also being challenged by open-minded researchers who visualise (at present unknown) unifying principles capable of speeds of perhaps several million times this speed.

In fact, research into the areas of the nature of light and time (or space-time) will probably be the way forward to new understandings.

In simple words, the layman-spirituality language & the teachings of Spirit are now being formulated into the scientific language of the quantum/relativity theoretical physicist, and the more they delve into subatomic particles & their properties, the more it looks like the spirituality view of Matter and Life.

Far from challenging the concept of 'Spirit', properly applied this new thinking will actually strengthen the evidence of existence beyond that presently perceived by the five senses alone, and even hard-headed but far-thinking theorists now realise that perceptive capabilities beyond the norm are, in fact, really quite normal and have been an innate quality of humankind from the birth of its time.

It is well to remember that 'logic' is only born of the reasoning portions of the brain steeped only in the phenomena of the finite physical earth-plane, whereas the 'non-logic' is the domain of those with open-minded access to the Infinite mind, comprehension and understanding. Those of non-logical, unlimited thinking will point the way to tomorrow's' new discoveries and realisations".

Interesting Note: I wrote this article around 1999, and it was published in the UK and Australia. In the Australian version, they made a number of printing errors, including the last line which read 'Those of non-logical unlimited drinking will point the way.....etc'. 
Too much Fosters, no doubt !!! 

Consciousness, Energy and Light. 

Any study of a quantum nature of healing must include some thoughts about the nature of consciousness, and the following is channeled information regarding this (GLB, 1999):

I was told, when asking about the nature of consciousness: 

"Words are inadequate as they place limitations on the understanding. Consciousness cannot be described, because to use words would be to limit - to impose limitations. Consciousness is unlimited in its true and full sense".

I was also told.... 

"Our experience here on the physical earth plane is an illusion - part of the hologram of existence, and we are here on earth to experience consciousness in the limiting plane of physical existence. This is only a very small part of it. It can only be described in words in this limited material plane form as it is perceived, and then only partly. Truly, consciousness is unlimited and so to try and explain it and understand it in the spiritual sense in its full unlimitedness is quite impossible by words of description and comparing it to the physical experience. 

Once the physical manifestations of consciousness are experienced and understood here, then we are ready to experience, and perhaps understand more of it, in the spirit world. The material is just the beginning. It is impossible to describe the unlimited in earthly terms of limitation".

We often hear of 'the Light', meaning spiritual light, and we wonder what this is. Again a channeled information reveals that we are greater than we think...

"The light is not without, the light is within. 

The light is within you - You Are The Light". 

Everything comes from thought, including light, which is an energy. We are told that Light is Love, and has a colour and an energy. Similarly we are told that all Healing is Love. All Creation is an act of Love, and this love, unconditionally exists inseparably as the Universe.


Another term you may encounter today is Zero Point Energy. This is the energy of the Universe. Originally, in the Newtonian ideas, all energy vibrates at a frequency and if you bring the temperature down to the Absolute Zero, which is -273 degrees Centigrade, all activity would cease, and all energy would be static. In the new realisations of physics, it is found that at Zero temperature, there is a very great amount of energy present - so much that it is estimated that a tea cupful would be enough to boil all the Earth's oceans!

It is this energy that is taking the attention of our new physicists. They may call it other names such as Universal Consciousness, Consciousness Field, The Field (work of Lynne McTaggart and others), or the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Another thing that fascinates the new physicist is that when they really look at what's 'out there' they find NOTHING ! The field of Infinite Possibility is composed of nothing except the potential of EVERYTHING.

Quantum Healing. 

So now we have looked at all the things that may be a concept bearing upon our new understanding of healing. What we begin to realise is that all potential of healing - love - exists everywhere already. The healer requests that healing, love, be given and specifies a place and time (as there is no time or space concept in Infinite Possibility). In other words, we, as healers, specify the coordinates; the time (now), the place (here) and the focus of our intent (the Patient). The healer does this by their intention alone. The intention is a focus of consciousness, and as all requests are answered by the all-embracing, all-loving Universe,  then the healing is manifested in the patient.
Naturally, as healers, we must be careful what we request! We must be specific in our requirements of healing energy, thinking of positive things only, such as unbounded health. We must not entertain thoughts of 'remove the condition', or 'take away the growth', but visualise that it HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. We are the medium for the exchange of energies, and it is up to us to strengthen the hologram that is the patient by our healing. In the strengthening of the hologram, the correctly-functioning, healthy aspect of a healthy body must be visualised and manifested by intention. An interesting outcome of quantum healing is that you may manifest healing in the past, present & future, at any place !
Thus the quantum interpretation of healing explains that most mysterious of phenomena - the distance healing. A healer can heal someone a thousand miles away, as easily as if they were by their side.

Further Information.
The whole of all this is the subject of many versions of 'The Secret' (DVD, relating to personal positive intention), 'What The Bleep Do We Know' (DVD; Part scientific revelation on the nature of ZPE, the Field of Infinite Possibility, etc.), plus the sequel 'Down the Rabbit Hole',  'The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment' (Books and DVD's - Lynne McTaggart, author of 'What Doctors Don't Tell You), and countless other books and talks by various authors, including Deepak Chopra, and Gregg Braden.


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