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The Separation

If each of us was somehow relegated to an open care home that had everything we need, and in doing so our relatives and friends held a ceremony, after which they refused to see us, or answer us again ... how would we feel ?

And if they then sold off all our possessions or threw them on the tip, and sold off our home ... how would we feel ?

And if they then often fought over the spoils, greedily grabbing what money we had saved .... how would we feel ?

And if they then paid lip service to us, saying how much they missed us, but did not speak to us, or see us, and answer our words ... how would we feel ?

For this is exactly what happens to most people.

The teenager 'T. L.' who died after a long struggle with cancer, stood at the side of his coffin at his funeral and shouted "I am not in there (the coffin), I am here !" No one heard him. He then moved over to his family and touched them, but no one noticed, and no one spoke to him.

Many a deceased husband sits lovingly at his wife's side, hoping to catch her attention, but is ignored.

Discarnate Friends sit by our side, and knowing our problems place thoughts in our minds to help us make the right decision, but we didn't know it and ignored them, and thought that we made the right decision ourselves.

The Rejection

For most 'departed' people, the common experience is that many of their relatives and friends may have some idea that they are close, but if any visible signs are given, then they reject them completely, saying that they are of the devil.

Haven't we got it completely wrong ?

And what of the feelings and emotions and thoughts of our departed relatives and friends - we seem to think that they have none !!!

When 'S. T'., who died several years ago, communicated with his friend 'P' of 25 years, recently, he wept openly with a mixture of sadness and joy that it had been so long since they were able to communicate properly, but now had finally managed to do so. He reminded him of the many times he had sat at his side in times of trouble and solved his problems for him, suggesting that he take a certain action that resolved the situation.

'S'. taught his friend how to communicate with him at any time, and how to share his concerns and receive help. 'S' also said how he had met a mutual friend recently (in his non-physical world) and that she had told him he was too bossy, and that he had changed. There was so very much more, and all given in such a loving way.

All this makes us realize that our friends and relatives have not gone anywhere - they are here, now. It makes us realize that we have ignored them, and rejected them, not wishing to communicate or accept communication, unless we have become 'enlightened', and even then we get it wrong and worship them in absence, as though they are different.

We are them and they are us. They have adopted a new state of Being, and we have not understood properly. We are all what we might call 'spirit', and just because we use a body to interact with the physical world, we have rejected those that need no body, and separated ourselves from them.

Isn't it time we changed ?

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