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Soul in Transit

We exist in this world of ours as a spiritual being (we can also call this our essence, our inner being, or our soul) with a physical body. We normally think that the essence, or soul, lives in a body, but we are told by n/p communicators that the body lives within the soul. The purpose of the body is so that we can experience the solid, material world about us, using our five senses - sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. We can consider our body to be like a heavy, dense overcoat that actually dulls our perceptions of life quite a lot, due to its density. All of our perceptions of life are stored as feelings and emotions, within our soul.

When we go through a transition to another dimension of existence (dying), we drop our heavy overcoat and are free - we are not in the physical realms any more, in fact we are not a member of the human race any more. We are a free energy - still with our identity - and so because we no longer are hindered by the density of our overcoat, our emotions are heightened greatly. A person's emotions, therefore, are a mixture at that time of sadness at having left behind the world and their loved ones, but also great joy and freedom in the new life, which is a very emotional experience in itself. Normally our perceptions may also be heightened, but we may not realise this at first.

Initial Progress
Some souls may not move into the light immediately possibly due to the manner of their death, or that they simply do not know they no longer exist in the physical world, or that they have not realised their perceptions of what is around them have heightened, and thus haven't seen that things are different. All are met at the point of departure from the world, and all are cared for greatly. Any physical condition is immediately changed, as physical conditions belong to the body and not to the soul, but they may not realise that immediately, and it may take some hours or a day or two. Some souls do not realise that they must move themselves, by their own intention, towards the light, and have to be helped. Others may need extra energy to perceive the light, as their own energy field may be temporarily depleted. It is all a matter of perception and intention. A soul that has not moved is cared for and brought into an energy field that will enable them to be motivated, as soon as practicable. The movement of souls that have difficulty is explained in another article about soul 'rescue'.

A soul that has been educated in the knowledge of their own spirituality, or has the awareness of the next life will be met, perhaps recognising their helper, and move directly into the light world. Some souls have been acclimatised to the possibility of their new life for some time prior to their passing, during their sleep state or by loving visions of others, that they know, who are deceased. They will be able to see the physical world and all of us in it, and may speak to us, and perhaps be saddened that we cannot hear. They may try and communicate at this stage by touching us. This is like a gossamer thread being drawn over our eyes or cheek, or any sensitive area on the face, perhaps as a pressure on the brow. The spoken word from us, they can hear.

They find that life has changed to something quite wonderful when they reach the world of light. The world is very beautiful to their eyes, full of colour and brilliance. It has been described as 'so very peaceful and wide'. They also describe the effect of exploring the new world and moving to the centre of an energy, and when they do, they find great beauty and love. Other souls greet them and help them to become used to their new state, giving love and kindness. Communication in this new world is usually by thought - what we would describe as telepathic. As far as I can determine this new world is very like our own, but peaceful and calm.

The soul has changed their state from being physical to being an energy being, and it takes some time for the person to get used to manipulating the energies to a level state, thus they can sound very emotional if they communicate through a deep trance medium, and the level of energy changes from being very high to coming down lower to a more even state, the more they talk, as evidenced by the pitch of voice, and usually the degree of emotion.

When we are in this new life, at first we are still in contact with Earth energies and so we can speak through a person such as a deep trance medium, if the opportunity arises, although this would be something that we could only do for a specific reason, and the voice can sound quite clear and articulate.

The soul will be in a group, with a powerful guardian to help them. Permission must be sought and granted before they could communicate. However, within a few days this contact with the frequency of energies of the physical world is left behind, and so the soul has to literally learn again how to speak in the physical, using someone else's voice box; this may take from several days to weeks or even months, depending how much they desire or need to communicate. If there is good reason, and the soul is very eager to communicate, they must try very hard to learn this technique successfully. It takes a great deal of energy and is the co-operative effort of a group of souls to arrange communication, and only a specific amount of energy is available. As the energy dissipates the spoken word gets slower and slower, eventually fading away as the energy field is exhausted.

Deep Trance
There are only a few of deep trance ability in this world, but there are many who think they are 'trance' mediums, but only operate on a lower level. A truly deep trance medium has a special ability of working with many higher souls, and can exchange the higher energies with a sitter. The energies exchanged with the sitter are of realisation, and knowledge that is imparted. The higher energies are to develop an inner awareness of 'the other side' of life. We may think that there is only 'spirit' and us, but we would be mistaken for there are many who are in dimensions of reality other than the one we know. Sometimes a soul from another dimension may wish to communicate, and may wish to know what it is like to be a human being in that particular dimension of reality. They therefore may communicate through the deep trance medium to a recipient, and in this case, energies are exchanged on a different level to that normally experienced. This would only be a learning experience, or a communication to being knowledge and wisdom from one dimension to another.

The way deep trance works is that the medium has agreed (perhaps in pre-life) to allow the body to be used by another soul for communication. That which is their soul or essence stands on one side, allowing another (who only comes with permission) to use the voice box and perhaps the arms and hands. They are called a 'trance' medium because in this state they appear to be in a state of trance. (It is very important that they are not touched whilst in this state of communication as it can cause great physical damage). Anyone who communicates can only do so with the permission of the 'doorkeeper' (usually the guardian of the soul group) - and only those of highest intent and integrity can communicate, with great love. Communication of this kind is deemed a great honour. The sitter can be mesmerised by the outcome and feel humbled by the experience, but we are told not to be humbled; a gentle reminder that we too are spirit.

You may find it a bit odd, if you experience trance mediumship as a sitter that the communicant sounds like the medium, but they have to use the voice box, so it will sound somewhat different to their usual voice, but still basically the medium's voice. Sometimes it is very apparent when a communicator is a man or a woman, and sometimes a small child, but much of the time there is very little difference.  The exception is when one communicator follows another, often with no break between - then the different voices will be heard. The way of learning how to communicate, I am told, is that the communicator must learn how to use the energy field that allows them to read the brain patterns of the medium's mind. They can only use the words that are stored there, anything more can cause faltering speech.

Names are rarely used, because names usually refer to the physical world, and one specific lifetime, so generally people are referred to as 'a friend of yours', or 'a friend of mine'. By what they say or do you usually know who it is. Some actually come regularly by name, but they come to assist in some way that we recognise, and use a name so we know what they have come for, and who is assisting.

The doorkeeper of the medium is the guiding light of great power and wisdom and normally the guardian of the group of souls that communicate, and teaches the others in his care how to use the energies to speak through the medium. The communicating soul may get told to try harder if they have not succeeded in articulate speech! The guardian also monitors everything that is said and done on their side.  Actually what we don't realise is that we are monitored also, in our world, from the non-physical world!

We are all children in a sense and we may find ourselves being referred to in communication as 'the child'. At first I was inquisitive about this as they may also speak of many (spirit) children, however when I asked about 'the children' I was told that they were as we normally think of children. Because they are 'children' they are not like in the physical world, they are often highly evolved in intellect, but choose to express as children because their energies are pure, powerful and uncorrupted. An actual child (when in the physical) passing through transition may develop amazingly quickly in the other life, and in the space of a few weeks may be speaking like a highly-evolved soul of great wisdom. Others, however, may have not had the experience to draw on and may have to learn all about energies and light, and may remain as 'a child' for quite a long time.

Some souls may communicate through a clairvoyant medium who can communicate through mind. There are various types of medium, some being able to hear (often in the head rather than the ears, although this is possible), others may see the soul standing there near them, and yet others may see little cartouches of snippets of activity leading them to communicate what they see. Some are impressed by pictorial representations of something of significance, or impressed by a phrase, name or date. Each medium has their own particular way of acknowledging communication. Many souls communicate basically through touch, as mentioned above, and this does not require a medium, but the receiver to be sensitive enough to recognise the meaning of the touches or pressures.

A Soul's View
A soul can choose how they see you. Many times we are seen on the 'other side' as a light - the brighter the light, the more we have evolved in a spiritual sense. Colour also is important, as by the colour or colours of the light our qualities can be deduced. We can also be seen as we are in the physical world. My friend Steve H (died several years ago) tells me he can choose how he sees me, even a mixture of the two things, if he so desires (like a glowing body, I imagine). In the 'other life' we exist within permanent light of great beauty, and this is mentioned, together with the brilliance of colours. There is also great love, compassion and brotherhood, and this is, in itself, an emotional experience for them. They may mention how they have met up with a friend. Steve H met up with several new friends who were just like himself. We are never alone in this world or the next.

We do not go 'over there' for a rest, as this 'rest' is completed very quickly in our terms and understanding of time. You may hear them say that they stood at the side of the coffin and wanted to tell everyone that they were not in there any more. The departed soul often attend their own funeral. Steve H saw that a friend he had known had healing ability and asked that he be told. Another friend sat on his coffin at his funeral and found it a moving experience. In the new life a soul will be helping the loved ones to understand about the new life. They do this by bringing thoughts into the mind and actuating experiences that will make them challenge their own beliefs, if this is necessary, or perhaps by moving things around in the home they have left. For someone in bereavement, when you feel they are about, then answer out loud, because the loved one can hear you!

The soul will very soon be thinking about how they can help others, and every time that they successfully affect us, by energy, by communication, by touch or by communicating in our sleep state; it is progress. The progress is multiplied if we acknowledge them. In a period of time, very short by our Earth reckoning, the soul will begin to move on into a higher state of being. The actual progress is governed by their success in learning how to operate as an energy being. They tell us that they too are learning, that they do not automatically know everything, that much of what they learned on Earth was totally inadequate, and they have to virtually start all over again, listening, learning and watching every day.

Taking it all in
People may find all this a bit mind-blowing. Many people will be frightened of such things, as fear plays a very big part in being human. Although people may not find this easy to relate to perhaps because of religious upbringings, peer ridicule, and the fact that the media rubbish the idea that we move into a new type of existence and this kind of related experience.   For me this is the normal. I have been involved with helping others on the 'other side' for many years, and it is commonplace to me - but always awesome.

If you find it difficult to get your head round it, then realise in this reality on Earth, we have duality, as that is our understanding. We make a judgement about everything, such as whether people are fat or thin, old or young, black or white, and so on. Therefore we must realise that our understanding of reality is double-sided, like a coin. One side of reality is the physical world. The other side is the non-physical world. You cannot have a single-sided coin or disc without the flip side, and in a similar way you cannot have a single-sided reality. It MUST have both sides. This is a greatly over-simplified analogy, but it will do for the moment.

Many people who are 'in the know' about who we truly are, want to keep you in the dark. If you know of your potential and 'other life', then those people can no longer keep you under their control by fear and misinformation. Other people are in fear themselves, as they also know that everything that we say, do or even think is known. Many, many more people ridicule the idea that we live on because they have fallen in love with the physical, material world, and are in denial of anything more than that. They try and live in only one side of reality (looking at only one side of the coin), ignoring the other.

There is nothing to fear, all communication comes with the greatest, unimaginable love, and is part of our true existence. We are forever.

There is one thing we should always remember - everything is known. Everything that you do, say or even think, is known. The soul in the new world can hear you, they can also see you. As I mention above, they can also read your brain patterns so they know what you think, and in any case are now experts in telepathy! When you are sitting, seemingly alone, just thinking or watching the television, they may be sitting next to you. Remember, you are NEVER alone. Comforting and reassuring knowledge for most, but a sobering thought for some!

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