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 Soul Rescue

Part Three - continuing stories and examples of souls directed towards the Light.

In this section there is the following: Concentration Camp story 1 - The Jewish Father and his sons; and story 2 -The Camp Mother.

Also included are: The Earthquake disaster; The Strangled Woman; The Spurned Boy Friend; The Asian Tsunami; The Baby; Iraqi Executions; 9/11.

Two WW2, Wartime Instances

The Jewish Father and his sons.

This rescue happened at a seminar some years ago during a class devoted to developing some aspirants to trance work, which Sara and I had gone to more out of curiosity than anything else.

A large circle of people were seated, numbering about 20 or so, and the tutor was trying to develop a lady who was sitting close to her. Normally just one person at a time is encouraged, and this lady was the first for development. The lady dropped into a trance-like state and said a few words. Much to the astonishment of the normally experienced lady tutor another person nearby began to speak in a trance state, and another and yet another. The tutor was very confused, and her protests were in vain. By the time there were around seven or eight people all in trance and speaking, the tutor was going wild in a state of panic, not knowing what to do next, busily firmly telling the communicators to go away saying they were not needed and it was all very inappropriate.

It was at this point that Rita went into trance, and with a friend giving healing energies close by, and me squatted on the floor at her feet, we began to hear the story of an elderly Jewish man looking for his two sons, and stating quite positively that he would not leave without them. Seemingly he had looked everywhere but could not find them. This was in the Concentration Camp in WW2, and he had obviously died with them.

I gently talked to him for quite a long while getting his confidence and trust and eventually asked him to consider that they had already gone ahead, and it might be a good idea to see if they were already in the Light that he could see ahead. He faded away slowly, and we were left wondering what had actually happened.

Later, in the Hotel bedroom we heard the full story by another communicator. It seemed that the man was suffering with the traumas of his experiences and frightened to try and use another person's body to communicate, and so it was demonstrated to him, by all the souls speaking through the other people in trance, that this was quite a normal procedure, and he should do the same. Reluctantly he agreed to try, and as predicted, his two sons had already gone ahead and were waiting for him. There was a joyful reunion.

I have since wondered about the Jewish man searching for his sons, and realised that he had been searching, in our time, for 60 years. How many thousands of souls are still there, still wandering about in their traumatic state, not knowing how to move on, or still looking for relatives and friends? It doesn't really bear thinking about.

The Camp Mother

A German lady came through during a circle meeting speaking initially in German, but changing to English as she told of her experience. It gradually became apparent that she was describing what it was like to have been sent to the gas chamber, and the way it was experienced by those with her. She described how they had been asked to remove their clothes by the men marshalling them into the closed room (I think she thought that were being forced to have a shower), and then described in graphic detail how she had felt her legs giving way under her, but she couldn't understand why. She described the panic amongst all the people and was shocked and wept at all the bodies heaping up. Panic stricken, she was trying to get to the children - about some seven or eight, I think she said, and that they had been "over there", indicating with her arm, but now had gone, and she couldn't find them, despite looking everywhere. Again, this lady refused any help at all until she found her children.

It seems that during the time of the concentration camps some women 'adopted' the recently orphaned children as their own, making a large family, and were known as 'Camp Mothers'.

I listened and suppressing the emotions with difficulty, spoke to her and asked her to describe what she could see. Actually I had a mental impression of the interior of that room in quite sharp detail as she was speaking. I asked her to tell me whether she could see any light at all and she said that there was a faint glow of reddish-orange 'over there' (the direction of her last sight of the children). I suggested she walk over and as she did so she was amazed that there was a building appearing that she had not seen before - it was in purple light, she described, and there was a door and it was slightly ajar. As she moved closer she told me that there was a blue light streaming from the partially opened door and the door was slowly opening by itself. The sounds of joy as she peered into the brightly lit blue room showed that she had found the children, who were already in the Light.

The people in the circle that evening were all affected greatly by the experience - everyone was weeping, and even now I cannot tell the episode to others without choking on emotion and having to pause frequently. It is even more poignant now; a couple of years ago I watched a TV documentary of a particular camp, and they visited a gas chamber, now a stark reminder of man's inhumanity to man. I froze as I saw the long, windowless room - it was the same one that I had seen mentally during the rescue.

The Earthquake Disaster

A few years ago there was a massive earthquake, in Iran as I recall, and many people had died. It was on the TV news and a few days later we had a rescue operation about to unfold. At first I did not remember that this news had happened, and I thought that this rescue was of the 'normal' kind for one person.

A very excited lady came through, very distressed & speaking, I now realise, in Iranian, and no doubt telling me of something that had befallen her. Before her was walking a small boy, and I asked her (in English) to trust the boy, who I assumed to be one of our helpers, and to take his hand and he would lead her forward.

(I don't really know how I knew that there was this small boy, except that I had a mental impression of her coming towards me with the small boy in front).

At this point I seemed to be taken up in the corner of a large building like a huge aircraft hanger, looking at a steady stream of people coming behind the agitated lady (who I had a mental impression of far below) and there was an open door at the far end (nearest me) leading to an area of a sandy, golden light. I assumed that it was sand in brilliant sunshine, compared to the dim lighting of the building that I could see, and was amazed at the long stream of people coming in groups of two's three's and more, seemingly endlessly trooping towards and through the open door. This went on for quite a long time, and eventually the scene faded and Sara returned to normal consciousness.

It was very much later that I suddenly realised that the brilliant sandy-coloured light, was in fact, the golden Light of the world of Love. We talked about the very unusual experience and then realised that it was probably the people who died in the earthquake.

The Strangled Woman

The first thing to happen in many cases is the arrival of someone weeping uncontrollably, and in this case it was a woman. She tried to tell me about her last terrified moments on the Earth plane, and it seems she had been strangled by a man. Naturally she distrusted men, and so it was a long job to try and get her confidence and convince her that she still lived, that all the hurt & pain was now gone, and she couldn't be hurt any more, and that she had to move into the light. As with so many other cases, there seems to be an area of 'no man's land' between the departing soul, and the light. Sometimes I see this as a road or area of dark land, and this was such a case. I tried and tried to persuade her to move towards the light but she was frightened and fearful. Eventually she said to me " I will go if you will take me". I thought about this for about a millisecond and thought 'Well, now I am really going to find out, aren't I - I wonder what happens now!', and said "Yes !"

"Hold my hand", she said, and so I held out my hand and felt hers in mine - a very delicate sensation. Encouraging her to move forward constantly, I talked on and on and after a while I wondered where we were, as obviously I couldn't see, myself. I said to her 'How are we doing ?" and her reply was "Just one more step". With a little bit of trepidation on my part, we must have taken that step because suddenly she began to weep tears of joy and I felt her hand slide out of mine, forwards and slightly upwards. Her joyous outburst gradually faded away, and much to my astonishment and relief, I was still here.

The Woman of the Spurned boy friend

Again a very distressed lady arrived telling me about a horrible man that she had been trying to escape from. She was not mincing in her description of him, and I gather he had been a friend and she had tried to break it off, unsuccessfully, and he had turned very violent. She ran away to another room, but he had forced the door, and she told me, sobbing, that she had 'fallen down' (I think this may mean a fatal blow). She still was terrified and asked me to help her escape from him, and keep him away from her, as he was very nasty man.

The tone began to change as she observed him, probably kneeling beside her dead body (I had the feeling that he was consumed by utter panic). Gradually her hatred changed to one of pity as she said " He's a silly boy, what a silly boy - one day he will learn". Now calmed, she faded away into the light.

(This example held my attention for a considerable period of time as I reflected on the forgiveness that had taken place, and wondered whether it was forgiveness that was needed for her to move on ?)

The Asian Tsunami

I imagined that there would be a lot of work to do after the dreadful tsunami that struck Thailand and other Far Eastern places. Surprisingly we only had two souls to guide, after a few days. The first was a well-spoken American lady who was looking for her son. She described him in detail, telling me that he was clever at school, and so forth, and asked if I had seen him and for me to help her find him. I had the feeling that she was immersed in the flood at the time, and he had been swept away from her. Again it was a matter of suggesting to her that he may already be safe in the light, but I think that the energies of love and compassion must have guided her, because she seemed to be calmed, and eventually faded away.

The second case was an old lady who presumably had been unable to escape from the raging waters of the tsunami. Some explanation to her seemed appropriate, because I do not think she was aware that she no longer lived on the Earth. Very often, once the story of the last moments is told, and you have been made aware of their plight, it seems that they can then move by their own intention into the light. The old lady faded happily away.

Again, as normally, we got thanked for our help and assured that all was now well.

The Baby

On one occasion a very distressed woman arrived, crying about her baby. After a while trying to soothe the lady, she asked me to help the baby. I was puzzled, particularly as she asked me to take the baby. I couldn't see how this was possible, but agreed. Slowly and gently Sara's arms stretched out to mine as if holding a tiny bundle. I responded and took the invisible small baby from her, cradling it in my hands. I held it for quite a long time, but gradually the scene faded, and I assumed that the baby had gone to the light.

I don't know how this worked, but since have realised that as the child was enveloped in the light energies of love, raising its energy vibrations, it was then possible for it to be handed over to the non-physical helpers who had come to help the child, but who could not come directly into our lower frequency dimension of reality.

I originally, many years ago, was puzzled at how I could assist a small baby into the light, if it could not understand what I said and could not speak for itself, or knew how to move towards the light, and I questioned this fact.

Billy told me that several different ways are used by those that come to assist, and one very usual way is that they roll a brightly coloured ball of light towards the baby. It crawls to get the ball, and thus has made its move towards the light, and by its own intention towards the helpers (who cannot come into the 'physical' dimension where I am, or the 'in-between-land' where the baby is situated). They repeat the process until the baby is in the world of light. It can then be taken by the helpers to be cared for.

A couple of years ago a very unusual experience was not of the usual kind of 'rescue' - or was it ?

I travel along a motorway several times a week. One afternoon as I passed along the stretch between two exit roads I was suddenly aware of a very small invisible form sitting in my lap. It was like a very small child, and was sitting on my right knee, clinging hold of my right arm. I could clearly feel the pressure on my knee and against the right side of my chest, and the tiny hands that clutched my arm, as it snuggled in towards me.

I welcomed it and talked to it as I drove along, but being very careful not to crush it against my chest , or dislodge it as I moved my arms. Eventually as I continued, it faded away after a couple of miles or so beyond the second exit road.

On the following, similar journey, much to my surprise, the small child came again, at exactly the same spot as it did previously. Again, I talked and asked for some guidance. Eventually after a couple more journeys with the same thing happening again, I decided that it was a soul that needed help to get to the light, and so my conversation and intention was directed towards this aim each time it arrived. Gradually the little form faded away over a couple of weeks, and I hoped that perhaps I had been of some use. Actually I began to miss it being there ! I almost never pass that particular stretch of motorway without thinking about it, and sending it a blessing.

Iraqi executions

After the Iraqi war there were a number of hostages taken by political groupings, and usually the hostages were the very people who had gone to help the Iraqi's themselves.

We had two hostages who were brought for our help at different times, a man and a woman. Both had been beheaded.

Both were very, very disappointed with the outcome of their work to help - bitterly so. The man explained how he had spoken to his captors and reasoned with them, feeling that he had been making headway, but eventually all to no avail.

The woman seemed to be rather annoyed, as well as disappointed, at the needless and pointless action of the captors. Both felt that they had been severely let down by the people they had gone to help. Both were successfully moved into the light.

In these cases, it is probably the severe trauma, disappointment and frustration that had prevented them from moving to the Light straight away. However it did raise a question in my mind about whether the information is stored somehow, from just before the execution and during it, to be reiterated later when they were brought for help. To explain: The conversation started from before the execution, but their bodies dropped down, and hands fell limp at the sides as they were beheaded (Sara's body goes through the actions).

Does the soul, at that moment of extreme trauma, leave the body in advance of the final action ?


At the news of the Twin Towers disaster we expected that there would be many who would be brought to be guided into the Light.

Amazingly after 9/11 we did not have a single 'rescue' to perform. I have often wondered why.

Remember that everyone, yes EVERYONE, is met at the point of leaving this world. We do not go on that journey of transition alone.

It does not matter what the nature of that passing is, or whether we, as human beings, consider we should or should not go forwards, or indeed whether we will be allowed to go forwards. Everyone is met.

Some do not recognise the helpers who have come, or may not think the little child is capable of helping them forward, if a child has come. However, we do need to recognise that we are guided and helped, and yet must make the move forwards by our own intention, in the direction of whatever light we are aware of, or in whatever direction the helper(s) is indicating.

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