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 Soul Rescue 

PART ONE - Understanding the process

First of all, let us get the term straight - it is not rescuing a soul from the clutches of the dark forces or anything like that. The progress of the soul into the light has been delayed for some reason. Actually the soul is 'brought', or persuaded to come by other non-physical entities, in order to be able to merge with the Light and all that is there.
Everyone may go to the Light

When someone dies they are not cast into a pit, doomed to eternal darkness, sent to a place called purgatory, or attacked by dark forces. If they are a person who has spent their life being nasty or cruel, controlling others by their greed or violence, or anything similar, then they are considered to be 'misguided' and are able to go into the Light, like anyone else, to learn the correct way to live. Even someone who has lived a life on Earth without any greed or similar negativity, may not immediately find their way into the Light. You see, we have to make the move ourselves, and might, for one reason or another, not wish to do that or may not know how, or because of our upbringing or belief system do not understand about our continued existence and think it is all a dream, or perhaps they do not trust the people who have come to guide us into the Light, thinking they might be tricked. Very often we may not actually know we are 'dead'.
The Helpers
The people who have come to guide us, at that moment of passing from one state of being into another, may be unknown to us, or may be someone we know. The problem is, from the helpers point of view, is that they are unable to actually come to our dimension of existence, completely. This where we come in, as 'soul rescuers'; we have a foot in the physical world, and as we also are a 'spirit' of non-physical properties, then we can communicate with both sides, so to speak. Naturally, in order to know what we are doing, we need to have some form of awareness of communication for those souls that need to speak and need assurance. The examples mentioned below will make the matter clearer.
Dark Forces ?
Before we embark on a list of cases, let us just think about the dark forces of which I spoke earlier. The dark forces are all made of mankind's obsession with negative thinking - the devil and evil only exist in the mind of Man. Mind you, if we spend a lot of time thinking on such levels, then we will contribute energies to the concept, and it will begin to strengthen and become its own entity, and that is what has happened in our world today. Such darkness and the forces of darkness are being, and have all been, created by Mankind itself out of fear, which is the opposite to Love.
The teachings of our forefathers may be partly to blame, however, as we have been told many stories of trickery by a devil to lure us away from our true path. Some have had an upbringing that told them there would be many 'false prophets', and thus they wait for that final trumpet call, and wait, and wait.
The Transition Path
When someone 'dies' (goes on the pathway of transition to the Light) it is actually only the physical body that has 'died' and the essence of the Being, which we conveniently call the 'soul' or the 'mind' lives on. So a soul may find themselves observing themselves, as if they are still 'alive', and will suffer such emotions as fear, fright, determination to make themselves heard, and so on. Some souls that have been released by a sudden accident, for example, may tell me that they are 'a mess' or so damaged that repair is not possible; they may say such things as " That's not going to be repaired, is it?" (meaning their body). Some go to a state of dimness of light, wandering about looking for the way out of it. Let us not get jittery about this and understand that MOST people automatically go into the light, but some, for one or other of the reasons mentioned above, may not immediately go on that pathway. They are not left to suffer, but rested - a sleep-like state - and periodically awakened to see if they are ready for the rest of the brief transition journey.
It may well be that a soul has depleted their energies (perhaps drained by emotions of fear) and needs to bask in the energies of another (or others) to revitalise their energy field in order to move on. 
It is all a form of Healing. By healing we mean expanding their energy field to a degree that allows them to perceive what is about them. Poppas has told me that it is all a matter of perception - how we develop spiritually as human beings, or how we perceive our state of being. The healing of a person in either the physical or the non-physical state is a matter of expansion of the light energy field. We also strengthen and reform the hologram of our existence. To explain this we must realise that subconsciously, at a level below that of conscious awareness, we all dream the same dream at the same time thus creating a hologram of us, our world the Universe and so on. 
It is very much the same when a person passes to a new state of being - they need the energy to create and strengthen the hologram of their new existence (or state of being), or acclimatise to their new higher vibrationary rate, until such time as they are ready to sample more of the understandings of who we really are and what is our real purpose. At that time the person will move to a higher level of teaching and perception, and so on and so on, ever moving forwards.
How did I become involved ?
As mentioned elsewhere, I did not actually know Sara was a deep trance medium (or not even know what a deep trance medium was) until one day, when she thought she felt tired and it was suggested she rested. I sat at the side wondering what I ought to be doing, when a deep, strong, man's voice suddenly said 'May I Speak with You?'. I think I involuntarily cleared quite a distance vertically out of the chair. It was my first introduction to Poppas, the great, highly evolved guardian of the soul group with who we are attached. As Poppas spoke waves of love washed over me. I was so stunned I cannot even remember anything else that was said.
Eventually, many communications later, I was asked whether I wished to work with Spirit, and I answered 'Yes', waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. Some time later I was asked whether I had considered the offer more, and was my answer still the same? I answered 'Yes'. From that moment on I was part of the team.
So who is the Team?
The team is a group of souls, many of whom I now know by name (although that is only done for my benefit, as names are not important), and consisting of many evolved teachers (such as Poppas, Pottipas and Shu Ling), many evolving teachers (such as Frieda, Sadie, Francis, The Soldier, and so on) and others ( for example some people who I have known in my lifetime such as Steve, Eddie, Thomas and so forth), and a vast number of children in spirit. Make no mistake about children - their energy is pure and powerful, and they speak with great words of wisdom. The children continue the learning that they should have had in the physical world by learning from us. It is said that when a baby is born into this world it actually knows a great deal about it - what to expect and so forth - and I believe that this is quite true. The concepts that they have at birth are as understood in the non-physical, and we promptly deprogramme them, and into the programming of the physical world that we understand. 

Even though they are referred to as children (in spirit), many such as Billy, Bobo, etc., are actually expressing as children, but really are wise souls of great distinction, who have lived many lives and benefited by wide experience, and amassed great wisdom.
One of the communicators at that early time was the boy called Billy who spoke very much as you and I do, avoiding the enigmatic style that is usually used. From time to time we would have a soul speak who was crying or very distressed, and at first I was somewhat impatient with them as they did not seem to make much sense. However it rapidly became apparent that they were a soul that need a helping hand into the light, and I was gently reminded to have a little more compassion, and send them Love, not impatience.

When Sara and I decided to hold group meetings of people who were anxious to develop their spiritual knowledge, a session of trance communication was normal. The energies of a group of people combine to form a powerful energy field, working as one, and often this field was utilised to bring a soul that had found it difficult to move on, for 'rescue'.
From that experience of groups, and others, we have had souls who have, in Earth years, been waiting for 60 or many more years. We have had children from the Victorian times, and adults from the Concentration Camps of WWII Eastern Europe who were still looking for their children and unwilling to move until they found them (more of that below).

I now know that Love is the ingredient that will help others, through a form of healing, to merge with the Light, and all 'rescues' are attempted with Love, Compassion and Understanding. It always works.
There is nothing mysterious or weird about it all - this, to me, is real life. This is what our understanding of life should really be about, a seamless combination of our physical knowledge and our non-physical knowledge, working together as wisdom, for the benefit of others, physical or non-physical. It is ALL 'Life'.
I have no aspirations to be a public medium myself or to be able to work in trance. I just know that we all have a job to do, and this 'rescue' and teaching and helping others to understand, is my 'job'. I just get on with it.
There are many forms of 'rescue' practised by many groups and individuals, each with their own specific and individual way of working. What I describe is the way it works for Sara and me, through the agency of trance mediumship. It is not that we order it, or even ask for it to happen - it just does, usually when we least expect it, and Sara is the most reluctant medium I know!
We value the honour of being chosen to help a soul in distress, so we just get on with the job to the best of our abilities.
How about the Trance Medium ?
People often ask whether the trance medium (Sara) knows what is going on. Mostly she doesn't, or may hear snatches of a communication, as if heard from down a long hall.
I understand that her 'essence', or soul, vacates the physical body, allowing another soul to use it temporarily for communication which may be spoken, shown as body movements by the head and arms, etc., or is, as some rare cases, as a communication beyond our physical hearing abilities. She also communicates energy fields, that may be brought or manipulated by the visiting soul. Sara's essence often stands at the side to allow another soul to enter, or she may be taken away to be on a high mountain top, a deserted but beautiful beach, or in a pleasant meadow.
How Does the 'Trance Rescue' Work ?
To be quite honest, I don't actually know all the mechanisms, but can only tell you what I have deduced and what I have been told. 
The soul is 'brought' or encouraged to inhabit the body temporarily in order to speak. They always tell you their last moments, so to speak, although it is an account of the last moments of physical life. It could be that Sara's body is specially prepared by another soul then 'handed over' to the distressed soul, and I know that sometimes especially in group sittings, a column of white light energy is formed to allow this to be possible, and the soul brought within this light to communicate. The soul(s) sometimes tell me they have been told to 'speak' to Gordon, or to sit by me.

Often the distress is such that it may be some time before they settle enough to make intelligible words or phrases, and so I wait and gently encourage them to be calm, sending out waves of love and compassion. I have to be unshockable and have no judgement, which is not always easy. Often it is necessary to tell them that they no longer be afraid, and that they are now safe, especially if they have been killed maliciously.
Eventually when they are calmed and the energy is built up, they may just simply begin to move on themselves, or suddenly see someone they already know and go to meet them. The soul must make the move towards the light by their own intentions, and once they do, then they will continue to the Light, and begin to perceive what is about them - usually lots of friends, neighbours they have known, partners, and others, all welcoming them 'home'. 
From the observers point of view, the speaking begins to fade, and sometimes tears of joy begin to fall accompanied by outbursts of ecstatic sighs, or I am told who is coming for them.
As an observer of this miracle it is not easy to be impartial and often tears of compassion stream down the face, and love and blessings are directed in the direction of the soul. 
In some cases I have to emotionally fight against being consumed by great anger at the inhumanity of the perpetrator. especially a murdering paedophile or someone who has killed a child - often a parent ! Sara too, can feel the emotion and often awakens, still weeping. 
It is always a wondrous miracle, always a feeling of a successful achievement of help, and always absorbs one's thoughts for hours, days or weeks afterwards.
Sometimes the time scale is apparent by the story (concentration camps, Iraq, or earthquake disasters), but all too often there is no time scale to compare. Not that we really need to know - it is a job of healing and help and time is unimportant.

Many times, as the soul departs, or after a few minutes, even after Sara has temporarily returned to normal consciousness, another communicator may come to tell us that the soul is in their care being nurtured and healed, and that all is well. They are profuse in their thanks. We appreciate this information greatly. 

Now that you have read this far, you will be wondering about the type of rescues we perform, and the kind of soul that is brought to be guided.
Read PART TWO - the Examples. In that section I tell the stories as they occurred and were perceived by me, from the physical realm viewpoint. 
Read Also PART THREE - Further examples.

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