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PART TWO - The Examples

In this section I recall many examples of souls that have been brought for help to be guided to the Light.
If you have not already done so, please read Part One, which will explain the process and what it actually is.

From the many hundreds of cases, I have selected some below that may throw more light on the matter, and show why some people do not move on immediately. I only hope that I have permission and they may agree to their story being told in order to help others understand, and not fear transition.
In this section are: The Coach Crash; The High Ranking Military Man; The Old Lady at a Bus stop; The comfortable Old Lady; Father and Daughter; The Hunted Man; The Prisioners; The Boy in a Trunk; The Boy in a Cupboard; Georgy Porgy; Sex Molesters; The Suicice Bomber. 
Please see Part Three for further examples.

The Coach Crash
One of the first examples of 'rescue' was a lady who had died in a coach crash, and did not know she was 'dead'. She could see the coach and people lying there, but would not leave without her luggage and her photographs (presumably returning from a holiday). I tried and tried to calm her and tell her she would not be needing either in her new life, but she would not leave the scene.
A month later she returned, and this time she agreed that they were of no importance and she would do as I suggested and move into the Light.
A month later she returned again, but this time to thank us for helping her, and was most grateful in her appreciation of help.

The High Ranking Military Man
This was another of the early attempts at 'rescue' and the man, obviously a very high ranking officer, killed in battle, kept telling me that he 'Had not taken an order from anyone in his life' and that 'he gave the orders', not me or anyone else. This was a very difficult case as he was somewhat arrogant and I had to argue with the man for about half an hour, during which I was beginning to lose my patience. Eventually I had the idea of telling him that I was his friend, as were those trying to encourage him to move. He wouldn't swallow the friend bit for quite a while, but eventually he said he was getting too tired to argue any more, and he would give it a try - reluctantly, to keep me quiet. The sounds of surprise and obvious amazement that accompanied his decision to take a step forward brought tears to our eyes, and he finally moved into the Light.
Other friends there with us at that time had said they would have told him to go away and not bother us, but I was glad that I had persisted.

The Old Lady at the Bus Stop

An elderly lady had presumably died at a remote, country bus stop, waiting for a bus. She told me that she was very cold, and that she wanted to continue to wait, even though there was no bus in sight. I tried talking to her for quite a long while, but without much success until she said that there was a lady on the other side of the road, waving to her. ' Perhaps she is from the next village', she said, 'I don't know her, I've never seen her before'. I persuaded her to go over and find out what the other lady wanted. As she did so, she was moving into the Light, and began to cry with joy, seeing others that were there to greet her.

The Comfortable Old Lady
Another old lady story, but this time she had died in her chair and didn't know that anything had changed. She was very comfortable there and didn't want to move. She obviously lived alone, and kept saying that 'they' came every day to get her to move. 'They' were a couple of young men that came to the door of the room, but could not enter, and she ignored them. She complained that they would not leave her alone, and kept trying to get her to go with them, much to her annoyance. At one point she said, very determinedly, "Watch my lips, GO AWAY" she said. I talked to her for a while asking her whether she could walk, but she explained that she could not move from her chair. We chatted about why she could not hold on to the wall, and finally she agreed to give it a try and move to the door. I had a running commentary about her progress, and as she reached the door she exclaimed that her husband, Bill, was waiting on the settee in the other room, and had made her a cup of tea. She was delighted and tried to go in. At that point she faded away.
Billy told me later that she had actually fallen as she tried to go in, and that they had cared for her couple of days (their days, not ours!) until she was strong enough to join with her (deceased) husband for the cup of tea, who she sat with for a while before being moved, and that she was now being cared for in the Light.

The Father and Daughter
This was one of the very early cases, and seemingly both father and daughter had been shot by soldiers. I could see the demolished room of a building, littered with rubble, with an open doorway. The daughter would not leave without the father, and apparently could still see the soldiers looking into the room though the open doorway, terrifying her, but amazing her that they ignored her. It occurred to me that the father had already gone to the Light, but the daughter did not know how, so I spoke to her for a while, explaining that if she went to look, she might just find her Father. Eventually she did so, and was delighted to find him.

The Hunted Man
A man came and said that he had run away from his attackers who had been shooting at him. Apparently he had made it to an open boat, but was afraid to move. He told me that there was a man sitting at the front of the boat who he did not know, so he couldn't sail the boat away not knowing who he was. He was terrified of his attackers catching him out. I realised that the man at the front had come to help, and so suggested that the terrified man treat him as a friend to trust, and could help him. This seemed to work and sure enough, the two sailed away into the Light.

The Prisoners
Two black men came one time, and one told me that he needed me to help his friend. They were chained together (and there were more on this chain, I think). He explained that they were prisoners and they had to cross the river, still chained together. The man explained that he was OK, but his very good friend was not. They had been beaten unmercifully with truncheons by a particularly vicious guard as they crossed and I surmised that they had been drowned. The man who spoke gave me his name, and the name of his friend who he wanted me to help, but would not leave without him. The speaking man had, I assume, already known how to move to the light, but the other, his energies depleted by the trauma, did not. I spoke to them, sending energies of love and compassion to them in their fear, explaining to them that they were now free of the guards and the pain they had endured, and sure enough, both moved together to a better life of freedom and love.

It always stuns me to realise how brutal some people can be to their own kind, particularly children, and it is a stressful time, and a very distressing time when such a 'rescue' has to be performed. 
some children are killed by their own brutal parents (or one parent). The other situation is when children have been killed by someone else, usually for some trivial offence such as being cheeky. The most distressing of all are the children who have died as a result of the attentions and traumas of being in the company of a child molester or paedophile. 

The Boy in a Trunk.
This child had been put in trunk by his father and subsequently died, possibly from asphyxiation. He arrived through Sara bent up almost double. After listening to his story and obvious distress, I tried to convince him that all his fear and pain was no more. He took a lot of convincing that he was now free, and that he could actually climb out of the trunk that could hold him no more. I told him that he was now at the beginning of a new life of love and freedom, and to try and straighten up from his discomfort. It was amazing and tearful to see him try and straighten, one arm at a time, then the whole body, and then with obvious delight, but a little mistrust, try and climb out. He did it, and as directed began to move towards the light area he could see. The voice faded away with joy at being free.
This 'rescue' occurred during a gathering of like-minded friends, and there was not a dry eye to be seen anywhere.

The Boy in a Cupboard.
A similar case involved a child that had been locked in a cupboard by his father and had died as a result, possibly from asphyxiation or hunger. Usually with children they want to say they are sorry, but may not even know what it was that so angered their parent. They tell me that they are sorry and want to be forgiven, but alas I am unable to convey this message, and apart from which it is far too late - they have died. Sometimes they do not know they have died, and this is a delicate matter to tell them about. Invariably the children have no feelings of hatred against the parent, but just wish to be forgiven from some minor misdemeanour. Giving the child love and rekindling confidence helps them to make the move into the light. A child often sees another child coming towards them - it is this child who is the helper to take them to a place of love and caring, and a new life of joy. Because it is another child, they go in trust.

Georgy Porgy

This little fellow had been chased over fields by someone who said he had been 'a cheeky boy'. He had run and run, frightened and terrified, but eventually said he had fallen down. (The term 'fallen down' is often used by the soul, and I assume that this is the moment of passing). Somehow he had got into a room with a door (perhaps crawled into a barn in his injured state and died?), and pleaded with me not to open the door to let his attacker in - 'a nasty man', I was told. In this case he had been told (by those non-physical friends who had brought him), to talk to Gordon, and asked me to hold his hand and help him. I did so, sending him lots of love and healing energies. He talked about wanting to be with his mother, and at this point said something about Georgy Porgy. Whether it was a rhyme his mother sang to him, or whether he had said it to the man, being cheeky, I do not know. In this case it is the energy field that strengthens his move into the light, and as he sat beside me, he would be merging with the powerful energy field and the intention that he moved into the Light. Successfully, we were told, he was now being cared for by others in the Light, and we were thanked profusely.

Sex Molesters

Without doubt the most harrowing of rescue experiences is when a child has died at the hands of a child sex molester, and it is usually small boys who have suffered. I do not intend to tell the full details as they tell me of the several events, but we hear about the terrified and often horrified child trying to escape or hide, by running into another room or whatever. In most cases the child does not really understand what is actually happening, but they know it is bad.

What really astounds and horrifies me, is the fact that there are often other people present, as a group. I wonder about what they have done with the child's body, and whether they have got away with it or been found out. It is always annoying to me that I have no details of when or where, as I can do no more about it than help the poor little soul in their distress. 
It is probably as well that I don't know, otherwise I might find myself stringing the perpetrator(s) up from the nearest tree.

The Suicide Bomber
A weeping woman was brought for help who told us, in her 'last moments' story that the soldier had told her not to press the button. Rather sheepishly she said she had taken no notice and said to me "I went and did it"   "Oh, What a mess" she said, and added rather quickly "I won't do that again". She went to the Light, like everyone else.
In the understanding of the non-physical world, she was misguided in her lack of respect for, and destruction of other life, and would now be taught a better way. 

For further examples, please see PART THREE.

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