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Symbols and information.

Many people are receiving streams of symbols in their mind.  To them, the symbols are a mystery, and I am often asked to explain such things. I asked for some guidance from my helpers; The explanation of the stream of symbols is based on the following inspired writing.

"When we say that mankind lives in a dream of his own making, or we say that  we create a hologram of our own existence, we are referring to the fact that the physical world, as we perceive it, is a world of images.  The whole of humanity's existence is a series of images, and these images are created by the brain.

Although the physical world is really only a vibrating, interacting energy field, the brain creates a series of images that both it, and us, recognise.

Now when a stream of information, which is light energy, is processed by the brain, it cannot find anything in its memory banks to make a perfect match, and so produces the nearest match which is an approximation to what it is receiving.

This information has no equivalence in words, because it is information from another dimension; a dimension existing within the space of planet Earth, but not the dimension in which we currently exist.  This other dimension communicates mathematically, and thus through a series of symbols (or energy that can be translated, in our terms, as symbols), the brain has found a near match, and although not perfect, it is a close approximation.

It is a waste of time trying to relate those symbols drawn from the deep recesses of the subconscious, and based upon ancient alchemic and astronomical/astrological symbols, to anything that is meaningful to us, as it has no equivalence in our system".

So, to summarise, the brain has created images as it processes light information, but in our current system of reality, we cannot interpret the symbols back into any meaningful communication, in terms of our present understanding.

This information that was received has many similarities to other channelled information, about the geometry of light.  Basically what we are being told from these other sources is that we receive light, and light and thought carry information.  Very powerful intelligence's that are currently working on this planet are trying to get mankind to waken from their dream, and recognise that they have great  inner knowledge available.  The trigger for this knowledge to be released can be as geometric symbols.  We, as humanity, can interpret geometric symbols to known shapes, but in reality the symbols represent 'building blocks' of the light structure (network/matrix) that is us, in our non-body form, and have no actual meaning in our mathematical terms - they are just triggers! We work with one symbol first, then another as we understand more, and then another, and so on.  It is channelled (by others) that there are 144,000 of these symbols, many not even having a name or description known to us.

One of the main purposes of this information is for us to begin to understand planet Earth as a consciousness, and learn to live with nature, rather than against it.  Also it is vitally important that we must give love and healing to planet Earth in order to try and rectify the changes that we, as mankind, has made to the ecostructure of the planet, and heal the wounds.  If not, Earth will heal itself, and may rid itself of mankind and his pollution altogether.

If you want to think of these symbols as being the language of another dimension, then that is OK. Some of the symbols are similar to things we know, such as pyramids, circles, spirals, geometric shapes, and so on, and may appear simply as black & white symbols, usually in a continuous row, but also sometimes as single blocks of various colour.  The mosaic of light forms in colours and intensity are also a language of light and some gifted people can see these mosaics as a constituent of the orb phenomena, the centre area of the orb manifesting often as the recognisable shape of a face. By that I mean that the shape of the face is recognisable and usually defined as male or female, but the actual face is not recognised as a person they know or have known. The face is the expression of an identity of one of the souls who have come to assist us in the times close ahead, as we will need all the help we can get.

As human beings we constantly try and make sense of the symbols or the light forms rather than simply accept them as triggers for the release of more meaningful information. In other words we find it difficult to distance ourselves from the basic brain function of recognition of things that we know.

The information that is accessed, again, is not something we recognise as 'information'. It manifests itself when it is needed, and not otherwise. For example, using our intuition (which our nonphysical freinds often call our 'instructions'), we might suddenly realise that we understand more of our origins, or have more of an idea of our future pathway in life, whereas before these were muddied areas. Again, it might manifest as knowing the answer to a question posed to us, that we had not the faintest idea we knew. Perhaps we find ourselves drawn to a book or article that previously we may have passed by, or find ourselves interested in the ecological plight of planet Earth, when previously we had not even noticed. It can manifest in many different ways, and may be not even recognised by us. It could actually be an ability that is developing within us, or a trigger to elevate the energy level at which we operate.  This kind of thing is happening now, on a grand scale, as we approach the changes that will result in our move to the new dimension.

By the very nature of Man, we tend to become frightened by our sudden ability to see symbols appearing on our inner vision, and a certain amount of fear takes hold. We must learn not to be fearful, but simply accept, and know in ourselves that developments are taking place that are for our benefit, and given in the greatest love imaginable for our progress and spiritual evolution.

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