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Telluric Currents 

Telluric currents is the name given to electrical potentials that are of the Earth. 

There are electrical potentials that circulate close to and above the surface of Earth, below the surface of Earth, deep within the centre of Earth, within the oceans of Earth, and high in the upper atmosphere of the planet.

Note: Technically a potential difference means a voltage (V), on the basis that a potential difference (V) will have an associated electrical current value (I). In normal electrical equations: Volts X Amps (units of current) = Watts (units of power), or V X I = W. However in this case of 'Telluric Currents' by the use of the term 'potential' we refer to electrical currents of unspecified nature.  As the values of telluric currents are constantly changing, and frequently unknown, we do not use the normal electrical equation nomenclature.

No one really knows why these currents circulate below the crust of the planet; some say that it is the telluric currents that are responsible for the magnetic poles, but then again, these people believe that the centre core of planet Earth is a solid core of iron.

Is Earth Solid or Hollow ? 
Channelled communication is often of the opinion that the centre of the Earth is hollow, and inhabited. 

The inhabitants of the centre of the Earth are probably souls who exist in a different dimension of experience to ourselves, and will communicate, through trance mediumship or channelling, on occasions. It may well be that these intelligence's vibrate at a different frequency and do not create the same image of the planet as we do, and are not limited by the same perception of solidity. Remember that we create our perception of the world, as we create our perception of ourselves, the Universe around us, and the apparent solidity of it all - all this is our experience of the material world and this is what we have come here to experience. Another intelligence may exist within the same space as we do, within the same concentration of consciousness [which is what a planet is anyway] and yet we are completely unaware of their existence! We are also told that there are worlds within worlds, within worlds, and ours is no exception.

The view that the Earth is hollow is not hard to understand. Planet Earth has been a mass of cooling magma, and over billions of years has evolved into the shape that we know it to be now. If we go to a crystal shop we can examine a geode - a mass of rock usually comprising one or two chemical compound(s), that has crystallised inside under tremendous heat and pressure - and when the geode has been cut across we can see the crystal formation inside, and it is hollow. In any case Earth revolves and by centrifugal force created by the spinning mass, any flowing or liquid material inside will cling to the inside of the spinning, cooling, solid mantle. This also means that iron, or iron ore, in its liquefied state being dense and heavy will be closest to the solid, cooled mantle, and may not remain in the centre. The geode may represent planet Earth in its cooling cycle, and so maybe Earth is hollow, like the geode, and crystalline inside!

Yet another group of people suggest that planet Earth actually has a crystalline centre, as one huge liquid crystal diamond energy lattice. (see Book by physicist Susan Joy Rennison - 'Tuning the Diamonds', www.joyfire of a vast electromagnetic system that itself is the reason for Earth magnetic pole phenomena.

An Energy System 
We are also told that near the core of Earth there are massive crystal cliffs of quartz. Within the quartz are gold veins, and it is in the gold veins that the electrical currents exist, forming a network of electrical potential through the inner Earth. Gold is always found in quartz crystal, and is the best conductor of electricity, usually unaffected by other chemicals. Another aspect of the gold idea, worth considering, is that an ORMUS gold element exists within the quartz (and other similar ORME elements), and ORME's are superconductors of electricity. (see ORMUS article)

We may be tempted to correlate the telluric currents running through Earth as an Earth 'nervous system', and this may be so. The currents continue through the oceans of Earth, as would be expected. Surface currents that emerge from Earth at a 'vortex' and submerge again at 'sumps' are the things that dowsers find and follow as meridians, or ley lines. If you are skilled at dowsing, you may dowse the high altar in old churches, and find that they have been placed over pre-existing energy vortexes. The vortex and sump are the acupuncture points, chakras or energy centres of Earth, and have been known for thousands of years. Most ancient power sites like Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, stone circles, monoliths and dolmen are situated at earth energy points. The pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere are also situated at these points. It is said that the pyramid emanates information to the cosmos. It must be no coincedence that healing was, and is, performed at such energy points, and that connection to other dimensions may be facilitated here. It is tempting to wonder whether the spires of churches are also transmitters of information and receivers of other-dimensional energies, like miniature pyramids usually situated over energy matrix centres.

The upper atmosphere currents are like the energy field that surrounds us all, and there is a connection to ground every now and then. We are told by unseen intelligence's that our nervous system does not stop at the skin, but continues, in a subtle energy form, out into space. The similarity to Earth is apparent, and we must begin to understand planet Earth as a living, conscious creation. An alternative view to the 'nervous sytem' may be that as within our bodies there are subtle energy pathways, called Nadis, so similarly the telluric currents of planet Earth may follow some subtle pathways of their own, not necesarily as a 'nervous system', as we know it. The energies of Earth must flow from place to place to create a balance and harmony of Being, and the telluric currents may be just that.


A Meditation to Heal Earth. 
Move into a meditative state; Imagine rods of crystalline energy going to the Earth centre. Alternatively imagine a column of light embracing all in the meditation, and fibres of this light flow to the centre of Earth, whichever you are comfortable with. In either visualisation know that probes of consciousness are moving deep to the core of Earth Being. 

We travel in these rods or light fibres towards the centre, and we seek out the quartz crystalline structures, entering them and merging in our state of consciousness to seek out the gold veins.

You are now within the quartz and experiencing the telluric currents running through the gold veins. Align your energy to the telluric currents circulating deep within the Earth at this core position and 'feel' the tone, like a musical note, of the currents. Be aware of the sound.

Is it very deep and vibratory, or is it higher in tone?  

Can you feel if there are any feelings of love experienced here? 

Now move your position of alignment to create an extending dome of violet-blue light that is irradiated on its outside by a brilliant white light. (The light is violet blue, and the energy of it is white).

See this as an umbrella of inspiration and spiritual growth, expanding and pulsating. 

Listen to the tone of the sound. 

Is it a higher pitch than before? Can you feel the love here? 

Emanate your love in abundance as you expand the dome of brilliant coloured violet-blue light and feel a harmony of existence with Earth. Remain here a while.

After a while merging in consciousness with Earth, experiencing the harmony of Being, and the balance of energy, you may begin to move back up within the columns of light towards the surface once more. Be aware of your new position now, back in your chair.

Meditate upon your experiences. Analyse what you felt, saw or heard - it will be specific to you, and it will be meaningful.

Reference: ORMUS article

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