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The Absolute Universe ? or Defining Universal Absolutes.


The more we become aware of our own spirituality, the more we are aware of the various possibilities of our origins and the boundless forms which Life can take - in fact we realise that nothing, but nothing exists that is not alive in terms of consciousness - and that is just what we see !

As we understand more it becomes apparent to us that there are countless life forms existing alongside us in other dimensions of reality that we had not the faintest idea existed at all, because we cannot see them.

And that's just OUR Reality.

How many levels and dimensions are there, in THEIR own reality ? And while we are puzzling about such things, we realise that we are only just thinking of THIS universe that we know.

Us, the planets, the suns and all around us are part of THIS universe, and we are told that we created it all - it is just a hologram or dream of the way things are. Then, if such a universe was created by thought, and is formed of light manifested as form, then just as easily other similar universes can be formed. It is not that we go to the limits of our Universe, and then another one begins. It is that another universe exists alongside ours, coexisting within the same co-ordinates of space and time, perhaps within the same or similar system of reality - or perhaps a totally different concept of reality !!!

Our minds are now approaching the limits of conceptual thought, or perhaps has even passed the limits already, as we simply cannot comprehend the vastness and unlimitedness of such ideas.


We have long since, in these terms of realisation, lost any definition or accountability in terms of language. Our language is woefully inadequate. We speak of planets, suns solar systems, galaxies and so forth, but these are just the ones we know about. There are hosts of planets and star systems that we are at a loss to describe. Even Astronomers who devote a lifetime to studying them resort to such nomenclature as, say, a designation of M54, etc.

And these are just what we see, or suspect we could, if we had a strong enough telescope. What about the ones that are in the state of what we describe as non-physical (n/p to us at any rate) ? What names or numbers shall we give them ? M54 N/P perhaps ? And what about the unseen universes; what are we going to call them, Universe 1, 2 or 3 maybe, or as we cannot see them, maybe 'u/s Universe 5' - (the u/s means unseen) ?

Our very naiive terminology of describing non-physical Beings as 'spirit' is no longer viable. There are millions, if not billions of beings who do not conform to our physical, very limited, ideas of what we think of as 'spirit'. What, for example, do we call those consciousness' that are simply a spark of light, or an indefinite form of energy, or a sphere of colour, or that consciousness that is blended with All That Is. What, indeed, do we call the whole thing - the process of Life and manifestation in ALL its forms, physical and non-physical and every stage in-between ? 'Wholeness' only tells a part of the story, leaving gaps where finer definitions should be. And what part of our vocabulary can be applied to give better terms of description, allowing us to understand deeper ? I am afraid there is none.

Let us not forget that we are speaking here of our own reality, as we understand it. What of the many Levels, the infinite Dimensions, the Systems of Reality, the Kingdoms of Consciousness of which the Kingdom of Light is just one ???

We need new words and new definitions and phrases to be able to communicate lucidly in our new, change of dimension.

The way things Really Are ?

For the purposes of this discussion, and so we don't go mad in the process of desperate non-comprehension, let us just limit ourselves to our knowledge, incomplete though it be, of just this universe, and our childlike concept of the non-physical portion, such as it is.

The Children in the Garden

The more we delve into our place in the world and universe, and the more we understand about the unseen portions of our reality, it is looking more and more like a picture of us - the children - playing in the garden - of physical reality - and learning by experience, we hope, about the various aspects and possibilities of it, and our purpose within it, very slowly and painfully.

We are lovingly, gently and kindly looked over, in our existence in this garden, guarded, supported and nurtured by great and powerful unseen Beings of Light, vigilant to our needs and concerned that we may injure ourselves as a race, damage our garden and unwittingly destroy ourselves and the whole thing in the process. Such a disaster will resonate throughout the whole of our Universe, and probably others, and have far-reaching effects, destroying the delicate balance, so we are checked and monitored constantly. We are helped, persuaded, nudged, encouraged and directed in our learning, but never prevented from doing anything as we are supposed to be learning from it, and so is everyone else, physical or not. Do we learn ? I think not, unless we have allowed ourselves to see what is around us. We are allowed to think that we are supreme, that we are in control.

But are we ?

We, as human beings, blame everyone else except ourselves if things go wrong. 'Where is God, What is God thinking?' we will say. We fail to blame ourselves in our headlong rush into insanity. So why don't these fabulous, powerful, loving guardians of highly evolved Beings of Light prevent us from spoiling our garden and getting ourselves into such a mess?

The 'Rules' of the Universe

Within this universe, and no doubt within other similar universes, there are a number of basic premise or 'rules'. For us to have a greater understanding of Life in its fullest sense, we need to have an understanding of the 'rules' that apply.

The basic rule is non-interference. Although guidance, suggestion and persuasion can be given (usually at a subliminal level) no direct action that could be construed as interference is tolerated. This, of course, results from other guidelines such as no matter what we do, we are never judged, always forgiven, and we are free to take whatever path we choose through our gift of Free Will. It is up to us, individually and co-operatively to be aware of the guidance given with completely unconditional Love; to heed it and accept it (we usually don't which is why we are on a messy path of self-destruction today). Part and parcel of this non-interference is to Allow, freely. Everything that is done in the universe is done for the Common Good, and everything is a Group decision, a co-operative, sharing venture. Everything and everyone is connected, and we are all part of the Whole. Basically there is just One Thought and One Energy. There must not be any attempt to change other people's choices, and the choices must be respected. All of Creation is equal. All forms of Life are respected and Blessed. The whole of the Universe, and the inter-dependant other Universes, are all in a state of Balance and Harmony - all of the Universe is affected by a divergence from this state.

This state of balance and equilibrium also applies to us. We must have a balanced and harmonious equilibrium between our physicality and our spirituality, and remember that we have no limitations. We are creators and we must create responsibly.

So we see that any attempt to define the absolutes of the Universe evades us, as there are no limits, no absolutes, no boundaries. It is ever evolving, as are we.

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