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The Move to the New Dimension is happening NOW ...

As we move closer to the New Dimension we are ever more aware that all is not as it should be with planet Earth and its inhabitants. We are told that we are moving now, and yet we wonder how on earth many people will be accepted into this new beginning - the new start - as they have little understanding of spirituality, and the rules and laws of the Universe, let alone put them into practice. We also wonder about our own ability to be accepted as a Universal Being.

First we must understand that we, in our current material existence, are just a very small portion of the spectrum of life. The wider spectrum involves many life forms such as beings of pure energy, that area we call the spirit realms, the angelic realms, and many others currently beyond our comprehension, including some who are eternal and unseen.

The Universal Being

First let us examine what it might be like to be accepted as a Universal Being.

Within this Universe there are many beings who are evolved far greater than mankind. In fact, their abilities will seem like the unachievable to many people, and they probably doubt whether they will EVER have the abilities themselves. The advanced Beings of this Universe all have one thing in common - love. This is not just love for love's sake - they appreciate the opportunity to simply 'Be' - and knowing that all beings are connected at Source, have a love for all of them. They do not count the cost of helping others, but will happily travel to the other side of the universe to help a race or civilisation in difficulty, or even live a complete 'physical' life in their presence to assist with a helpful development. They ask nothing in return. They say it is work they agreed, with Source, to do.

The advanced Universal Being lives a life of joy, peace, love, compassion, brotherhood, cooperation and peaceful coexistence with all other beings. They follow a set of 'rules' and conditions that are accepted in most parts of the Universe. One of those rules is 'Free Will' in this particular sector of the universe, and another is 'No Judgment'. A Universal Being realises that they are in no position to judge another, and prefer to simply accept that a being can be misguided or corrupted by unbalancing forces.

Some of the other Universal 'rules' are such as

Respect for our creative ability;

Sharing understandings but not interfering or imposing views on anyone;

Understanding that we receive what we give out to others;

Care and guide others for all are our brothers and sisters;

Earn respect and acceptance; always be learning and seeking knowledge;

Be self-regulating and observing unspoken laws of conduct and responsibility;

Acceptance of consensus of opinion;

Remove division and separation;

Accept that not all have the same understanding as ourselves, some may be misguided; Respect all life, no matter what we personally think about it;

Be aware of others unspoken needs and work for a common good.

This all seems a long, long way from what we daily experience of life in the physical world. Let us examine some facets of the life we have been living.

The Human Being

Apart from being a warrior type of being, killing their own kind, the Human being lacks any form of appreciation of other human beings, does not love them for being All One, and is aggressive towards them. Control and limitation is part of our daily life. We discriminate and make constant judgments - in fact we actively encourage judgment and educate our children into judgment. We follow a set of laws made by leaders who have a conflicting self-interest, corrupted and unfair - and why do we do it? - because we never stop to think.

We accept corporate greed without protest, misinformation, lack of transparency, corruption, moral decay and destruction, dehumanization, suppression of information about consciousness and creativity. We fail to realise that all work is equal, but constantly seek rewards of a monetary kind, graded according to outdated hierarchical concepts.

People do not love themselves for what they are, and consequently are so sad, because they do not understand love. We are like slugs and snails that drag ourselves along slowly, mourning our loss of love, compared to other Beings of the Universe.

The Human Being does not yet realise that helping others is helping themselves, although this lesson has been demonstrated endlessly. Similarly the lesson that violence begets violence has yet to be absorbed into mass consciousness, again despite endless demonstration. We have no idea about energies, and yet that is the basis of everything. People do not see themselves as being part of everything; they have no ideas about a Grand Plan of the Universe, or a true concept of a Source / Creator / Father/ All That Is - just a contorted, corrupted version taught by misguided religions of a vengeful God.

People do not know HOW to love and do not realise that loving themselves for who they are right now is the very beginning of progress, and so they are constantly dissatisfied. They get caught up in 'more is best' - but 'more' brings more stress, worries, tension and a further desire for 'more', thinking it will being them happiness, which it does not.

The energies of the Earth plane are corrupted and polluted, and this pollution affects others, because the energies of Earth and its inhabitants reach out into the Universe and are shared. It is for this reason that we are moving into a new dimension, so we will harmonise. People are afraid of themselves, and the material life conditioning and upbringing makes it difficult for people to accept new ideas and concepts of their spirituality. So people reject them and do not want to know or remember who they really are, because this is actually painful to them and they are afraid. Science is polluting our food with chemicals that are alien to our being, and genetic-modifications are creating poisons to mankind.

Faced with all this to overcome in order to be a Universal Being, how are we going to manage it ?

We must accept that we are assisted by others, unseen to us, that are changing our vibrations to more acceptable wavelengths and frequencies. They call them 'energy waves' of a finer energy than before, and are working to elevate those who have started to realise their own spirituality. What do we have to do to develop our own spirituality ? What courses do we have to attend, what books do we have to read ? What exercises do we need to do ? NOTHING, but accept whatever is given to us, and have unlimited acceptance of knowledge, even if it seems bizarre. Use intuition - if it seems right, accept it ! Learn that in reality all is light and energy, and its deployment in creativity.

The Move Towards being a Universal Being

Learn that we must not only give Love, but BE LOVE. We must accept that we are rising in frequency with finer energies, and all this is happening without our conscious knowledge. As these energies envelop us they are contained in our energy field (our aura, spreading wide) and that we can share and exchange energies with others around us. WE ARE A BEACON. The beacon we speak of is actually an antenna, transmitting energy and light to those around us. We don't have to do anything, except live and be love. We must practice what we preach and not have judgment, and allow and exercise free will in the ways shown to us by our space brothers and sisters, energy beings and spirit.

So see yourself as a shining transmitting beacon or walking antenna, radiating out electromagnetic energies from the very nature of your thoughts of varying frequencies. Everything you do emanates a frequency of energy out into your energy field. As people merge and interact with your energy field, they absorb some of the beacon's energy themselves and respond at subconscious levels. As this builds up within them it actually surfaces to their conscious mind altering their thinking patterns, and giving them options for self-development, awareness and progress, and a changed attitude to others.

Not only can you operate as an electromagnetic beacon, but you can set examples to others which register at the subconscious level, again eventually surfacing or emerging as changed behavioural patterns in others.

Go and start on your journey of transformation now. Live love every day, have no judgment, allow free will in yourself and others, be cooperative and self-regulating, observing self-imposed rules of conduct and responsibility, always work towards the common good, actively remove division and separation, and most importantly respect all life, everywhere, no matter what you actually think of it. See your life change.

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