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A New Way of Thinking.

Everybody is talking about Spirituality these days. Some speak of the Spiritualization of matter, the Planet and Mother Earth. We are required to raise our consciousness and may hear speak of an elevation from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension, or even higher to the 5th. UFO's are prolific and $Millions are spent trying to communicate with 'other world' civilisations. And yet we, as individuals, struggle on not really knowing who is right and who is wrong, sifting through endless streams of conflicting information.

To make some sense of it all, we must alter our mind-set. We must realise that we have been using an 'operating system' (a phrase for the computer-minded) that is no longer relevant.

It may help to know that the 4th dimension is a product of the Age of Thinking. The new age is an Age of Thought, yes, but more. The third dimension was concerned with thinking, probing and exploring, but now we are manifesting and manipulating with that Thought, through our awakening perception and awareness of 'self' - our true divinity and powers. Utilising the entire Being. Taking responsibility to oneself, discovering one's own identity, integrity and completeness. Taking responsibility for the World. We are not only operators and observers, but literally part of the experiment. We affect the outcomes. The 5th-dimensional experience is truly a quantum leap forward in our concept of the World, the Universe and all that is around us. With our materialistic Earth-bound 3rd dimensional mind-set we are ill-equipped to comprehend the changes.

We will have to start thinking on a cosmic scale - the overall picture, and we are certainly not going to be allowed into the 'cosmic club' with the way we are thinking at the moment. The Million$ projects are mainly defences against imagined and feared invasions of Earth by extra-terrestrials.  We automatically think of war, aggression, fear, greed, power and control, survival and reproduction.

The new operating system excludes all of these. The new operating system requires us to pull ourselves up sharply by our bootstraps and take a long, lingering, critical, in-depth look at how we must appear to the rest of the Universe.  We must adjust our operating system to a completely new set of values - values of Love Unconditional, consideration, helping and caring for others, and not the least of which is to value and protect all of Life, everywhere, regardless of how it may look to us, or what it is. The day that we do that is the day that we will be allowed into the cosmic club - the day that communication with other worlds will begin in earnest. 

We might think that this is well-nigh impossible with 'miracle' cures for dread diseases suppressed aggressively by Drug Corporations, MultiBillion$ arms programmes keeping manufacturers in obscene profit and multinational Corporations set to move in as political credibility is steadily eroded. But it is the grains of sand that that will alter things. Each one of us, a grain of sand, adding steadily and continuously to the pile that will eventually tip the balance.  And when it goes, it will go full swing. When the critical mass is reached all others will automatically follow, and there will be nothing that the profit-mongers and the war profiteers will be able to do about it.

Perhaps not all will move into the New Age at the same time. The free will so respected by others in this area of the Universe will allow everyone to choose, and so perhaps some will be left behind, locked into the 3rd - dimensional experience of limited, blinkered attitudes and thinking, when their time comes.

You don't need to know anything about it, or be actively engaged in trying to understand and develop your own spirituality - it will be your attitudes and thinking that will decide for you (the Age of Thought, remember). It is not what happens that matters, it is how you respond to it. Those of the new mindset, whose essence (the real, inner you) has the desire and intention to live to those ideals, will automatically elevate in consciousness.  Not only you will elevate, but all of Mankind, as a result of individual intention. It is not necessarily the World that will change, it is YOU that will change.

Knowing who we are and why we are here is a critical factor in the structure of our new mindset and up-dated operating system.

This new thinking is the basis of our understanding of Healing and our own Spirituality. If I could say one thing that would help to answer the questions that everybody asks it would be "You already are what you seek to be".  We are divine Beings of inestimable power, but we forgot our origins and true place in reality when we became involved in the hologram of material, physical existence with all its limitations and restrictions.  These limitations and restrictions to our consciousness-awareness have been created by ourselves to define our limits within which we felt safe and secure. 

Now we must awaken to who we really and truly are, and sample the unlimited power of thinking that takes us on our new adventure. The thinking of discovery. The thinking of genius. The thinking of truth.

This is not a promise of the future, it is happening NOW.

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