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The Travellers

We are beings on a planet called Earth. We realise that we must have a connection with this earthly physical reality, and somehow we are connected to the Sun and other planets - our Solar system. Surely this connection must extend to the Galaxy and thus the Universe as a whole?
We perceive these things through our five senses and a realisation of our own awareness within our own reality.  All this is the bit we see, but what about the bit we do not see?
As we are eternal we have already been around for eons of time. What have we done during that time and what will we be doing next?
It all begs the question ......
Who are we, really ? 
How did we arrive on this planet we call 'home'; planet Earth? 
Have we been elsewhere in the Universe? 
We are told that in our essence we are spiritual beings, & in our reality we are not half as solid as we think we are; who are these non-physical beings?
Are there other dimensions of Being; other worlds like this one, or even very unlike this one?
Is there really only this reality, or are there more?

In the Beginning....

According to the stories that are told by n/p (non-physical) communicators, in the beginning (if there ever was a beginning) we were the product of Thought by the Source - the Prime Creator, the Original Energy, First Cause, Point Zero, or as many would prefer - God. When that Energy contemplated itself and realised that it existed as a Source of great potential and power, it expanded into an even greater Self, creating an explosion of light. Every tiny particle of light became a duplicate of the Source, having the same quality of thought and as an individual identity. It was an aware consciousness - it could think!

Eons of time (if there could be described as anything like time) elapsed as the billions and billions of consciousness' (and intelligence') explored the Universe (or void with potential intelligence) as energy beings, totally non-physical, experimenting with thought energy, possibilities and probabilities, until they eventually could understand 'matter' - the assembly of energy into recognisable and repeatable designs. When their energy became so powerful to enable them to create (they are still very close to, and in the image of, First Cause), they experimented with ideas, and when the energy of the ideas exceeded the threshold of the potential it could no longer be retained in the non-physical realms and manifested at once as a density of solidity. This solidity had to be organised, but how? After many, many eons of time, they finally succeeded in creating some semblance of organised form and design by creating concentrations of consciousness. The galaxies of stars and the planets were their brainchild, and unable to restrain themselves they, themselves, eventually emerged into a physical world to experience it to the full.

Possibly billions of years have elapsed since that time and the now-physical beings have forgotten who they are and why they came here in the first place. They have, by now, moved a long way from the Source.

Who are those Beings ? 

We are those beings, and each time we go through a transition to a change of form - to the n/p dimension - we reunite with many of those who have travelled with us through eons of time, and countless experiences. We always have been united, through thought, and always will be. In our sleep state we are still in communion. We are eternal.

What are they called ?

But what do we call these beings of light and energy that became Man (and possibly many other man-like Beings)?

I asked my n/p friends, and the immediate answer was 'Travellers'. Travellers of what, I asked; time, consciousness, light, space ... what?

Dimensions was the answer. We are travellers in dimensions - all dimensions. We have travelled and do now travel in the various dimensions of space, time, consciousness, energy, realities - the list is endless. We, the travellers, do not necessarily know who or what we are and are constantly asking ourselves.

How far can we go ? 

Even Source does not know the extent of possibility. In order to answer ourselves we have travelled into many dimensions as a form of discovery. We have travelled along the corridors of time, adventured into different systems of reality, explored the dimensions of probability, immersed ourselves into the macrocosms of Universes untold, and the microcosms of matter and space. We have experienced thermal dimensions, and dimensions of light, dimensions of thought, energy, and form as crystalline, liquid and solid. And all the time we send our information back to Source, as we are still connected.

We have been Kings and Queens and paupers, been successful and failures, barbarians and civilised beings, rich and poor, intellectuals and morons, conquerors and the conquered - we have been everything, and our soul demands that we experience everything that CAN be experienced, and discovered though all eternity. We have lived through the catastrophes of planets, hurled through space to another home, lived in Lemuria and Atlantis, and many other lands now long gone. We have been, and are, the souls that exist in other parallel universes, we have experienced solidity and non-physicality in all its forms. We are creators, and explorers, we are a consciousness with identity. We are experimenters and learners. We were created from Thought and learn to create from thought ourselves. We express as light and manipulate energy, we have the original potential for communication through thought alone. We wonder whether there are other systems of travellers like ourselves that we have not yet comprehended, and maybe the Source wonders whether there is an even greater Source (perhaps this is where we get it from, as a reflection of Thought).

The Libraries 

We have been created with memory to store the information and hold it stationary for a duration of 'time', thus creating great libraries of our experience. Somewhere, by our very intention the information has acquired a life and validity of its own, and thus the libraries exist on levels that we are not aware of - the knowledge of everything. The energies of our Being experiences the thoughts of emotion and resultant feelings, and this is how, in our soul, we store all our information - emotions and feelings.

In our essence we are basically joyful and jubilant, loving and caring, and as we have evolved we have created standards for our own behaviour, but this may be our downfall, for we have infinite potential and are unlimited, forgetting that we have this infinite potential. Actually we are the energy of infinite potential.

So this is who we are - the Travellers in all Dimensions.

We have forgotten who we are and why we exist, and how we can create and manipulate energy. We have forgotten that we can move by willpower alone, and travel to the utmost limits of our created Universe by thought, hitching a ride on an energy matrix. We have forgotten there are many levels of energy, and we ourselves are very powerful. We have forgotten we are eternal, and that we are greatly loved and assisted in our endeavours, and never alone in this or any other world. We have forgotten that we are a child of the Universe and that it protects and nurtures us, if we just let it. We have allowed ourselves to slip even deeper into the density of matter, and forgotten how to pull ourselves up again ....... but we are learning, fast.

For tens of thousands of years we have been immersed in our current dimension of reality, but times are a-changing and soon we may move into a new dimension of existence, the Age of Love, Light, Aquarius, Peace, Brotherhood, Responsibility (to ourselves).. the Age of God.

It has many names, and many new dimensions. 

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