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Symbolism in words
Gordon L Bagshaw, March 2009.

It is important that we understand that there is a symbolism in words and phrases. In the coming changes to a new dimension we must be prepared for a more Universal, cooperative society, and this will mean that language may become more universal than it has been hitherto in modern times. Previous attempts at creating a Universal language such as Esperanto fizzled out without much success. It is also possible that we wil be required eventually to participate in the language that is used in this sector of the Universe by others. Consider also the basis of symbolism and what it represents; in a society more attuned to telepathic communication, it will be the feelings and emotions that convey - not the words.


Every alphabet letter represents a sound made by Man. Single letters of an alphabet are the physical symbol for an actual vocal sound made by the human voice, such as aye, bee, see, etc. The written representation of that sound are the alphabetic letters we are familiar with - as written here and now on this sheet. Combined together to form words, we create a new symbolism representing feelings and emotions, and a composite sound. This is the true communication - feelings, and the reason that words and language were created for in the first place.

"Feeling is the language of the Soul"  (NDW / CWG 1)

The words have a symbolism themselves, representing energy, which opens channels of Thought - usually as mental images and pictures - pictures that specify the 'real' meaning of words. The images and pictures can be very complex, and so we realise that the word is simply a symbol that represents a vast interpretation.

Seth tells us that consciousness forms symbols (not the other way round) and we must realise that we must not mistake the symbols for reality. Words in themselves are limiting - they limit the experience because they can describe it, but not define it. Symbols can be called psychic codes.

Sadly, in our language there are insufficient words and many have several meanings. This is particularly true when we realise that there is very little of our language today that is specifically inclined towards spiritual or non-physical interpretation. Thus we struggle to describe what we mean when trying to speak about non-physical experiences, emotions and spiritual qualities. The words we need are simply not there.

"Words are noises that stand for feelings, thoughts and experience"  
(NDW / CWG 1)

A spoken sound has an energy intrinsic of the sound itself, that is communicated to another. If we consider that a written symbol is simply that - a symbol of much deeper significance - then it implies an energy transference, additionally manifested by sound if the reader reads out loud. The symbol will be meaningful of a wealth of information. It is the energy that is important, not the visual interpretation, today.

A further manifestation of the aural interpretation of language is 'decision', in that we respond - the decision or response is an energy itself that accumulates into a whole energy capable of influencing others on a grand scale. What is described as 'social consciousness' is of this nature - the thinking of the herd - and can be very negative sometimes.

The importance of meditation when we cut ourselves off from the effect of the world at large, or being in an isolated place away from the mass of humanity, is apparent in that we begin to access information normally ignored, either as inner visual experiences or realisations and inspirations - the substance of genius.

Words are thoughts expressed and have an energy of their own, sent out dynamically into the Universe, and thus Creation - on a different vibration to Thought. When the words 'move' they create Action (It is the movement of energies that creates the effect). As the energies come together, then the result is Inspiration & Enlightenment.

"Words are the second level of Creation" (NDW / CWG 3)

The principle behind repeated Mantras or chants is that the energy of the word(s) intensifies (becomes denser) to create into reality what the word(s) express(es).


Language has evolved from simple sounds to a complex system of communication. The origins of language may have been the need to communicate feelings rather than simple sounds, and as such has evolved to describe and express the needs of the material, physical world.  The vocal sound contain purpose and intent, as well as representing communication - we are intrinsically creatures that desire communication.

Probably the whole words came before the single letters, and then only after the written word, as there would be no need to identify a single letter otherwise. Thus, after the necessity for a permanent record in writing, the written construction of a word would require the various component sounds to be separately identified. It is said that the Sumerian cuneiform writing was the first, and this is composed of arrangements of single dashes cut into soft clay with a sharpened reed. It may well be, however, that cuneiform was the first 'mechanical' writing of a purely material nature rather than spiritual.

In the early days of humanity on this Earth, there would have been a single language that was constructed in more non-physical terms than today, as early humanity was far more involved as a physical manifestation and aspect of nature, and spiritual qualities and mental communication with non-physical intelligence's was far more prevalent than today. As we have become more and more involved with materialism, the original meanings of words have been lost, and the language concerns matters of the material, physical world rather than the 'spiritual' one. Trading and commercialism have contributed a whole new spectrum of language, and today this predominates our usage, together with materialistic concepts.

Language has become a conglomeration of words that are symbolic of whole concepts.

The writing of early man may have been far more meaningful than today. All early writing was done by hand and would have a meaning intrinsic within the hand-executed strokes. For example early man used a form of visual interpretation where the thickness, length, direction and curve of the line was meaningful, and a gestalt in itself - symbolic of information that we cannot conceive today. So, for example, a single line may convey a movement, a sound or an action. It is said that the early man actually 'heard' the sounds of the hieroglyph and so the sound of an animal could be indicated. Other information contained within the drawn figure would reveal such as the location, size, aggressiveness, the sound, and identifiable shape of an animal, together with its speed of movement. An observer would 'hear' the information, triggered by the symbolism of the drawn representation. Cave man drawings are said to be a shallow copy of earlier 'visual' communication, discovered by them of long gone civilisations that originally had existed deeper underground, coming to the surface for food supplies.

The true meaning and communication of writing was lost with the invention of the printing press and mechanical processes of typeface making.

It is therefore important that we choose our words carefully, mindful of the energies that we are transmitting to others, as our words, like the tiny effect of a stone dropped in the sea that could eventually result in a tidal wave, are far more powerful than we, at first, imagine. 

The power of oratory is an example of this, such as the words of historical figures such as Churchill, J F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela inspire, motivate and energise whole bodies of people to levels of achievement that they would not normally aspire to.

How is the energy important? Very Early man may have communicated as he was accustomed to in the previous, spiritual, non-physical existence - by telepathic communication.  He would be sensitive to the thoughts of others, and would receive early warning of danger from the energies he perceived in the 'aether'. He would 'sense' the arrival of others, knowing whether they were friendly or aggressive by the energies he perceived; speaking was not necessary for these things.

We have lost many of the qualities possess by our original predecessors, and it is possible that they perceived the energies surrounding others from the energy field they created as an aura, indicated by varying intensities of light of certain colours.

It is possible that visual records of animals, activities, etc., actually preceded language, and were recorded by early Man so that others who followed would have the information to hand. His own offspring may have needed the teaching for themselves in such perilous times, and so it is possible that writing (in symbolic pictogram/hieroglyph form) actually came first before speech, being an educational record for others. When it was necessary to teach others how to interpret the symbolic drawings and perhaps add further detail, possibly emotional content or personal experiences, then some sounds were necessary and eventually formed a vocabulary of necessary noises - speech.

In our move towards the changes and new dimension we notice an increasing sensitivity to telepathic energies.  Our feelings, emotions, health and expectations are all affected by the energies of those around us. It may be very necessary for us to begin to think deeper about the actual meaning of words and phrases, and realise the symbolism attached to them. It is often what is unsaid that is more meaningful than what is actually said in conversation. Symbolic phrases and words often have a wealth of meaning that is 'understood' rather than explained by the words; an energy created that can be used in many ways, and often interpreted in ways more than one.

Our words also are meaningful to our non-physical helpers and guides. The phrases we use and the words that we choose are often a trigger for communication and the transfer of energies that can be used to benefit us. A simple phrase such as 'a cup of tea' will indicate symbolically that we about to be in a receptive frame of mind for mental communication.

Remember that our words, transmitted on a frequency of sound lower than Thought, are sent dynamically out into the Universe, and as such will affect the energies of the Universe as a whole - perhaps by very tiny amounts, but nevertheless contributing to a whole energy - and the Universe is our Creation, and Creator.

Choose your words carefully, with Love and Compassion, for what you create, you will become.


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