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Some 20 or 30 years ago there were many channelled

predictions that mass landings of ‘aliens’ would

take place on Earth from space.

As far as we are aware, this did not happen. Why ?

As far as we can tell from unconfirmed reports there actually were some landings.  Many people tell of
meeting space  Beings, usually from UFO’s - an American farmer’s story is still debated, as is Billy Mier’s
accounts, and there are many others.
The subsequent experiences of these people are characteristic of people’s attitude to something new -
something that challenges the very foundation of their belief system - they were ridiculed, abused,
accused of telling lies, and ceaselessly harassed and threatened by the authorities.  Swiss farmer Billy
Mier, for example has had to go into secret seclusion to avoid the continuous harassment and 21 death
threats he has received so far, reports his son.

Human attitude can be summed up in the continued use of the term ‘alien’ - alien to our understanding,
alien to our culture, civilisation and so forth. Actually they are not alien at all, but extra terrestrial Beings
who come to assist humanity in its time of need - truly ‘Space Brothers’.

Such landings as did occur (experimentally), we hear, found themselves attacked, arrested and locked away
in prison by the American authorities. Again, unconfirmed reports suggest that USA advanced, highly secret
technology is the result of information given by ET’s - but sadly applied to war and aggression - that was
meant to advance mankind, de-pollute planet Earth and prepare us for the New Beginnings. 
Such technology is now in the hands of US military, and they are telling nothing and no one.

The attitude to ‘interference’ by ET intelligence is characterised by US military who have designed
high-energy destructive beams to fire at any UFO they find, so we are told, frightened & afraid of an ‘alien’
invasion of Earth. Or could it be that they are frightened that their control and power over many countries
of the World
will be eroded?

There are many types of UFO, and some are built to high technological specifications, but many are actually
Space beings travelling on already existent energy beams that connect all parts of what we call the Universe.
In any sighting we see the energy of such beings, usually aligned and focussed in a technologically advanced
consciousness, and our brain interprets that information as a ‘flying saucer’ or other UFO.
Other aspects of ourselves, or we, during our sleep state, experiencing other realities, may appear to the
occupants of that reality as a UFO !  For those that have witnessed a UFO they will confirm that a certain
synchronicity occurred in the experience, and may feel that they were ‘singled out’ for the experience, and
maybe even ‘called out’ to see the phenomenon.

According to channeled sources, such mass landings that were planned have been abandoned due to the
war-like attitudes of humanity, who have a history of corrupting such information as they have been given.
Other ways of helping humanity have been used.

The most frequent method is that of incarnation, and the original hundreds have have now escalated to
hundreds of thousands of ET souls are now incarnated on the Earth plane. Some are observers, some
bring new knowledge, and some have been here for many years raising the profile of spiritual energy on
the planet.
Seemingly the computer, originally designed and made in the 50’s, later developed with silicon chip technology
in the 70’s and 80’s  were brought from other worlds because it was decided that mankind was now ready for
that kind of progress.
The vast number of incarnations has been building up now for the last 70-80 years or so, and mainly the job
was to prepare humanity for the concept of consciousness and ET intelligence, as well as the existence of
other dimensions and realities.
The existence of other intelligence from space was confirmed in the many sightings during even the 1940’s
and later, with mass sightings of many UFO space lights over Mexico City that lasted for many hours, and the
phenomenon of hundreds of lights that glowed over Israel - much of this information has never been
reported by the media, officially suppressed.
The more recent incarnations (over the last 20 or 30 years) are more concerned with bringing new knowledge
to Earth ready for the new beginnings. Currently children (formerly called ‘indigo children’ and now called ‘star
children’) will develop new systems of social structure and technology in the world of the new beginnings.
There are, of course, those who come camouflaged as human, who have simply arrived and expressed in
that particular form.

The souls that come from other words come in peace, with a great love for humanity, infinitely more
advanced and evolved in spiritual attributes than your average homo sapiens.
Some incarnations find it very difficult to settle into Earth ways, and often feel that they do not really fit here
at all.  During hypnosis, such souls declare their desire to return ‘home’, as they are not happy here, and
wish that the job was already done. They may have not yet been told of their true origins or remember
them, or the brief that they are fulfilling. Many are now discovering who they really are and why they are

To be a ‘space brother’ or ET does not necessarily mean that they exist on a world like ours somewhere in
space, or on the other side of the Universe as solid, physical form, as they may be purely ‘energy beings’,
and are aligned to an ‘Energy planet’ that we probably could not see even if we were shown it.
Many intelligence's from other worlds are actually constantly in contact and communication with that we
call ‘spirit’ and work together as a hierarchy of helpers directing our evolution.
Much of what you are told in group discussions, or read in current writings are orchestrated by our space
brothers, and currently energies of a new and powerful kind are being brought to Earth to enable them to
direct information we are being given, for our acceleration into new beginnings, and also to enable the many
experiences people are getting today - those people of a mind of love, harmony and brotherhood - to
prepare them for what otherwise would be mind-blowing.

Far from being ‘alien’, these souls come with a great love for us, and a deep concern for our well-being, with
 a devotion to their duty for caring for the human race.
They are travellers, just like us.
After all, we are related, and they come to reunite with the family they may not have seen for millions, or
hundreds of thousands of our years.
Why are we related ?

We came from the stars.

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