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2012 & The New Dimension

Think ! - A New Way of Thinking
Our 'operating system' (mindset) may be at fault!
2012 and all That
Explaining 2012 in the light of misleading articles
2012 - What Will Really Happen ?
Dispelling the myths surrounding 2012 with direct information
Preparing for 2012
Some things to think about regarding preparation for the New Dimension
The New Beginnings (2012)
What it is Really all about ?
New Beginnings 2
Update for 2012 to June 2009
  New Beginnings 3
Update to September 2009 - the changes begin
Preparing for the new dimension, understanding truth

Polar Reversals and the film 2012
Understanding the actual facts behind the film 2012.


"You are Powerful"
Chanelled article on your own powerful potential

Mind, Body & Spirit
The meaning of the words, Mind, Body and Spirit.

A look at non-physical communication, and automatic writing
Some people are receiving images of symbols. What does it mean?
Symbolism in Words
The energies of words is significant in our new dimensional move. They are the means to creation.
  The 100th Monkey
The 100th Monkey and other critical mass.
  Mediumship 1
Types of Mediumship
  Mediumship 2
The personal perspective
  Intruders and Protection
Learn how to protect yourself from intruders.

Things that go 'Booump'
About dinosaurs and people

Gordon' Simple Guide - Quantum Mechanics & Spirituality
Explanations & definitions of Q M and how it relates to Spirituality & Healing

The Universal Being
Is our mindset adapted to total acceptance within the universe?


Quantum Nature of Healing
Healing can be a Quantum Field Effect
The Chakras
An in-depth view of Energy Centres or Chakras
What do we mean about 'attuning to healing mode' ?

Earth Sciences

Introductory article on the nature of orbs
Telluric Currents
Introductory article on Telluric currents. What are they?
Liquid Consciousness
Water is Life - Do we really understand water and what it means to us ?
Introductory article on the existence of a 'new' form of elements

Who Are We?


The Inner Self
A way of perceiving ourselves as an inner and outer mind

The Travellers
A non-physical view of who we are in this Universe & Universes

Separation and Rejection
Are we treating our relatives and ancestors fairly?

Wot, No Aliens?
What happened to the mass landing predicted in the '80s?

What is Reality?

Colour and the Universes
What is this talk of light and colour all about?
Events can be seen differently from the physical and non-physical perspectives
  Purpose and the Grand Plan
An ordinary flower teaches us a lesson

Past, Present and Future Lives
Some novel ways of understanding

The Absolute Universe?
The Universe we know is our current reality. There are many realities and many universes.

What Happens When We Die?


The Soul in Transit
What happens when we go through transition to the 'other side' ?

  Soul Rescue - Part One
Describing a form of 'soul rescue' during deep trance communication
  Soul Rescue - Part Two
Some actual examples of 'soul rescue'
  Soul Rescue - Part Three
More actual examples of 'soul rescue'